Tuesday, January 1, 2019

There's a certain (favorite ;) website, which features several thousand contributors.

Out of that list of several thousand are, maybe, ten women - and the ten, if even that, did not write a topic.  The few women simply read a chapter, or two, at a time from books, long ago written by long departed men.  Needless to say, having listened to hundreds of these files, over the past eight or nine years, these men hold strongly to an "old-fashioned" worldview.  In short, these men are no friends of feminism.  Neither are they friends of toy-minded basement-boys (visiting trashy sites, per mommy's internet).  However, it is their ongoing hope that members of these two groups, grow up and get a real life.  Many, if not most, of these men have nothing good to say about hollywood, mtv, and other venues of androgynous rubbish.  The website is so extensive, and so expertly put together - yep, men at work ;) the site is not free, of course.  Each contributor pays a monthly fee in order to continue storing uploading their, typically hour-long, presentations - these go all over the world, and reach people who are stuck in armpit nations, under cruel governments.  Visitors don't have to pay one single dime, and there is no pressure to do so.  Many of the paying speakers offer cds of their topics for hardly more than postage, if even that.  Yeah, these are real men, with a REAL purpose in life.  The website is on the sidebar; it's called sermonaudio.com

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