Friday, February 1, 2019

"According to the original Greek ..." WHAT? Is our Lord so stuck back

in yonder years, that He can't handle the king's (James') English?  Whenever i get wind of that (pedantic) phrase, it's just one of those "things that make ya go hmm, hmm, yeah..." (Always liked that song.)

Yesterday, was (ugh!) treated to a ten-minute sermonette-fer-christianettes.   This one was presented by a woman pastor.  Gently, i mentioned to the woman - who helped herself and brought it up on my 'puter - that Scripture is clear that women aren't supposed to commandeer the pulpit.  (Eve was deceived.)  She said her church allows women to preach.  (Nevermind what the Bible says...right?)

i'm glad the pulpit-profiling only lasted 10 minutes.  Besides just fluff (i don't really give a hoot that rappers and comedians drop their mikes - buncha no-counts), th' preacheress came off real proud - like she just closed a major deal.

'am considering sending her the link to that Billy Brunson sermon (it's on the sidebar).  The church the woman goes to is a major denomination, and from the stuff she was telling me, the church seems quite less than Scripture focused.  Frankly, if that be the case, (which sure sounds like it) she'd be better off spending Sunday mornings reading the funny-papers.

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