Thursday, January 17, 2019

Don't much care for [a certain] advertisements for women's work clothing.

It's like they are claiming that a woman has to wear men's clothing in order to be hard-working.  Can't help but to get a bit steamed, because the advertisements aren't merely attempting to sell quality work-clothing.  There is so an agenda, and it reeks of sulfur.

Some years back, i ruined a perfectly comfy flannel maxi-dress while patching a roof - yay, those days are gone, we long got that thing fixed.  Can't find thick flannel dresses much anymore; shirts and pants yeah, but not dresses or an agenda, directly from ... lava-lake. 

Still remember the faded blue cotton maxi i was wearing when i rushed home from work early - i didn't want my husband shoveling all by himself in the heat (he gets impatient).  There, in a dress, i was helping (for real) to dig a ditch.  That blue dress had, over the next few years, witnessed its wearer stack cords of firewood, load scrap-metal, clear weeds ...Then one rather sad day i pulled it from the dryer, and rrip.

Yeah sad, because real (i.e., MAXI) dresses, made of real fabric (i.e., cotton, wool, or raw silk) ya can't just find any old where; in fact, good luck finding any.  And no, i am not anti-pants.  Pants are great when shoveling heavy snow. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Typical red-piller...back in the days of making telephone calls,

writing letters, and actually visiting the person...  Anyway, there were heartiste-groupies back in the late 80s.  Wanted to about laugh out loud at (atleast) one pee-wee in particular.  He was going on about, whenever he met up with a potential one-night, she always had a cat.  Shoulda seen the sneer on his face.   Pee-WIMP-wee was, of course, allergIc to cats - never mind, that same load was also predictably allergic to work.  Took him several days to do a one-day job (that his widowed mom wanted done - nerve of her). And the way pee-wee was whining, (uhm, about having again struck out with yet another girl??   Uhm, was THAT the real issue ;) it was as if the pretty law student was supposed to kick her cat out into the cold, just to accommodate pee-wee.  These guys have NO pearls of wisdom.  NONE!  Not yesterday, not today, and certainly not tomorrow.  All they have to offer are pellets of rat droppings.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

For-real men of God, proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, during

weekend nights, on the city sidewalk - not too far from dens of disgust.  The denizens get all huffy.  Oh come on, once ya set foot inside the bar, there's enough noise to be heard three counties over.  Hey, i remember back in the day, people absolutely NOT liking the Gospel; so ya know what, people simply ignored those preachers and kept a polite distance.  But of course, that's old-school.  Oh, and boy-howdy, the denizens of today just keep on waxing weirder.  Back in my day (yeah i'm old, so what!) it was clear enough, who was a guy, and who was a gal; we all wore bummy jeans and t-shirts.  Skanky stuff went on, but if you simply wanted to drink your beer - and head home alone - you could certainly relax at that bar, without your eyes and ears being assaulted by weirdness.  Back then, weirdness wasn't kow-towed to.  If ya were ... well okay, it's a public place, just don't make a big look-at-ME, ME, MMEEEEE issue.

Anyway, back to the sermons.  The most annoying preaching, doesn't come from those Gospel dudes - standing outside in 15 degrees.  The sermons that are a real bristle-fest, are the ones coming from the secular-side.  A few years ago, (in all places) the Huffington Post had run a series of articles, where they had interviewed people who are scrambling from one crappiod, part-time job to another of the same.  One 20s-30s woman in particular would get a bit ticked off, when some busy-body would JUDGE her for buying cigarettes.   The usual sing-songee, darwininian-based holier-than-thou one-liners.  "Well, you shouldn't be spending your money on ..." 

Some 35 years ago, Marie at work - who did not smoke, and had no desire to smoke - said this about some nosy who didn't want to help some poor dude, because ... well, he had money for cigarettes.  Yay, Marie, cause here is how she responded to that busy-body.  "You either want to help poor people, or you don't!"  Yaay, Marie - she could smell b.s. standing a mile away, with a head-cold. Okay, back to the Huffington article (which is probably out there somewhere).  The physically-fit woman said that smoking not only eased off the distress, (and gripping fear) the smokes killed her appetite for food. 

