Wednesday, June 19, 2019

At another blog, a very intelligent and articulate writer was, in her usual

brainy way, was going on...equating the Lord & His Word with the actions of an abuser.  Uh, the woman grew up in a (rather mean-arse) family that only cared about money, popularity - family conversations centered around the usual upper-middleclass vanity-fair issues.  Art and science only mattered if these pursuits yielded money and popularity (yawn).  Oh, heaven help ya, if ya studied that stuff, simply for the enjoyment (uh, hey, better use of time than hanging out in the bar - or just as wanton, teevee (barf!).

God as abuser.  Uhm, abusers are greedy, kind of people who think nothing of taking most, if not all of your take-home pay, and then scoff at ya for getting passed over for a promotion (seriously, first impressions...uh, that half-ratty brown sweater).  And then, the abuser will continue to whine about cash flow. Ya can never earn enough, can never bring home enough, do enough for those two-legged reptiles (my apologies to the flogs, snakes and lizards out back).

i cannot recall reading or hearing that the Lord is displeased with a data-entry clerk who likes her data-entry job, and is not anxious to compete into the next level (stretching the truth happens in interviews, if ya want th' job).  i know enough of Scripture, that the Word is clear about not goofing off, stirring up drama and such.  But not having a desire to get aboard the promo-showboat???  Where in the Scriptures is that?  Btw, none of the pages are stuck together - had to quit the pop-tarts sometime ago (love those things, but they sure don't love me).

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Was surprised to learn that Shulamith Firestone was about broke when she died -

at a not-too old age of 67.  What does not surprise me, is the about gleeful conversation over at dUHrocks.  Oh, but then again, Ms. Firestone's writing is reasonably well-known, and it's been some 40 years.  Uhm, Shulamith Firestone wrote several books - sold in bookstores, where shelf-space is coveted.  Will the red-pillers' barking and screeching over at that blog, have at least some attention 10 years from now? 

Yeah, any wingnut can "publish" a blog.  ;)

Monday, June 17, 2019

Oh, just another red-piller pat response. A commenter over at dUHrocks

was going on about how pleasurable it was to keep his house tidy, and cook meals.  What he didn't mention was, anyone else living in his home/apartment...whatever.  He claimed housework was easy.  Uh yeah, if you live alone, there's a whole lot LESS dishes to wash, laundry to fold, stuff to be put away, dustbunnies to vanquish.  In short, between the man's job, then coming home, his second shift there is wwaaayy shorter than the typical working mom - who comes "home" to too little time / space / proper tools (like a vacuum cleaner that does suck).  But ya' new fishing rod/game software, again, took a bite out of the housekeeping budget. 

If insufficient / improperly maintained living space wasn't a reality, then a divorce attorney would not have posted a billboard equating divorce with extra closet-space.  The ad was wicked, but that's how evil works - puts some real-life, really-happening truth into the mix.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Bashing th' gubment again. Yeah...until they want benes. The latest screeching over at mgtow menagerie,

is not so different from their normal rage against reality.  The reality is: "wimminz" wouldn't have scored those gubment and HR jobs, had it not been for the support of career-successful MEN ... uhm, like senators, CEOs, and various other XY bigwigs.  And then there's a gi-gundo legion of regular working men, who decided, hey, farm th' mule (wife) out, and I can spend MY money on bass-boats and wide-screens.

Needless to say, the biche-mule will end up paying more of the bills, and after working both shifts, not have enough money to replace that ugly brown sweater that she's been trudging off to WORK in, for a few too many springs and falls.  Uh, newsflash: dressing for the possibility of a promotion is part and parcel of the competition - frowsey outerwear won't cut it.

Meanwhile, the house is dusty and cluttery, and the meals are a qwik-fried bore - and that sweater is getting snug around th' middle.  Mule is also getting irritable.  Could it be, when peewee decided that the Lord's natural order of things can be improved peewee, himself,,, only turns out that peewee isn't getting his own way.  Ya know, the extra toys, and without losing his maid, cook, and hummer-service.  Poor peewee is miffed, and wants to mgtow, but th' gubment will put him in the bondage of (oh gasp) continuing to support the children he sired.

Cry me a river

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wow, that young lady works on cars - no, this isn't a fembot victory dance.

But i couldn't help but to be very impressed.  Had to take the car to the garage - a family business - while waiting for my ride, there Kay was, fixing something under the hood of one of the other vehicles.  Had to chuckle though, because that car was about as old, if not older, than Kay.  She's in her early 30s, a wife and a mother of two or three children.

The family is blessed.  They are able to have 9 to 5, Monday to Friday garage hours.  Saturday and Sunday, the cars sit till Monday morning.  Saturday, i guess, they do family stuff, and on Sunday morning, the family goes to a Bible church - uh, a church where the women leave their blue jeans at home and put on dresses.

At the Bible church i go to, women wear pants - and it's not a big deal.  Pastor B is more concerned about people coming to and growing in the Lord - and the Holy Spirit can deal with the dress issue.  Anyway, while Kay was under the hood, with tools in hand - and yet cheerfully giving attention to her youngest, who was playing over by the desk - i thought of 5 o'clock.  Bet Kay looked forward to a warm shower and a fresh change of clothes.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Hypenated-Lastnames. What's the point? A wife's maiden name came

from her father's side.  If the bride's birth-cert lists her under her mother's sirname, well that name came from her mom's father.  Okay, maybe her mom was also born out of wedlock, well then ... somewhere back the sirname came from a grandfather.

Anyway, these hypenated-sirnames, besides seeming to evidence marital fence-sitting, these needlessly long tItles are high maintenance.  Data-entry clerks are used to looking for the person's last name, and these tItles, which don't fit into the text-box, throw things off - was looking for Dukeofwellington, but forgot to about the Whoissheth' on the left side of the hypen.  So, no wonder the name wasn't under D, but under W.

Needless to say, went back into design view and expanded the box...and, of course, there  wasn't much room.  Fortunately, this time, i didn't have to move multiple place-holders, and print settings.

Lunch is so oo-verrr, back to work.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Another link on the sidebar. Wow, Julie McNulty's article, Friends Can Keep Their Girls' Nights

Out - I'd Rather Hang Out With My Husband, oh my stars, what a sheet-storm on the 200+ comment section.  For one thing, that is quite noticeable, more than a few women were upset - as in, what happens WHEN he divorces you.  Uh, too many women have looked around, and can't help but to notice, women DO get thrown under the bus.  They get pitched, after sacrificing their career, for NO BETTER REASON than growing a few pounds (after raising, feeding several children).  THIS is reality, and ya wonder why women get defensive.  Well duh.

Other women thought her a bit judgy.  Uhm, maybe Julie had discovered years ago, that most "ffrriends" are not.  Can't say as i blame her for not caring to spend time with cougars in some stupid meat-market (ALL bars / clubs).  Anyway, why them dark places?  Why not lunch at the sunny diner?  Uh, there's people of the day, and there's people of the night.

And oh woah, break is o-ver!

Wednesday, June 5, 2019

New to link list: Shani Silver's articles. She has a column in an on-line magazine,

called "refinery29."  In other words, her writing has attracted enough readers for refinery to want to publish Shani's.  Yeah, maybe that's a major reason red-pill peewee-ville is hissy-fittin - again.

Her column focuses on a very cruel societal habit.  Bashing single women, directly and indirectly.  Nothing new, both sexes, who've been fortunate to have become part of a couple, use various ways to let single women know, they don't belong, they are failures.

Failures?  For committing the horrendous crime of turning 30-something, AND refusing to settle for ppeeeewee.

