Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Oh, the inconsistencies... Reading some of VoxDay's blogposts,

which are (oh no, not at this sidebar -- nuh-uh) readily available on google.  Anyway, after a peruse over at wiki-land ... goodnight, whaddapiecea churchian work!  Uh, yeah, despite some issues, his readership is more than sufficient for him to earn at least a stipend from advertisers - uhm, scratch that, when you have advertisers at your blog, they can basically dictate what you write.  i don't like the guy, one iota - think he's full of [baloney].  But the point is: he has a right to write, and his fan-klub have a right to congregate at his blog - and Vox has a right to tell one or several of them to begone, for whatever reason, or no reason, really.  His blog, his rules.  And yeah, i am impressed with - well, anyone whose long, detailed writing makes it quite obvious of having been gifted with an (significantly) above-average iq.  That's an admirable quality - our society would do better to encourage it's high-iq minority.  Oh, speaking of smart people, there was a book (can't remember the title, but was reading it while job-searching - and ended up borderline late for the interview ;/) about smart kids - was so saddening, the invalidation these children had been subjected to on a daily basis; no wonder so many of 'em end up waxing atheist/weird.   But anyway, i digress - on this blog of mine.

However, it's common knowledge that great, wonderful gifts are known to have been squandered, for the stupidest purposes (people gamble away goodly sums of money - idiots!)  Besides the usual run-of-the-mill hypocrisy - so, red-pellet - Vox advocates, what really destroyed what little credibility he had with this blogger (uhm, i also have a right to write...) was ...  oh my stars, it's like the old story of the muscle-bound "Chad" profiling himself (as usual) on the beach, and topping off his self-worship with kicking a measure of sand in the face of the proverbial 98-pound weakling - who, by the way, does all he can to simply steer clear of bullies.   Have to ask, by the way, uhm, don't people see through "Chad's" viciousness - that would shame even the snootiest cheerleader?  Silly question!  Way too many people lack even a third-cup's worth of common discernment.  Guess who is the 98-pound weakling - who mr.(wannabee)chad evidently likes to pick upon?  Drumroll...  A certain woman with health, and perhaps weight, issues!  Ya can't tell me, that was the first time, he had crudely and cruelly mouthed off to someone  - whose writing career was possibly becoming more successful than his.  What. a. jerk.


  1. LOL---It's not the first time. Here's what got Vox kicked out of the SFWA:


  2. Dear Night Wind, i had recently visited Vox Day's blog, and discovered, he is an equal-opportunity vicious wolf.