Thursday, January 3, 2019

Pat phrase alert: Men age like wine, women like milk.

For starters, yes, it is a fact.  That is, IF the wine ages well - prior to modern winemaking, wine typically aged into a bitter mix of NightTrain and the red bitter stuff women put on salads (when they'd rather have ranch).  And even in these modern times, unless you have $50 bucks to spend on a single (stupid) bottle, most times you will leave the booze-barn with wine that 'el about make ya want to whine!  Is it just me, or do regular brands (not the gallon-a-cheapo) leave the consumer with a bitter after-taste?  Well anyway, for various reasons, i no longer partake in that wallet-drain, and haven't for years.

As for sour milk, yeah, it's inevitable that shortly, the carton's contents, if not used, will end up down the drain.  Drinking sour milk can make you vomit;  drinking bitter (most) wine will only make you want to vomit.   Oh wait a sec, some decades back, these two guys were chugging a certain brand of overly-sweet (that still had a bitter after-taste) cheapoid wine, and stopped in at Veena's place - one had to seriously, quickly use the potty.

Fine wine!  Where do basement boys, (logging onto Auntie Edna's internet) come up with that kind of money?

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