Wednesday, January 2, 2019

One of Janet's other posts (and i shoulda saved it) so resonated.

She was heading back from a trip, and there was a scheduling issue - one that could have costed her several hundreds of dollars of her Husband's hard-earned money.  You see, dear reader, he is the main breadwinner of their household, and she is thankful, and protective of their financial well-being.  Anyway, in the post, all worked out okay.  You see, the person behind the ticket-counter was a man - and he was empathetic toward the lady, who was in some distress over the possibility of having to spend more of her Husband's hard-earned money.  Had some bitter, frustrated beyond-th'-wall female had been behind the counter (and had spotted that modest little wedding ring) ... yeah, pay up cupcake. 

Oh, there is so much more i want to blog about certain related issues.  This article of hers (dag burnet, why didn't i save to favs).  Oh, but must forbear ... for awhile.  Perhaps, in the spring ...

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