Saturday, February 2, 2019

New to the sidebar, Grace For My Heart, a blog by Pastor Dave Orrison,

who shepards a church in Drake, Colorado.  His blog focuses on how really wicked people hoodwink the (fallen) rest of us.  In a nutshell, there are people who are so EVIL, they do not care if that really crappy (and waaaaay overpriced) roofing job costed every penny that old man had.  These ultra-wickeds are VERY crafty - yeah, like their Handler - it's often quite difficult to call them on their b.s.

Among their rotten fruits is:  it's never their fault - it's the bookkeeper's fault - she neglected who to enter the payment into the system on that fateful Tuesday, because she is a ... bla,bla,bla.  (Uh, she had scheduled off that day, several weeks in advance - inlaws coming in from Missouri.)  Well, to right-size a long drama, narcoid's check bounced.

Oh yeah, once in a while, he does admit fault, for something so minor - like forgetting to email his co-worker (ya know, the old guy who always, always brings in more than enough soda to last till around Easter) the Holiday Party bring-list.  Even then, can't help but to wonder if even that was a jab.

Yeah, i know in the New Testament, there is a warning against evil surmising; which is why narcs are SO TOXIC.  Their history is long and filthy, and when the mask slips off, a few times too many...the light bulb finally switches on, revealing slime and grud everywhere.

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