Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Okay, the abrasive statement made me laugh - back in the day, i used

various colorful phrases...but i can't be talking/writing like that anymore.  Anyway, to paraphrase that little phrase that was between parentheses, it goes like this "if you don't believe in evolution, [buzz] off and die, you're an idiot."  Yeah, i got a chuckle.  But laying such foolery aside, if we raise evolution to a more mature state, there really is no reason for many of us to be allowed to remain on the planet - yeah, i know there are, and have been, for some time, a few mad scientists/sociologists working on that (demented) dream.  Oh, you and you too, and me too, godda go, but not them - funny how that works, eh!

As for the spotted owls, if they can't relocate (when their forest was turned into tickey-tack-ville) well then, too bad, so sad - guess they lack the gumption to compete for the territory, currently being held by the striped owls.  And anyway, isn't helping the spotted whales to get a fin up... uh, isn't that rigging the game?   So much inconsistency, the atheistic greenoids want to save some annoying bug species, but take no issue when perfectly healthy babies are tossed in the dumpster behind moloch's mill.

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