Back in the day, what was most difficult, was how other women would cast ya sour looks for simply saying "hi" to their boyfriend.  Talk about insecure, ew!  And those three snooty-ars'd married chicks over at a certain "church"... never went back there (probably NIV, or ESV anyway).  It's been approaching 30 years, and i ain't forgot.  Yeah, and guess why, at 60-something, i have NO DESIRE for girl's night out, hen-sessions...reprobate crap! 

Wash is done.

Thursday, May 30, 2019

Oh how dare (post) wallers, like Wendy and Anna, hold to high standards.

By the way, these 30-ish (if not older) women have written articles, which have evidently, attracted enough readers for rather popular on-line journals to publish.  Yeah, maybe that's what really has the he-hampsters (over at dUHrock's) running in a snit.  Ya know, the old saying: show me a successful writer, and that writer can show you a folder - fat with reject letters.  In other words, the Wendy's and the Anna's have a history - of being at their desks, researching and writing. 

That stuff takes time.  And then, on top of that, are the usual tasks - folding laundry, paying utility bills, washing dishes, getting the car inspected...  Not much time left for dutch-treating with chad th' cad - those no-counts are everywhere.

So, as usual, 30-something single women,  who stay at home with tabby saturday evening after saturday evening, are shamed in red-clownworld for refusing to stoop into fornicating (with luzers).  What's even more sad is, there are women red-pillers.  Uh, can ya spell "toady?"

Godda get to WORK.

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Young women clubbing? Or is just (huh) "man"osphere male-hampstering?

Hanging out in the stews till the wee hours doesn't sit well with building a career.  And neither does bragging about the night-life (that isn't).  Cubes have ears.  Success at work means getting to bed around 9:30 pm, being on-time and alert by 8 am.  Bosses aren't stupid, they're seen their share of bloodshot eyes and pasty faces.  Perhaps the careful habits of career-motivated people are alien concepts to red-pillers.  Male hampstering is far easier than putting in extra hours at the office, at the (virtual) college campus. 

Granted, it's been over 30 years since i've taken a class, so maybe the "1 hour of class time = 2 hours of homework time" formula is outdated.  But, somehow i don't think so.  Getting those 3.8s is time-consuming. 

Not much time left over for dating (do people date anymore?) and besides, why bother running all the way home to get gussied up?  All that bother, for what!  Dutch treat, that's what!  Fiddle-de, there's a diner just a stone's throw from the campus - where smart women buy their own dinners, and enjoy them free from listening to some cheap-skate braying peewee.

All i know is, the young women at work are very serious about hitting the ground running, and very ambitious to get to the next level - and the one after that.  If these gals are out at the clubs - chatting up cads (chads) - they're savvy enough to keep that junk far away from the building. 

Saturday, May 25, 2019

Yes, there are nasty women out there - uh, like gruesome-twosome over at work.

The short skinny one is tatted everywhere - says alot money-wise.  If she is married, heaven help her husband - and their finances.  Oh, and her voice, so clippy - just on and on chatter, a spirit of meanness just under the surface.  Her tall fat partner is less annoying.

But for real, saw first hand, some years ago.   While with a friend, we stopped in to visit a friend of hers - we'll call the friend's friend "GG."  GG was a housewife, her Husband had a good job - today, his yearly paycheck would be around 110k.  Uhm, if a family of five can't manage rather comfortably on that, sounds like a priority problem.   Anyway GG was home all day, in their nice little Cape-cod.  The children were grade-school aged and healthy.

While the Husband was working all day, GG sat around doing about nothing - oh, wait a sec, if she decided to put a load in the dryer, she had to move a pile of stuff.  The whole area was clutter-central.  Guess GG was too busy smoking cigarettes (around children) and reading romance novels.

Yeah, why is it a problem when a Husband puts a half-nude pin-up in his garage, but not a problem when a wife reads those stupid romance novels?  Soft-p0rn is still p0rn.

Anyway, got to get busy with things around here - keeps me from smoking too many cigarette$.

Friday, May 24, 2019

All i know is that it didn't take long for James I to become fed up with churchian drama.

And as far as James being a homo, have to question that because, since he was king of England, he coulda tossed those 40-some men - who gathered into groups, verifying each other's stuff for like 7 years - straightaways into the tower's nastier dungeons.  Ya think, if James was queer, he didn't refer to around Genesis 19 AND Judges 19?  (Yep, the violence happened in Gibea too.) Uhm, the rumor is, that everybody at court knew James was swishy.  Well then, you'd think those 40-some men woulda played some jittery-pokery with the Word - the tower was not a nice place - but the men didn't soft soap.

Could the supposed orientation of James I be slander?   Seriously, people bristle less at seeing an ESV, NIV or whatever other newfangled "Bible."  Oh, but stick with the old-paths (the first one to come off the press, in English) and you're bound to be called a fuddy-duddy fundie.

Oh, i dunno ;/  The KJV was widely used for about 250 years.  Why the change?  The deletions, the few words inserted here and there...yeah, more than a jot and a tiddle.  Uh, does not the end of Revelation warn against tampering with the Word?

This version says this, this other version says sorta that, and another version says ... well, rather different.  Anyway, confusion.

New link added to the sidebar. 21 Factors...some interesting stats. Namely, 2 out of three divorces

do not involve child-support payments - because there were no children from these dissolved marriages.  And ya know how stats are (though the article does have links at the end)...anyway, support ends upon graduation from college - though many kids from broken homes don't go to college, for various reasons.  Perhaps, many of these splitting  couples have children, but they're over 18, and legal adults.

Another interesting stat, only backs up - what churchian-bubbleland refuses to acknowledge:  a wife is 6 times more likely to get thrown under the bus, by her (uh-hem) "husband" if she comes down with cancer or multiple sclerosis.  Yep, once again  the feminists prove they've a sense of reality (in this fallen wotld) i.e., wise women keep a card or two up their sleeve.  Sad that people have to sleep with one eye open, but that's the way it is.

The article comes from a publication called smartmarriage.

Men and housework - what fem-bashing bubbleland doesn't bother to mention is:

oh, a really basic thing.  A simple shelf put in the laundry room - and perhaps another shelf in the mud room would go a reasonably long way to clear up clutter.  Yeah, this ain't rocket-science, but here goes - and i promise to type slow.  The more clutter, the more time it takes to keep a room tidy.  In addition, clutter is a motivation-killer.  So many wives upon arriving home from WORKING full-time have  meals to cook, laundry to fold - in the living room, because the (too small) table in the laundry room has stuff on it. 

Yeah ms.mule can move the stuff to the hutch (oh wait, no she can't - stuff there too) well, set the stuff on the floor, clean the table surface, buff it dry, tthhhennn fold the laundry.  When folded and put away, move the stuff from the floor (before anyone trips on it) back to the table.  Three days hence, repeat.

Scoffers may ask, why can't ms.mule put in the shelf herself?   Uh, ms.mule is pressed enough with women's work (AND men's).  And guess what else?  Yeah the dumb biche doesn't know even kindergarten carpentry - i.e., she's supposed to be a do-it-all, don'cha-know.  Like sewing a dress, installing a basic shelf is a skill, and ya don't pick that up reasonably successful, like ya pick up a plate or a magazine. 

Now for some basic math.  The average house contains seven rooms.  And guess what, you don't have to be even near a hoarder to have clutter issues.  Oh, and by the way, keeping clutter at bay ALSO requires time.

Oh, and a little broom closet in the corner would come in handy - instead of the cleaning implements leaning in the corner, the handles marring the paint, trapping and scattering dust.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Why women are upset? The aggravation didn't just ramp up 20 years ago.

A thought came to mind as i was waking up.  Back in WW2 (the big one) women's dresses were cut skimpier - the war effort, ya know, we had to cut corners.  Uh, excuse me, but our nation was doing ALOT for that war effort.  However, some corners ought not to be trimmed.  That HALF dress deal was nothing but a very wicked agenda - hidden behind skimpy yardage.