Now, coming forward to today.  Here in the state i live in, smokes are rather heavily taxed.  A cheapo brand runs close to $7.  Seven dollars a day can keep a single person reasonably fed.  However, the busy-bodies - who have NO experience with poverty - really need to shut the heck up.  First off: when you are poor, it is likely, your living quarters are less than cooking/dining friendly.  It was either the smoker, or someone else interviewed by Huffington, who said that cooking tended to draw roaches.  And how's this for a newsflash:  yeah, you can keep your place clean, but what you will have is clean roaches - fewer roaches, oh yeah, but still, getting up in the middle of the night ... lived in this apartment back in the day.  Oh, but that's not it.  Okay, so ya quit smoking (and want to freaking strangle that smirkey painted Jezebel behind the counter) and like a good little droid, ya go to the grocery store.  Well, guess what, when your funds are very low, that's the last place you ought to set foot; very depressing - like punishing, depressing - to see all kinds of stuff you NEED (uhm, like dish soap, fruit and veges, window cleaner, a decent mop-head, light-bulbs (can't just buy one bulb - for the dinky, rather dingy, kitchen), a decent toothbrush...) but barely have the money for food. 

This short post is not advocating smoking.  This post is merely advocating (what used to be fairly) common empathy toward other people & their situations - of which, many Americans haven't a clue.

Pat phrase alert: Men age like wine, women like milk.

For starters, yes, it is a fact.  That is, IF the wine ages well - prior to modern winemaking, wine typically aged into a bitter mix of NightTrain and the red bitter stuff women put on salads (when they'd rather have ranch).  And even in these modern times, unless you have $50 bucks to spend on a single (stupid) bottle, most times you will leave the booze-barn with wine that 'el about make ya want to whine!  Is it just me, or do regular brands (not the gallon-a-cheapo) leave the consumer with a bitter after-taste?  Well anyway, for various reasons, i no longer partake in that wallet-drain, and haven't for years.

As for sour milk, yeah, it's inevitable that shortly, the carton's contents, if not used, will end up down the drain.  Drinking sour milk can make you vomit;  drinking bitter (most) wine will only make you want to vomit.   Oh wait a sec, some decades back, these two guys were chugging a certain brand of overly-sweet (that still had a bitter after-taste) cheapoid wine, and stopped in at Veena's place - one had to seriously, quickly use the potty.

Fine wine!  Where do basement boys, (logging onto Auntie Edna's internet) come up with that kind of money?

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Okay, the abrasive statement made me laugh - back in the day, i used

various colorful phrases...but i can't be talking/writing like that anymore.  Anyway, to paraphrase that little phrase that was between parentheses, it goes like this "if you don't believe in evolution, [buzz] off and die, you're an idiot."  Yeah, i got a chuckle.  But laying such foolery aside, if we raise evolution to a more mature state, there really is no reason for many of us to be allowed to remain on the planet - yeah, i know there are, and have been, for some time, a few mad scientists/sociologists working on that (demented) dream.  Oh, you and you too, and me too, godda go, but not them - funny how that works, eh!

As for the spotted owls, if they can't relocate (when their forest was turned into tickey-tack-ville) well then, too bad, so sad - guess they lack the gumption to compete for the territory, currently being held by the striped owls.  And anyway, isn't helping the spotted whales to get a fin up... uh, isn't that rigging the game?   So much inconsistency, the atheistic greenoids want to save some annoying bug species, but take no issue when perfectly healthy babies are tossed in the dumpster behind moloch's mill.

New to the sidebar, The Gender Tax Gap: Men Pay 200% of the Taxes Women Do

And to think, all these years, people have been subject to the constant $1 versus .70 yammering - never mind women, if they can, take off a few years to raise their children, and - if they can - women retire earlier.  Both front-end and back-end life decisions = reduced wages/retirement income.  All these years, and until this weekend, have not heard or read one word about the Tax Gap.  Makes perfect sense though, many of the government programs have been put into place to help women and children.  Somebody's godda do it - if not pee-wee, than BigGov's got to step in, and be the Patriarch.

One of Janet's other posts (and i shoulda saved it) so resonated.

She was heading back from a trip, and there was a scheduling issue - one that could have costed her several hundreds of dollars of her Husband's hard-earned money.  You see, dear reader, he is the main breadwinner of their household, and she is thankful, and protective of their financial well-being.  Anyway, in the post, all worked out okay.  You see, the person behind the ticket-counter was a man - and he was empathetic toward the lady, who was in some distress over the possibility of having to spend more of her Husband's hard-earned money.  Had some bitter, frustrated beyond-th'-wall female had been behind the counter (and had spotted that modest little wedding ring) ... yeah, pay up cupcake. 

Oh, there is so much more i want to blog about certain related issues.  This article of hers (dag burnet, why didn't i save to favs).  Oh, but must forbear ... for awhile.  Perhaps, in the spring ...

New to the sidebar, a "What Would Happen If ..." article from a blog, written by a lady named "Janet."

