Tuesday, February 5, 2019

And yet another little child beaten to death. The little boy had the

misfortune to have been born and raised in some churchian backwater.  Won't bother to post the link, such accounts aren't really that difficult to find.  Fake news?  Perhaps.  But either way, we all know that child abuse happens - in churchian, and in non-churchian families.  Oh yeah, with these articles, anyone, with a nose that is atleast minimally functioning, can smell an agenda.  Bible backs that up; there are wicked people out there who will stoop to slander to make Christians look bad.  It happens.  Hey, deal with it, child of the King of kings. 

Anyway, got to thinking about an article i had read, about a year ago.  The article was written by an atheist, who thought the whole God thing was absurd and laughable.  Okay, to each his or her own - i just don't want to be in the area when the Lord bares His arm and grabs His sword.   The atheist had written that he was quietly attending a Bible church, and then afterward, (after some nice coffee and a few oatmeal cookies) getting on his 'puter and sharing a hearty laugh with his atheist buddies.  No girls got hit on, no (coatless, bootless) boys got buried in snow; the atheist was simply there for a few sheets and giggles - and blog-page fodder.

Well, anyway, got to thinking.  The Bible describes people who go to church on a regular basis, but are wicked.  The sort of people whom God did not call, yet they ran (Jeremiah).  Tragic thing is: satan's dupes don't always know who their daddy really is; as with the pharisees of old, modern dupes fancy that the Lord is really impressed with their oratory skills, their $50s (plural) in the plate, their television-LESS house, their stack of Gospel cds (no rock, blues or country). 

What i am trying to get at is:  though none of us can read people's minds, is it possible ...?  Uh, think i just answered my own question.  Most churches have had funds horn-swaggled by people playin' th' poor-mouth - they come in with some sad my-car-don'-work/need-money-fer ...   And not all these takers are doing drugs, or even buying tobacco - some people are just workplace/money stupid.  Well, guess what, the devil uses stupid people too. 

So mr.&mrs. stupid (and whew, they and their brood of kids could sure use a bath - ppeeeuuee).  Oh, the very mug shots on that article, bleech, what grud-balls - they start coming to church, enroll the kids in the sunday school.   Ya know, their electric is about a week away from being turned off, and at this time of year...  So mr&mrs stupid-grud-balls pull out a Bible from beneath the smelly clutter (or, better yet, get a spare copy or two from the church) and do th' Bible readin' - well, atleast enough to blend in.  If the church happens to be of a pharisaical bend, there will be significant sunday school homework. 

And seven year-old boys?  Well, you know how kids are.  Disorganized, no attention-span, and fixated upon running and playing, just being kids.  Of course, that little boy couldn't memorize 13 Scriptures.  Many (for-real) Christians in their 50s and 60s, have a reasonable knowledge of the Scripture, and can (maybe) recall a half dozen verses.  Yay yellow high-lighters, index-cards and google. (Meanwhile college professors become rather disenchanted when their students complain about being expected to have read sixty pages come next class.)

The mug shot of the parents?  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Bet cha that kid didn't even have a reasonably clean quiet place to even study the Bible.  Ya know, kid sets the book down anywhere, for two seconds and ends up getting BEAT because of some sticky gruddy something is now on the book cover - because ms.stupid-grud-ball is too thumping lazy to clear the hoard, and atleast somewhat clean the dingy-arse excuse-for-a place.  Oh, but that takes time and planning ... silly me ;/

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