Rosie, found herself with little time for sewing.  She went to the factory to help make tanks and battle-ships.  We were in a bind, and shure nuf didn't want to end up having to howl hitler hymns.  So, Rosie would finish her shift, rush home, and check the mailbox, pull weeds from her victory garden, meet the ladies at the fire hall, to help gather recycled stuff (which included bits of tin foil.  Therapeutic i guess...when your husband is overseas getting shot at...

Anyway, the skimpy clothing issue, war or no war, evidently, even back then, our nation's women weren't worth sufficient yardage.  Yeah, babah, i'm talkin' long drapey yards of modest-friendly fabric - dresses that a gal can (safely - unlike those UGLY burkas) move around, get things done in.

Godda roll.

Monday, May 20, 2019

Was surprised (but not overly) to read that a sex strike is going on.

And it certainly comes as no surprise that the peewees are very peeved.  Evidently, they are clueless as to what really turns on a woman.  Work!  Ya know, ordinary regrouting that corner window - yeah, the one facing north.  Spreading out that weed covered mound of quaisi-topsoil, that's been sitting long enough.  Taking those two buckets of used motor oil someplace...someplace other than where it is presently cumbering up precious garage-space.  When there's clutter, it just makes extra hassles for a wife to keep things dusted and swept.

Yep, that's right, peewees ;)  This post ain't about wives eating bon-bons, while husbands cut grass, change oil, paint sheds.  And yeah, this post concerns men and women who are MARRIED, not merely shacking up.  Women, especially these days, also work full-time, and the routine house-cleaning, cooking, and laundry heap her work-plate, enough.  Unfortunately, there are atleast a few articles on the net, where wives find themselves also stuck with the yard work (which takes different set of skills) on top of the housework - because, well, peewee is...peewee. 

And so, she's not "hhaaaapy?"  And he's mad because she won't give him a hummer?  Oh that's a major mystery!

Sunday, May 19, 2019

About a year ago, a lady at church said something that so resonated. She is amazed

at people who can't seem to bother themselves with routine home maintenance.  Ya know, the stuff that doesn't take a rocket-science degree.  Uhm, water flows downhill, and spouting needs to direct the rain-water AWAY from the house; else you end up with a wet basement - and more hassles.  Yeah, it's quite shocking to learn, there are more than a few white-trash homeowners who, after YEARS, have yet to put out some money for basic repairs - oh, but there's always money for tv subscriptions and boats.  Was looking at a few websites concerning this subject...holy pitoli!

Yeah, the same set who fume and fuss because the township puts out ordinances which compell the homeowner to keep the lawn from morphing into a jungle, the sidewalks from ushering in the next ice-age.  Evidently, township councils have noticed more than one or two local sluggards, otherwise there would be no need for these so-called "nosey" rules - in  neighborhoods, where (most) everybody else is forgoing the bar-scene and other jerk pursuits, and are instead busy maintaining their home; these motivated home-owners don't need some lazy-arsed excuse-for-a-neighbor bringing down the property values.

Granted, the lady is the wife of a scientist - he designs medical equipment; so they are in a position where they can hire top-rated contractors (not fly-by-night peewees who take forever to do a less than careful job, and leave your home in a mess).  She is a can-do person - inside and outside the home.  She is also blessed, because she stayed home and raised her children, and now works part-time.  Not full-time, so instead, she has the time to keep at home.  Yay her!

But still, even for those of us who work regular jobs, there's something called setting priorities...uh, parking that damnable teevee to the curb, to be taken away with the rest of the garbage.

We need to have topsoil put at the one end of the house, but funds are...well...  Anyway, a brain-storm, with a shovel, dug down just a few inches, and now the tons of rain, rain, RAIN we've been getting, the water isn't accumulating.  And yeah, a call for better $pouting.

Being rather poor, doesn't mean ya have to  be pathetically stupid.  It's amazing what ideas a person can come up with, when there's no TV in the house.  And yeah, people think ya strange for not having that abominable box.  Oh well.

Friday, May 17, 2019

That stretchy halter top would have looked UGLY even on a young slender woman.

Oh my eyes, were treated to a rather shocking sight, yesterday while at the laundry mat.  A 30-ish woman, quite overweight, wore a really skimpy, stretchy off-white halter top; and offset this (gag) garment with a pair of long black stretchy pants (anybody surprised yet?).  The bulges were everywhere.  Gasp!  Frankly, i wanted to cry.

Seriously, does this woman not have a mirror at home?  She looked awful.  But i realize, she doesn't care; had the strong impression she feels quite liberated thankyouverymuch from the patriarchal expectation of women remaining within the confines of generous yardage.

And no, this is not a fat-bashing post.  What this blogger (who could certainly stand to lose more than a few pounds herself) really despises is the horrible clothing (and equally ugly fabrics) that pass for women's fashion.

Thursday, May 16, 2019

Wow, those college intern women are ambitious. Can't say i blame 'em.

They're business savvy, say all the right things.  They're life-smart too.  At the tender age of not-yet 22, these young women know, this big bad world doesn't owe  'em a thing.  If they succeed, great; if not, then they can eat shiola and die like stray dogs.  From early childhood, these women-yuppies know full well NOT to depend on anyone but themselves.  Yep, our society sacked Jesus Christ years ago, so of course the only thing to look forward to, is another day swimming in the spencerian shark tank.

Still can't get over what that one chick said to the boss.  Oh, she was "joking" of course.  Jesting my foot, she was dead serious - if she could have that dude's job, she'd go for it.  It's what she said, and how she said it.  Said to the boss's boss, she'd "have my resume on your desk." 

i am quite confident, that 20 years from now, she will be sitting in some very coveted  corner office, and still a strong swimmer.  She'll live in a luxurious house or apartment, drive a high-end car, wear designer clothes, shop and vaca early and often. 

And she'll take a lover here and there - cast off him or her, or a combination thereof, when things change.  She may even have a child by one of them.  Maybe she'll have gotten child-support, then again, maybe the dro court-drama won't be worth her while, worth her missing power-lunches (ya know, those quaisi-vegen  events, where the only appetite you best bring is a hankering for shark-food).

At 50-something, fight as she will, time always eventually wins.  But our yuppie heroine has a plan.  She'll have the money to retire early, and live quite comfortably thankyouverykindly.  Hey, maybe she'll adopt a cat.  That's a nice thing to do.

Sunday, May 12, 2019

Pseudo Christian? While hassling that old white woman outside of that moloch-mill

in southeast Pennsylvania...uh, what makes Brian Sims an expert on what's Christian and what isn't?  Seriously, during one of the videos, someone had mentioned Jesus Christ, and Sims waxed a heathen rage - which was almost funny...except for the stark fact, there's nothing humorous about a snarky rejection of Jesus Christ.

During that some 7-minute video, that old white woman remained calm, while he nonstop-annoyingly hassled her.  Amazing!  And yeah, i get it.  Sims' sidewalk theatrics isn't about women's rights, it's about the next election/political promotion - nothing more, nothing less.

Monday, May 6, 2019

How many children did the lady - quietly praying outside the moloch-mill -

clothe and provide shoes for, today?  Oh, somehow i doubt she and her fellow congregants are counting.  Ya know, Sunday in, Sunday out, the basket gets passed, and people put in 1s,5s,10s,20s.  Nobody's beeswax (except the Lord Jesus Himself)  how much or little each worshipper puts in.  The money pays the utilities.  After that, it funds various ministries / missions, both foreign and local.  And besides, alot of church folks figure, hey, Bible says to support the church.

Ya know, giving blowing shrill trumpets, pounding chinsey drums - unlike secular (and ra-lid-jus) pharisees, who get off hassling people who are neither making noise or brandishing rude signs.

