Sunday, February 3, 2019

On the whaa-whaa atheist side-of-the-net is yet another article series,

which, supposedly, describes the plight of various people, who attended control-freak churches, prior to having been enlIghtened (through atheIsm, of course).  Reading through the article, which one decon had posted to her blog...oh the drama.

Yes, there are control-freak churches out there, and these synagogues-of-satan preach salvation-by-works.  But even worse, these prudish APOSTATES bully their congregations out of money - money that dads and moms need to heat their shabby living-quarters and put fresh food on the table.  

Reading over the article, the stories were quite heart-wrenching.  But as i read on, i couldn't help but to get a whiff of something nasty coming off the site.  Smelled like a cauldron of wolf-droppings, carefully heated and slowly stirred into a paste, which is then broadbrushed on any building where Independent Fundamentalist Baptists (IFBs) happen to congregate.

As previously mentioned, YES, there are wicked men who pose as up-standing Christians - and it can be very hard to tell the difference between the sheep and the wolves.  Evidently, the atheIsts, who prIde themselves on their ability to comprehend  convoluted philosophy (scented wolf-poop) have evidently never troubled themselves to carefully read the single-page Book of Jude.  Oh, but they know the Bible, 'cause they read cover-to-cover x-amount-of-times.  Oh, just another thing to make ya go hmm.  

It's late, and this child of the King of kings has to get up early for work.


  1. I attended two IFB churches. One was friendlier while one was not. But I realize now even with good and nice people in them we were being taught poison. The men must be in charge of women stuff was insane. Most kids in my churches, I have no kids were being raised way too oppressively and denied real educations--homeschooling with a few workbooks, is not the same as having an art teacher, or science class in a regular school. While I saw none of the sex abuse stuff in the IFBs personally, I realized how preaching men were in charge and disempowering women, did lead to that kind of atmosphere. I was untouched by that, because I had a husband who never converted in. I used to tell him years ago, I never agreed with those teachings. I've read the book of Jude, probably at least 5-10 times. LOL It's one of the shortest ones in there. :P With the IFB, I now believe it is a cult, since each church is independent, one will get a wide array, but the IFB is harming a lot of people. It harmed me being in there, I avoided the most severe abuse, but being told the world was going to end soon, and the USA was going to collapse, being sheep-dipped in alt-right politics--I rejected the Republican party always but they convinced me even of some of the nonsense, took a negative toll. I consider my years lost ones in the IFB. I realize there was no authencity there either. I was an outsider from the day I came in because I did not come with an IFB Christian family. Please don't minimize what people have gone through. The abuses through the Hyles Anderson system are even well known with Schaap who I think is still in prison and others. When women are rendered the slaves and second class to men, there's little recourse against those who seek to exploit them, like in that Vox book.

  2. Dear Peeps, much of the homeschool movement also gives me the willies. As corrupt as the public schools are, still, kids will eventually grow up and have to find jobs - where they will work alongside people from all kinds of backgrounds. Can't learn how to navigate properly if you grow up in a churchian bubble. A thought came to me the other day, concerning manipulators in the church. How and why do many churches in invalidate women and children - while puffing up peewee-the-preacher/deacon? And gets everyone else in the congregation to simply follow along? A secular saying popped right into my mind: "one bad apple ruins the bushel."

    1. Hey don't forget those Turpins. The powers that be want to do away with public education, uneducated people are easier to dupe and control. Sure sheltered kids won't make it in this world. The IFB/evangelical world was a BUBBLE, I never fit in even before my deconversion, it was a culture that didn't even apply to me. You may not agree with this, but women basically are second class citizens in traditional Christianity. you know I questioned some in feminism too, but I got tired of that complementarianism crap, which didn't apply to my life. Of course the pastor is held at the highest regard while the women are worms. That status of children too sinks in authoritarianism.