Friday, February 1, 2019

Yet another wolf was a huffin' and a puffin'. Entitled his

pseudo-intellectual excuse-for-a post with: the typical "women need men more than vice-versa."  Like that's breaking news.  Oh, should someone break his bubble by informing him, he's atleast two-thousand years too late.  Uhm, somewhere in the New Testament, it reads: "woman was created for the man."  Oh silly me, i forgot, goes back another four-thousand years.  When Adam was naming the animals, there was not a single one that was fit to be his close companion.  So the Lord made for Adam, from Adam's own flesh - in the area of his heart - a woman to help him with getting things done, someone with whom he could share life's experiences.  But evidently, the Lord's way of doing things, His plan for us, just doesn't pass muster with ...well, alot of people.

Feminists (understandably) get upset, and somewhat frightened at reading misog-blog after misog-blog ... rinse and repeat.  But these misogynists, mostly seem to come from the same (smelly) mold.  Number #1, - if they're not salvation-by-ones-own-works pharisees - they're generally social-darwinists (and fancying themselves as "alphas") and Number #2 , why it's rather awkward to even browse their posts and blog rolls.   Ew!

Bus stop ahead.

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