For all that certain self-righteous sod - who was hassling her - knows, the lady may be helping to support a niece, or some other young woman, who is a struggling single parent.  And at the same time, working full-time AND looking in on her Father - who is pushing 90, and eh...not doing so good.

Another bit of business news - not that what the garage owner told me

came as a surprise.  They're looking to hire, but they've learned through experience - uh, like the roofing contractor - to be very choosy.  Just because someone answers a want ad, doesn't mean that respondent will be productive.  Hhmmm, auto mechanics, roofers...and then the man who supervises a power-grid had reportedly said (per a post on - get this - a red-pill blog) each year, it gets harder to find quality workers. 

And these are not office jobs - so much for the red-pill excuse that office work is sissy ... yeah tell that to a few of the rough characters who work behind desks on various floors, as analysts, clerks, IT.

Saturday, May 4, 2019

Over at DUHrocks, the red-pillers tend to pervert various words...

but hey, no surprise - some of those guys come off, kinda swishy.   Anyway, here goes.

"Entitled princess."  A young woman, who is picky about the type of man she dates - yeah, she has standards (what nerve!).   She wants to know a few things about him before getting involved.  Yeah, he has to pass her

"shiola test;" just a few basic issues.  And reasonable time will tell whether the man has a decent work history.  As in, is he productive in his roofing job? or is he about to get fired - for reasons similar to the last time he got canned. (By the way, the roofing guy was just here a few weeks ago, he said his company is choosy about whom they hire to put on the roofing, they do not sub-contract, and they've LOTS of work - so we'll just have to be patient.)  Does he pay his bills on time? or is it - like the last late-notice (and the one before) the clerk's fault.  Ya know, that stupid broad neglected to time-stamp the thing the moment it landed on her desk - (uhm, excuse me, the office was upstairs attending a software training seminar).    Nevermind the time-tested, shure-fire way to prevent system-generated late-notices:  uh, mailing the stupid check a few DAYS prior to the due-date.  Is this test hard!

"Solipist."  Uhm, that's a woman whose sense of reality is based upon the experiences of her family members, co-workers, friends, and the (hopefully) reasonably reputable news publications/broadcasts - yeah, good luck with that ;/    Of course, it's not that difficult to get branded with that feminatzi-ese term; (why do red-pillers sound like bra-burning feminists?) just bring a King James to a mega-church service, two or three times - and watch the drama unfold.

"Feminist."  That's a woman who has seen way too many women get messed over, financially (see next bullet - the "feminist" happens to live in the same neighborhood).  At the age of TWELVE! "Feminist" Freida resolved that she was going to forgo the stupidity and instead, get an education, in a curriculum that leads to getting hired.  She is a lawyer who represents an auto insurance company.

"Cat lady."  That's the poor widow who lives in that somewhat run-down house, about a mile from the township building.  Oh silly me, i forgot to clarify what is an

("alpha) widow."  That's a woman, usually

"post wall" whose husband had left her...and the ambulance/hospital people couldn't bring him back.  Yeah, shame on older women for FAILING to motivate themselves to turn back time itself.

Friday, May 3, 2019

New to sidebar - once again ;) Matt Walsh calls peewee on his bs.

The taxi-driver (working for an outfit known to mess over their drivers) had put his convictions over his job.  He offered to drive the woman back home; he didn't want to take her to moloch's mill.  Yep, no surprise...that peewee wouldn't even trouble himself to have arranged transportation for his pregnant girlfriend.  Then again, it would be no surprise at all to learn that he hadn't the resources. 

Yay Matt.

Thursday, May 2, 2019

Michael Pearl? R U kidding me? Uh, isn't that the dude who has written

books which advocate both mentally manipulating AND beating one's little children - four year olds?  Not the first time - and likely, not the last either - have his (gag!) books been praised on one or more churchian bubble-blogs.  And NO! i haven't read a single one - wouldn't give a nickel for the entire lot, and won't waste the gas going to the library (which is barely one mile down the road) to borrow one either.  Just the cover descriptions are scary enough ("be very afraid").  Yeah buddy, way to go, great witness for Jesus Christ.

Oh well, such to be expected from bubble-net.  Sometimes i cannot help but to wonder if these websites are an AI set-up...ya know, to run real people off, from even seeking the Lord.  Oh yeah, plenty of Scriptures quoted, King James even...wwhhhooooaaaa!!!  But hardly, if that, a half a thimble's worth of compassion for people stuck in worldling nonsense.  Oh the rank smugness on those sites is sickening enough.  No wonder people effing walk!

One of Robert Rubino's sermons added to sidebar links.

The church he pastors is located in Coney Island - want to mention that, because the internet has its share of so-called "preachers" who actually are not.  In other words, he preaches to actual people, who gather together in a room.  Title of the sermon is: Coexist: Independently Dying.  Basically, his sermon focuses on the Biblical fact, that real (a.k.a. Godly) patriarchy means responsibility. 

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

What was she supposed to do? Kill her baby??? Nope, Tina wouldn't submit to that.

Instead, she is doing what many other young single moms are doing.  Holding down a decent paying job, AND going to school to enable herself for advancement - and so, sparing her child from... ew, poverty.  If that great effort (where she has about NO time to herself) doesn't evidence a Mom's love for her child, then what does.

Oh i get it ;/  Tina was supposed to somehow marry the child's father.  Well, they didn't marry.  Could be reasons.  Could be work-shyness on dadDUH's - happens ... alot, unfortunately.  And unfortunately, Uncle Sam is a better husband to many single women.  And yeah, and i'll get skewered come the 2019 tax-season - and it's not like i'm rolling in dough - but those taxes help Tina, and keep her child from wearing raggedy clothes...ya know, the plasticy stuff that doesn't smell quite right because, wash loads are $2.75 for the single wash and rinse, and $3.10 for the double.  Uhm, when yer poor, overstuffing single wash/rinse cycles is known to happen.

Oh silly me!  Tina shoulda abstained.  Shoulda, coulda, foot!  Sometimes i can't help but wonder, are old people really that forgetful of their own youth?  Or are old people simply self-righteously peevish?  At 20-something, sexual desire is a real problem - ya know, that instinct the Lord put into us, to get us (to trouble ourselves) to reproduce.

Well, taxes got to get paid, and old me has got to get to work.  Yeah, peewee, somebody's got to step up to the plate.

Friday, April 19, 2019

To a certain misog, there are numerous women named "Sue." As to the "Sue" who supposedly said,

you are "going to hell," i am not that particular "Sue."  Declaring anyone's eternal destination, is not in my job description.  So, if your recent post is an attempt to SLANDER this particular "sue," hey bud, you can take yer peeweeish attempt, and shove it already.  Have a nice day...creep ;)

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Women being ugly - they were fighting in Wallmart. No surprise, really. Shoulda seen

what both were wearing - besides the ugly tattoo.  Black polyester pants.  The blond with the (exposed) tat was fat, but the stupid ugly stretch pants only emphasize weight issues.  Have to wonder, however, if practical feminine clothing was available (not the tissue thin recycled coke bottle crap cumbering up store space) would women in general be in a better frame of mind.  And i seriously believe, there is a direct agenda to keep women in b*tchy bondage.

Just pitched two catalogs in the wastebasket.  Summer dresses, my arse!  Synthetic fabric is not only FAKE, the crap makes the wearer perspire.  Even thin women can sweat, and by 3 pm, have to run to the restroom and pull out the body spray.  Oh yea, definitely smell an agenda - whew, sulfur stinks.

Oh well, have a load of 100% cotton ready to be put into the dryer.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Why keeping a cat is far better than keeping a cad, any day of the week.

First and foremost, sleeping with tabby isn't fornication - uh, that sin is partnered with aleast one lie.  Always.

Tabby may bring in a dead mouse...yuk.  Peewee, however, may bring in alot worse.  Illegal substances are known to bring in the police - as in, upended drawers, overturned furnishings.

