Wednesday, January 2, 2019

New to the sidebar, a "What Would Happen If ..." article from a blog, written by a lady named "Janet."

The entire title of her post is:  "What Would Happen If No Men Showed Up for Work Today?"  Hey, i had wondered about that here and there over the years.  Well, Janet, being a professional writer and researcher checked stats from the Department of Labor.  And here is what she found out:  except for Nurses - who are mostly women - if all men decided to call off today, our society would be in for some really hard times.  If your computer decided to go bonkers sometime this morning, good luck with that - overwhelmingly, most the people who analyze hardware and software problems are men.  Need money from the ATM?  Most the people who fill that thing are ... yep, men.  Oopps, drain isn't doing it's job?  Ya might find a lady plumber.   Yeah, and she is very thorough, but she works three counties that-away, and today ...  Oh wait a sec, she is not working today, her grandbaby ... Car not running right?  Oh wait a sec, not a good idea to be on the road today, considering that yesterday the forecasters (usually men) were calling for sleet AND high winds.   Hope ya have rock-salt at the house, because the man who delivers the stuff promptly to HardwareWorld every Wednesday ...  And hope ya have good insulation behind your drywall, power might go out - and with no staff to fix it today ...  Oh, there are two or three women, (and they really do good work) but three or four counties worth of downed wire ...   Oh wait a sec, just last month, the one woman took an office job; she said she had loved working outdoors, but, well, she isn't 35 anymore and the winters ...  Frankly, i don't think one day would be a major hardship, but if all the men decided to call off for the entire week, that could get sticky.  Stupid drain ;/

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