Monday, February 11, 2019

Some guy was goin' off, sayin' that Lori Alexander is using her blog

(see sidebar) as a pulpit, and therefore, she is being a rebellious woman - this coming from a guy who was claiming it's not unbiblical to have a live-in girlfriend. Gimme a break ;/   Mrs. Alexander's articles concern marriage, home and children - ya know, stuff that Christian women read.  If i'm not mistaken, older women are biblically permitted to teach younger women.  And anyway, it's a blog - one of a zillion on the net.

i cannot help but to suspect that mr.male-dancer (oh, that sounds ... skanky) is a tad upset because, uh...yeah - her blog is attracting many readers.  And furthermore, i cannot help but to have the impression, that Lori is simply going about her housewife business - ya know, tidying up the livingroom, cooking meals, folding laundry, knitting a sweater ...  In other words, her popular blog is something she works on, between changing the sheets, running to the grocery store and vacuuming the family room. 

Oh, but there's more.  The dude's having a bit of a snit-fest because Lori deletes  skanky/rude comments on her blog.  Uhm, it's her blog, and if she doesn't want a sheet-storm - and, as a result, draw in the wrong crowd - it's her choice, to maintain her blog a pleasant place for women to fellowship.

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