Buying a can of cat food (the good stuff) will satisfy tabby for the entire day - while buying a drink for peewee will, within the hour, lead to the little putz expecting another glass of freebie.

Tabby won't hog your internet - hence, no infections from skank-ville sites.

Tabby won't drive your car - no dui/insurance issues.

Tabby won't leave a trail of dirty dishes in your rooms, while you're at WORK.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Derisive go-go girls...that post was too funny. Of course, girls in that line of work

are going to mock; those places don't exactly attract the top 20%...heck, not even the top 50% are generally among their clientele.   Men who got it going on don't have alot of time to waste - and besides, they're out with their girlfriends at a club, or at somebody's party - or both.  Ya know, along the lines of a certain Eric Clapton song, "Late in the Evening," if i'm not mistaken.

Anyway, it's quite likely, the go-go girls (who have to miss out on parties - since they work most Fridays and Saturday evenings) could tell you, of clients who (apparently don't get out much) get too close, of b.o. and/or the (smelly) two $1s slipped into the string.  Yeah the same luzers who'd paw and leave .75 cents if they could get away with it.

Places like that are full of dragons.  Ya know, fornicators (either active or wannabee) drunkards, liars, slackers, cheapskates... uh yeah, perfect climate for the pretty go-go girls to laugh and mock.

Anglo-bashers, such putzs. Where do they think the (reasonably) affordable central

heat and air-conditioning, food that's (still reasonably) safe to eat, labor-saving tools (comfy lawn-tractors)...  Uh, this nice stuff didn't come from arm-pit nations - ya know, places where the "karma" excuse is conveniently invoked whenever seeing yet another crippled old man dying in a mirey gutter.

In the  "sex-negative" west, by the way, there are missions where poor old men can get a warm shower, a change into clean clothing, a meal, and a place to sleep.  This nice stuff was invented in the "puritanical" west; ya know, nations where beautiful Christian church buildings (still) grace the landscape - while armpit-ville is cluttered with creepy statues (the devils they worship).

The late Dr. Daniel Amneus said it all in his (1991) Garbage Generation, in Chapter 3, entitled, The Patriarchal System: Putting Sex to Work.  (Uh-o did i just type that naughty four-letter word?  Ya know, the two-word, so offensive to th' red-pill poppin' couch creeps.)

Taxes at work. i can only imagine the look on the preacher's face when he walked

out of the hardware super-store, and happened to glance at a spot along the highway.  There was a neat little area, probably with a recently planted sapling and maybe a shrub or two and a trash receptacle; in the midst, a single picnic table - probably one that is handicapped-accessible (they cost more). 

Can only imagine two words "oh ba-rother" rolling out of his mouth.  He knew the little project was provided by the city's taxpayers.  Guess he just shook his head as he carted his home/lawn maintenance gear toward his vehicle.

He found out shortly later - perhaps over at the coffee-bar - the reason for the city using the thousand or so to build a one-picnic-table park.  Nor was this cute little spot the city's only little-park project.  The reason for this tax expense was to protect the city's children.

The city has an ordnance, which forbids anyone from opening a (so-called) "adult" bookstore within five miles of a park.  In other words, the city's leaders (saved or unsaved) and the citizens attending the meetings know those places draw all sorts of pervs. 

That city's stand is nothing short of brilliant.  Yyaaaayyyyy;)

Friday, March 29, 2019

Another pity-ploy from the misog-osphere, like that's a surprise. Mean old

me (cackle cackle) had the audacity, a few posts back, of expressing less-than coddling terms towards drunks and druggies.  Well, somehow that has translated into me  having no empathy towards people who have become hooked on pain meds.  Guess peewee hasn't noticed, there's a world of difference between mr.electrician who pulled out his back while wrestling with a lawn-mower, and some drunk who can't be bothered with lawn, or any other sort of, maintenance.

Meanwhile, the misogs continue with their predictably pathetic shame-tactics.  Ya know, female post-30 shaming (uh, no amount of brains/hardwork can turn back the "bio-clock" ;) cat-shaming (uh, less cats out at night, tearing into the neighbors' garbage) singles' shaming (less vd cases for TAXPAYERS to pick up the tab, with all those post-wall "wimmins" being home sharing ice-cream with Tabby).  And lest we forget, fat-shaming...somebody call the eye doctor: obesity is becoming gender-blind, especially among children.

But anyway, the old saying about what's good for the goose...  applies.   Slacker-shaming.   Meanwhile, those older single cat ladies hug their tabbies goodbye each morning, before heading off to WORK. 

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Uh, correlation? Per a certain misog-blog, the author linked to an article

that gave stats, evidencing that about a third of men under 40 are rarely, if even that, dating women.  Doesn't take either a medical or a Bible degree to know, that's not healthy for most of that third.  Sure, there are young men who are just not interested, for whatever reasons - but most young men are.  Anyway, what the article did not mention was...

Per a 2016-ish sermon, the preacher shared some other, related, stats.  Out of the top ten websites - number one, being a search engine; number two, fazebook; three, twit.  Out of the following seven runners-up, are three dirty websites - i think one of them is #6, and the two others #8 and #9.   Yeah whatever!  With the zillions of sites competing for clicks, a f00l 3 out of 10?  Ew!

Deal is: learned of another little factoid.  And yeah, was surprised.  But back in my day (raspy old-person's voice) if you wanted to browse dirty stuff, you had to either get in your car and go to a bookshop and buy it, or have it mailed to you in plain brown packages.  In other words, other people would know - and back then, that wasn't something any decent man wanted known. Yeah, there were men hooked to the stuff, but most men weren't.

Until recently, i had assumed that dirty pics and stories were merely degrading to women (and inappropriate for children).  i did NOT know that stuff was sexually deadening to men.  At the risk of sounding sexist, i had always assumed that about nothing could quench the drive of a 33-something man.

So the pieces are coming together.  And this dollar store is not in business to accommodate just-off-the-bus bloggers, getting in the way of customers who are here to buy stuff like paper towels.

Hit me like a "post-wall" brick. Okay that term makes me chuckle.

Anyway, a few months back, my husband and i had gone out for supper, at one of the fraternal orgs.  The place has decent food, at sane prices.  It was Friday night, if i'm not mistaken, anyway, no matter.  The place was crowded, but that's not unusual.  The average age of the members is around 60, give or take a few years.  Anyway, there were alot of couples there for supper as well. 

Anyway, having gone to this place, having lived in this town for going on thirty years, even a less-than sociable person is bound to at least recognize faces.  The couple sitting near the ticket machine, and another couple two tables over, are playing house.  Can ya spell tmi!  Anyway, that's when the "post-wall" brick came flying out of nowhere and smacked me up alongside the head. 

Red-pill blogs and real life, evidently are not the same.  That dining room, and the bar, was crowded - and most the men and women (who were the usual socializing with each other) were around my age - i.e., old!  i can only hope, those old women had remembered to let their "cats" in (gets chilly in October) before going out for the evening with their live-in/boyfriends.

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

New to the Link list, "Why Financial Infidelity Ruins Marriages."

The article is from a Fatherhood-focused blog.  Basically, and no surprise, this slap-in-the-face deceit is on the rise.  We tend to chuckle a bit when uncle bob starts complaining again about catching aunt betty in the act of hiding a shoe-store bag in back of the spare-bedroom closet.  While a needless hundred or two spent here and there is certainly bad enough, financial infidelity is often alot more insidious, than auntie's on-and-off footwear-affair.

According to the article's stats, in about one out of three marriages, financial ABUSE goes on.  It's one thing to be a bag-totting spendthrift, but to hide the bill's (in secret internet accounts) is a bold-faced message to the liar's spouse, "hey, dipstick, i do not care one whit about you - today, or especially,  tomorrow."   What's even worse, the increasing balances can go unnoticed for years...uh, until there's an emergency, and no money to cover it.

