Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Those red-pillerz are talking about robots again. Just saw an anonymous

comment that raised a whole bunch of red-flags. While "Alexa" may, eventually - if not already - have busy-body programs in place, Alexa is stationary.  If you don't want to run the risk of Alexa reading your diary as you are writing it, you can park Alexa in the cupboard, right beside the FruityLoops and RuffelyChips.  Oh wait a sec, bad move.  Put Alexa in the laundry cupboard, beside that eco-friendly (waayyy overpriced) soap-powder that your sister had brought over.

In short, Alexa cannot nose/hack in your (locked) desk while you are out and about.  But a walking, talking robot can.  And yeah, you can turn the thing off whenever you are done using her.  But come on, how many of us unplug our coffee-pots, toasters, fans, CD-players when we're not making breakfast / playing tunes?

Your wok - sitting atop the nuker - isn't fixing to add your credit-card ID to its 5k (if that) memory.  Can you say the same about a robot that walks, talks, has eyes - and gigs of memory?

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