The entire title of her post is:  "What Would Happen If No Men Showed Up for Work Today?"  Hey, i had wondered about that here and there over the years.  Well, Janet, being a professional writer and researcher checked stats from the Department of Labor.  And here is what she found out:  except for Nurses - who are mostly women - if all men decided to call off today, our society would be in for some really hard times.  If your computer decided to go bonkers sometime this morning, good luck with that - overwhelmingly, most the people who analyze hardware and software problems are men.  Need money from the ATM?  Most the people who fill that thing are ... yep, men.  Oopps, drain isn't doing it's job?  Ya might find a lady plumber.   Yeah, and she is very thorough, but she works three counties that-away, and today ...  Oh wait a sec, she is not working today, her grandbaby ... Car not running right?  Oh wait a sec, not a good idea to be on the road today, considering that yesterday the forecasters (usually men) were calling for sleet AND high winds.   Hope ya have rock-salt at the house, because the man who delivers the stuff promptly to HardwareWorld every Wednesday ...  And hope ya have good insulation behind your drywall, power might go out - and with no staff to fix it today ...  Oh, there are two or three women, (and they really do good work) but three or four counties worth of downed wire ...   Oh wait a sec, just last month, the one woman took an office job; she said she had loved working outdoors, but, well, she isn't 35 anymore and the winters ...  Frankly, i don't think one day would be a major hardship, but if all the men decided to call off for the entire week, that could get sticky.  Stupid drain ;/

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

There's a certain (favorite ;) website, which features several thousand contributors.

Out of that list of several thousand are, maybe, ten women - and the ten, if even that, did not write a topic.  The few women simply read a chapter, or two, at a time from books, long ago written by long departed men.  Needless to say, having listened to hundreds of these files, over the past eight or nine years, these men hold strongly to an "old-fashioned" worldview.  In short, these men are no friends of feminism.  Neither are they friends of toy-minded basement-boys (visiting trashy sites, per mommy's internet).  However, it is their ongoing hope that members of these two groups, grow up and get a real life.  Many, if not most, of these men have nothing good to say about hollywood, mtv, and other venues of androgynous rubbish.  The website is so extensive, and so expertly put together - yep, men at work ;) the site is not free, of course.  Each contributor pays a monthly fee in order to continue storing uploading their, typically hour-long, presentations - these go all over the world, and reach people who are stuck in armpit nations, under cruel governments.  Visitors don't have to pay one single dime, and there is no pressure to do so.  Many of the paying speakers offer cds of their topics for hardly more than postage, if even that.  Yeah, these are real men, with a REAL purpose in life.  The website is on the sidebar; it's called

Oh, the inconsistencies... Reading some of VoxDay's blogposts,

which are (oh no, not at this sidebar -- nuh-uh) readily available on google.  Anyway, after a peruse over at wiki-land ... goodnight, whaddapiecea churchian work!  Uh, yeah, despite some issues, his readership is more than sufficient for him to earn at least a stipend from advertisers - uhm, scratch that, when you have advertisers at your blog, they can basically dictate what you write.  i don't like the guy, one iota - think he's full of [baloney].  But the point is: he has a right to write, and his fan-klub have a right to congregate at his blog - and Vox has a right to tell one or several of them to begone, for whatever reason, or no reason, really.  His blog, his rules.  And yeah, i am impressed with - well, anyone whose long, detailed writing makes it quite obvious of having been gifted with an (significantly) above-average iq.  That's an admirable quality - our society would do better to encourage it's high-iq minority.  Oh, speaking of smart people, there was a book (can't remember the title, but was reading it while job-searching - and ended up borderline late for the interview ;/) about smart kids - was so saddening, the invalidation these children had been subjected to on a daily basis; no wonder so many of 'em end up waxing atheist/weird.   But anyway, i digress - on this blog of mine.

However, it's common knowledge that great, wonderful gifts are known to have been squandered, for the stupidest purposes (people gamble away goodly sums of money - idiots!)  Besides the usual run-of-the-mill hypocrisy - so, red-pellet - Vox advocates, what really destroyed what little credibility he had with this blogger (uhm, i also have a right to write...) was ...  oh my stars, it's like the old story of the muscle-bound "Chad" profiling himself (as usual) on the beach, and topping off his self-worship with kicking a measure of sand in the face of the proverbial 98-pound weakling - who, by the way, does all he can to simply steer clear of bullies.   Have to ask, by the way, uhm, don't people see through "Chad's" viciousness - that would shame even the snootiest cheerleader?  Silly question!  Way too many people lack even a third-cup's worth of common discernment.  Guess who is the 98-pound weakling - who mr.(wannabee)chad evidently likes to pick upon?  Drumroll...  A certain woman with health, and perhaps weight, issues!  Ya can't tell me, that was the first time, he had crudely and cruelly mouthed off to someone  - whose writing career was possibly becoming more successful than his.  What. a. jerk.