Lying btards.

Peewee's predictably at it again - calling some celeb's wife-to-be rotten names.

Uh, isn't that slander?  But of course, the celebrity would probably laugh at the railer's post - ya know, the same story: men who accomplish have no problem finding young attractive women to either date or marry, or both, while misogs generally slouch on grimy (basement) sofas.  As far as domestic relations orders, such paperwork for them is more like an annoyingly high repair bill for us - we gripe, but bite the bullet, pay the stupid thing, and down the road replenish our funds.

The celebrity has been married and divorced atleast two times.  Guess that's no big deal among the wealthy.  But i guess peewee is so blinded by ranting jealousy toward the celebrity, he is unable to comprehend the simple basic fact that the rich don't live or think like the rest of us, nor care to even be in the same room with the rest of us - yes, they go to the football game but not like the rest of us; the rich watch the Cowboys from high luxurious rooms.

When i read the post about the multi-married (and divorced) celeb, first thing that popped into my mind was: oh, trouble, lady (or man) beware, bigtime!   At best, a divorce evidences having made a big mistake, but two or three mistakes?  Uh, sounds like a destructive habit.  Sounds like someone to steer way clear of.  But i am just a common ordinary person - who has to end this post, and get ready for work.

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Peewee dun gave away the store. In a laughably pathetic method to

deride women, (for no other reason than being women) the jerk posted a news article about a young woman who chose to end her life.  Jerkoid and his toadies are all huffy because the article hit the news, while the accounts of thousands of drugged out cowards (ain't no other reason for it) who end their lives, go unreported.

Well, there's only so news-space - reporters have to prioritize, i guess.  Yep, when ya work for th' Man, yer on his time-table; oh, such is life in the world of grown-ups.  Needless to say, creepoid and his fellow basement-dwellers, predictably, launched into called her "neurotic," among other (less kind) things.

The woman had a decent job...i.e., an adult reality that druggies usually can't handle, for very long.  The woman was in that job for a year; oh, could it be, a promotion, or perhaps she was new to the area.  Gets th' creeps every time, women who go to school, stay away from the bars, study, write quality resumes, get hired, pay their loans, buy a house on a 10 year mortgage....  Oh the peewees go so green, it's laughable ;)

Reality is:  drunks, druggies and general louts are notoriously miserable solipsists.

Oh come on, what woman would submit herself to be recorded, while dating

some peewee!  Per a recent post, some idiot was blathering on how he'd inform any "wimmiz" he was intending to fornicate with, that every word and sound she made would be recorded.  Uh, are "wimmiz" that desperate?  Oh, i hope not.  Perhaps, what this particular jerk is not letting on is, if he's getting any at all...ew!  Fornicators.  They fear lawyer bills, while totally forgetting medical expenses.  Such solipsistic idiots, they think a raincoat will work.   No they don't, they slip off - even for MARRIED couples who are careful.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Why a certain high-profile man isn't throwing a hissy-fit about having

to pay child-support?  Have heard this scenario before - from non-celebrity men.  While out and about with my husband, the man sitting at a table over there is paying support, but he's not one to whine about it.  Guess not, he's pulling in something like 100k a year.  Another night, at another table, another man having dinner with his girlfriend...rinse and repeat. 

Some men have a knack for making money.  Oh, could that ability have anything to do with "work ethic?"  Another man (an extended family member) not only did the DRO dance - and PAID - he remarried.  You'd think he would steer clear of that - especially, since he and his wife live in a certain, very feminist-friendly state.  Can only guess, he's not worried.  He makes about 125k, probably more than that.

Meanwhile, the whIners have cyber-fits because the high-profile men aren't raging against the domestic relations courts.  Uh, why should they, if they don't want to.  Maybe these accomplished men are just too busy - accomplishing.  And maybe, some of these achievers, look down their nose at peewee - whose wife simply got fed up with his laziness, and general peevish worthlessness.

Thursday, March 21, 2019

WOW, my withholding taxes we UP! Think i know why. Has something

to do with Uncle Sam having to step in and be the Patriarch - 'cause peewee's too busy playing with his new golf clubs (the old ones are fine, and still are taking up space).  Hey, somebody has to provide for the displaced (driven out) women and children.  And so, the money will come from us (of whatever gender).  Uh, what are moms supposed to do?  Oh i know, abort the already BORN child - since peewee's been rather peevish these last 9 months...kid 'el cut into the beer budget.  (Cry me a river.)

Won't go into the particulars about the money, because the cads-with-red-dope issues will rage - and i'll just laugh at them, and that's not polite.  And by the way, now is not exactly a good time to have less take-home pay, (ya know, same old story: ya live responsibly, and get kicked in the teeth for it...oh well)  but if women and children benefit, it's worth a few more skimpy portions.  Frankly, i'm GLAD the government is taking real measures to provide for women and children.  That's what civilized societies do.

Oh, forgot to mention, there are more than enough anti-husbands out there who divorce their wives, and won't flinch at going for alimony.  Eecch, men sponging off women, but it happens all too often - in a nation that doesn't flinch at sending young women to fight it's wars.

Wednesday, March 20, 2019

"Christian" red-pill. Sounds about as for-real as "easy-payment plan."

Or better yet, "your call is important to us..."  Yeah, right!  Anyway, they're over there railing on the single moms.  Again...  And of course, the predictable hissy-fitting about child support payments, like the ex-wife, or girlfriend, got pregnant all by herself?   Moms become single moms after realizing they've been swindled out of time with their children, out of time to keep a home tidy - uh yeah, you bet yer boots, us gals want to be "haaappy" as we read to our children, to have some leisure time to take the children to the park and to enjoy their company as they play on the swing-set and on the jungle-gym.  Then come home to cook a nutritious meal - and have the space to keep and use REAL PLATES and serving bowls (yeah, mom, you entitled princess - who th' da ya think you are?)  Then, at the children's bedtime, joyfully spend the five-minutes or so, praying with them.

For most working women, however, the entire day is nothing but too much to do with too little time to do it properly (both at home and at the full-time workplace); and about no money - for luxuries like: heat above 63 in wintertime; a vacuum cleaner that does suck (and, oh, the sinful pleasure of always having an extra pack of vac-bags on hand); enough shelves and cupboards to store things, like detergents, spare mop-heads, brooms and such - thus freeing up counter-space, where mom can fold/arrange the laundry, right there in the utility room, and not have to cart it to another room - and, oh my, get in the way of the (blaring) television screen for an entire second.  (Oh, the drama!)  How's this for solipcism?   Mom would very much like to throw the threadbare socks into the waste-can and recycle the getting-threadbare towels into wash-rags and dust-cloths - the frayed edges don't sew themselves.  Funny how there somehow seems to be enough money for golf-clubs and beer.

Every year this uneven course develops another pot-hole, or three - and the ones from last year, and the year before, and before... have yet to be filled in.  Uh, such adult responsibilities, year after year after... go preempted by things...things like golf and beer.  And ya wonder why three out of four women get so fed up, they eventually walk.  Well, duh!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

When floors were swept, back in the days when a janitor job could lead

to something better.  That's how Marlin started out.  He's probably retired now.  Last time i saw him, he was a program analyst - that job probably pays about $70k.  This was back, when the employer hired their own janitors, and they were able to hire enough cleaning staff, that the floors were swept every day.  This particular employer paid their cleaning staff reasonably well. 

Yeah, back in the days, when school districts hired their own bus-drivers, and paid them half-decently.  That's how the widow next door had been able to raise her young children, and not feel economic pressure to seek a husband - she was in her early 30s, if that, when her Husband passed into eternity.

Anyway, i cannot speak for other employers these days - but would venture a guess.  Probably not nearly enough cleaning staff - so if the floors at other places (where customers don't tread) go days-into-weeks before seeing a sweeper, wouldn't be a surprise. Not to complain, just grateful to have a job that pays decently - and can enjoy the clean floors at home.

Do know of an employer who is very careful about hiring.  May come as a shock to some of us, but showing up for work, ontime and ready to work, is a habit not everyone practices.  Though, in all fairness, there are a sheet-load of places where  employees are treated like...rubbish.  But some employers treat their workers fairly, because they need a reliable staff, to do work that holds up.

This particular employer said, his competitors are also careful about hiring.  Well, competitors is probably the wrong word, since there's more than enough work for all - but the materials, as well as the men to put these materials in place, are both in short supply.  So people in my area will just have to wait until late spring or early summer. 

My jaw about dropped when he said they'd be by in a couple of months.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Too many slinking wolves/flying primates in the pulpits. New link added:

"When a Christian Meets a Sociopath."  The website is hosted by a Christian counselor.  Most of the 100-some comments were posted by women.  A few were posted by men.  And atleast 3 or 4 were posted by individuals (man or woman? doesn't matter.  a soul is a soul) whose faith in Jesus Christ has been sorely shaken, if not destroyed.

Tucker Carlson's "Ship of Fools" is a really good book - especially, Chapter 6.

When elites invade the bedroom.  This chapter, by itself, makes the book a worthwhile purchase.  Though the title is somewhat misleading, this chapter deals with opportunity issues.  Actually lack thereof.  Back in the day, a welder made a decent wage, but he and other middle-class men are being economically rubbed out.  Replaced by robots.  Meanwhile, his nephews are being educationally ignored, while bu-ku tax dollars fund programs to benefit his nieces - who are doing just fine, programs or no programs.  Sounds like rank discrimination going on, and that's just wrong.

Godda get to the bus stop.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Why are women's clothes so shoddy and UGLY? Googled that question a few months ago,

and only received ad sites (for UGLY-arsed clothing).  But this time, a few links written by fed-up women - who are simply looking for real cotton jeans, and sweaters that actually cover one's waist, dresses without holes cut in the middle, blouses with collars and even hem-lines...ya know, practical stuff...clothes for work.

Just added one of the links - "The Seven Most Baffling Things About Women's Clothes."  Here and there in the woman's article, the language gets a bit rough, but doggoneit... Christina H. had probably just returned from searching two malls for one sensible t-shirt, to wear to a work-related function.   She also mentioned the tissuey fabric, and the scam called "the layered look" (buy three and wear 'em all at once).

Whether it was Christina's article or not (found a few others) one did mention the cheapoid dyes - these chemicals may be borderline toxic.  And oh, how diabolically  convenient, not even a tissuey slip, petticoat, or long-joans in the same mall or catalog. 

About two years ago, i was at the mall - at a so-called "better" department store - looking for a regular button down blouse (for work).  No dice.  Just abuncha shorty thot tops.  Sorta rubbish is only egging on the misogs.

Maybe just maybe, if peewee wasn't exposed to in-his-face ugliness, everywhere he went, maybe, just maybe, he'd be somewhat less peevish. 

Sunday, March 10, 2019

Do skank-bots have a new-carish smell about them? Whether they do or

don't, i smell an agenda.  With technology advancing at faster rates, wouldn't surprise me if the bot for which peewee somehow scraped up the 20k today, in ten years, a technologically superior model will cost about 10k.  i understand, bot manufacturers are hard-pressed to keep these fake-women in stock. 

Some questions:  can bots get viruses?  Can they function apart from the internet?  Or are they programmed by another means?  Still brings back the virus question. 

While a computer virus can be nasty, our eyes and fingers remain unharmed - unless the thing shorts out or blows up.  But a bot is in contact with a certain other body part.  Technological advance.  In ten years, will a silicon-based bot virus be able to invade a human cell?  Is the forni-forey worth it?  Oh wait a sec, isn't that just robot-assisted self-diddle?  Either way, it's sex outside of marriage, a major no-no.  Hey, i didn't get an invite to the Lord's rule-making meeting.

Of course, fearless peewee can flip off the Word, and on his own steam, go purchase anti-virus software/or bot-boinking insurance.  How much is that going to co$t, each year?  Bet the cleaning/perfuming chemicals are overpriced as well.  Supply and demand, let the buyer beware.

So  many questions.  But anyone with 20 working brain-cells knows there are people in very high places who really detest women.  Oh, but that's not even the half of it. 

Ya know, the exceedingly wealthy greenoid pharoahs and their lackeys who fancy that our planet could stand to shed about 6-billion men, women and children. In other words, has peewee stopped for a moment to consider that he merely may be nothing more than a useful idiot - to be tossed aside?

Probably not.  Peewees gonna be peewee.

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Red-pill, just a fancy description of a

cad with a drug problem.  It's almost funny how negative behaviors are white-washed up (on the outside).  Drunkenness, not so long ago, was accurately regarded (by worldlings) as a serious flaw in character; today, this form of sloth is called a disease.  Well, addiction is a cancer, it destroys families.  That's nothing new.  And i have to wonder, if loud-mouthed purple-haired women tend to come from families where there was always money for booze, but not for orange juice.

All kinds of nasty substances out there.  Some, one needn't ingest; only click.  Never mind, the internet is just bursting with interesting/intelligent sites, that everyone can peruse.  Ya know what, if a website is unsuitable for children, (skanky) then it's quite obvious, the author of that site is a raging piece of drek.

Guess that sort of cheap thrill will have to do, since being able to afford a robot means (oh horrors...) getting off aunt selma's couch, and getting a job - and keeping it too.  Oh my ;)

Monday, March 4, 2019

So Johnny Depp married a predatory woman, and is now being taken

to the cleaners.  Could this be yet another Hollywood set up?  One that was in the script even prior to the ceremony?  Is both Johnny and the soon-to-be-ex to receive payola - in the form of future movie/music deals/stocks and bonds, a minute or so after the public's few-seconds-long attention-span is fixated elsewhere?  If these kinds of questions sound paranoid, well i cannot help but to put nothing past Hollywood, because the entertaInment industry detests things like marriage and family.  There's a history here, one that goes back atleast 40 years; why back in the 70s, movie people were marrying and divorcing, remarrying and divorcing.  We knew back then, it was a publicity stunt, that sold movie magazines. 

Back in the mid 80s, Hollywood cranked up the volume.  i cannot recall the name of the movie, but the lead female character was an aspiring dancer "she's a maniac, maniac..." who worked in a steel mill and was having an affair with her divorced boss.  Number #1, in the real world, that's one sure way for a gal to fInd herself waiting on the phone for the UC person to pick up and begin processing the unemployment claim.

In the movie, the dancer was somewhat upset with her boss-boyfriend upon finding out he had accompanied his ex-wife to some fancy dinner-function.  Like it's somehow maniac's business.  Anyway, the boss-boyfriend said the dinner was just an annual tradition he his ex attended.

Message in the movie was, maniac-dancer is cool, because she dances, holds a man's job, is sleeping with her boss, and is nosing  in his business.  Hey woman, you need to be cool like her.

Horse-hockey.  Here's cool!  I'm a 60+ women fixing to end this post, because i godda go up on the side roof, and shovel th' snow off of it. 

Friday, March 1, 2019

Doesn't take a Mensa-quality brain to despise what-passes-for entertainment

these days, especially.  While Hollywood has always been corrupt, years ago, parents could take their children to movies (sitter couldn't make it) in which the story-line focused on adult life; the dialog (containing sexual content) was scripted in language that went over the heads of kids who earned As and Bs on their report cards. 

The children would sit there rather bored - except for the scene where the cop chased down the bank-robber...oh, and a later scene where the same cop, after an argument with his boss, throws a gooey sandwich against a wall - camera zooms in, the film runs in slower motion.  Both children snicker.

A year or so before the tv died (and we never replaced it - thank You Lord) i was doing something while a show was on, and it struck me how pathetically bad the acting was - uh, the kids over at the high-school would have done a better job.  Seriously!

Well evidently, lots of people - even educated professionals - watch quite a bit of tv..."Did you see bla-bla last night?"  Simply not getting up to speed with even a portion of who's who in Hollywood, may qualify you as socially inadequate.  Oh yeah, it can be frustrating to be chided for not knowing one actor from another.

And MENSA got nuthin to do with it.

Bus stop ahead.

Was thinking about buying a copy of "Enjoy the Decline". But i think i'll

pass.  A keyword or two on the author's description was enough, then there were several comments from readers.  One thing for sure, have seen the author's blog listed on several websites.  "Captain Capitalism" sounds so conservative, so 'get out there, get an education, good job, buy a house, stocks, savings accounts, life insurance, get married and raise a family...' ya know, be an adult.  Wow, evidently, can't always judge a book (or blog) from its cover.

The keyword was "hedonism."  Uh, yeah wanna talk about tax-draIn?  For communities to be safe to live and learn in, to have good roads - and salt in winter, so we can get to work, and stay there all day, the community needs stable long-time residents - ya know, MARRIED with children.  Not abuncha transients, here one minute, gone the next.

Hedonists are prone to carry...that certain  little gift that keeps on giving.  Meanwhile, the responsible rest-of-us already pay high health premiums.  Yep, we who want no parts of skank, end up paying for other people's.

Speaking of health risks, cigarette tax is bu-ku - as it should be.  While the cig-tax, at least here in Pennsylvania, doesn't exclusively go toward health-care, it helps to fund various things like child education.  So, at least people into that stupid and messy habit are paying good money.  If i'm not mistaken, out of one $7 pack, a dollar and change goes for usage tax - that doesn't include the 6% sales tax.

Meanwhile, whoremongers just flit (like flies) from one smelly bed to the next, $preading...yuk!  Some of those VDs are insidious - an annoying itch or pimple that goes away...then years later comes back with a vengeance.  Even today, with our wonderful medical science, uh, doctors are brilliant men and women, but they are not merlin-the-magician or samantha (on bewitched).

Oh well, godda get ready for work.

Thursday, February 28, 2019

It's tax-time again. And a resounding YYAAAYYYY to Uncle Sam for

his patriarchal protection of our nation's single moms.  Hey, somebody's godda look out for those women and children left lonely - either by choice or deception.  Uh, women are NOT men; women don't think like men.  If any red-pill putz is fixing to throw a tantrum (no surprise;), uh, take yer whine-fest before the Lord's throne.  Yep, that Bible wasn't thought up by even brilliant men.  Moses, Paul and Company were taking dictation - ya know, sorta like secretaries used to do for their Boss, a man.  A man with a wife, who stayed home and took care of the children and kept the house tidy.

i see highly successful career women every single day, and there's a disconnect - often, but not always, an underlying bitterness, a fear, held in check by a fakey tough-tone.  i am not saying this to run these ladies down.  Frankly, i admire their smarts, their competence in full-time areas, where the Lord never intended women to have to put up with, in the first place.

Anyway, about the struggling single moms, who get the daycare and earned-income credits.  Nowadays, a single mom with two grade-school kids, can earn up to about 45k a year and still qualify for credits - not alot at that range, but still...  Uh, an hourly wage of some $22 an hour doesn't go real far; rents are DIABOLICALLY overpriced.  Here in Pennsylvania, a decent 3 bedroom apartment, in a safe neighborhood runs about $1,500 monthly.  Her monthly gross wages are about $3,500.  Rent should not exceed 30% of gross earnings - better that rent be 25%. 

If mon mom isn't getting child-support, then she's likely BROKE by Tuesday, and exchange-day doesn't come until Friday.  Oh yeah, and jobs are known to disappear.  So much for the "living like a queen" b.s.  That's just typical seeing the world-as-is through red-lenses.

And daycare ain't cheap either.  The daycare credit only reimburses a rather small part of this expense.   And yeah, old people who never were parents, have paid out for years and years in extra taxes - which help to support the next generation of tax-payers.  Eeyep, even the lost world knows enough that it is good to bring up children - and nuthin' but self-centered, not to.  So ya play childfree, you pay.  Yeah life inhales don't it.  Hey, i didn't write the tax-code, nor the Scriptures.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Certainly not the first transcript...but i notice, more and more

of the top managerial positions are occupied by women.  Which poses the following question:  where are the men?  Why aren't men being hired?  Uhm, would the hiring of men be...uh...too supportive of marriage and family?  Not saying that women can't do these jobs, just saying it's like for every five women, there's like one man who gets a big-whig job.

And that's not right.  Anyone with any brains knows for dern sure that men are usually more skilled than women in ... well, most things.  The Lord made us gals to make a home - AND to be spared the constantly annoying drama stirred up in the world-as-is.  But needless drama and intentional complications, that's what worldlings do - they don't know any better.  And worldlings don't give a hoot whenever  their continual greasy-grasping adversely affects other people (either saved or lost).  Worldlings gonna be worldlings.

Reality bites, don't it.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

In typing out this thought-experiment, silly me, i forgot about

lost workdays/wages that divorced women may experience - especially in winter.  Where i work, they closed FOUR! (count 'em) times this winter - because the city's tax-revenue isn't enough to buy salt, hire the men and maintain the equipment to keep the adults in their cubes, the students at their desks, the children in the daycare. (Uh, could it be, the infrastructure stressed with the expense resulting from post-divorce fallout?)  Hey, i don't live and work in northern Alaska, where a typical snowfall is measured in feet.  Here in Pennsylvania, a typical snow is a few inches.  Back in the day, it had to snow the best end of a foot before places closed - but back then, most people were married, and stayed married.  Back then, whiney red-pillers would have been told to put on their big-boy britches.

Like alot of people, i take the bus - less hassles.  Also, the days of driving, any more than two or three miles, during dark wintry mornings and evenings, are over.

Anyway, also gone are the wintry days when i could simply pick up the phone and call my husband to come get me - driving in bad weather is not a good idea for anyone diagnosed with heart failure.  So, when the weather's bad, i call off - uh, that's why i save my leave, for winter.

But not all jobs offer leave benefits.  It's like a savings account - and some people are idiots; they blow their hours on stupid/skankoid vacas - then cry the blues for want of leave, when a couch-surfer flu comes to visit with baggage in hand.   Some employers won't close...heaven forbid that some pencil-necked spurb won't be able to get an order of nonfood at the drive-thru during a blizzard. (Hey fool, go th' heck home; there's that frozen pizza from 2013 ... it's a snow emergency, deal with it.)

Last winter, got a call from a man who feared getting fired if the coming snow prevented him from going to work - his tires were bad, and his job paid crappy wages and offered NO benefits or security. (And his supervisor was some beechy old broad.)

Godda bring in some wood.

Oops, i forgot about the financial hit - some 25% - that divorced women

get stuck with.  So, went googling as to why.  Well, findind the usual talking-head off that rabbit trail.  Still wondering, why?  Are divorced women left in a lurch, because men hate women?  Nope, not going there...because real men don't hate women.  Real men cowboy up to whatever situations they're faced with - while red-pillers scraw out 50-page cry-baby manifestos.

So, what's with the financial hit?  Thinking about this, brought to mind of two years ago; my husband contracted for lawn care - heart failure puts the skids on things you want to do yourself, but can't.   Yeah, some women don't have a problem maintaining a lawn tractor - some women, not all. 

In past winters, when we had major snow-storms, we both simply got out there and shoveled.  Yep, another thing a heart patient best not mess with, for any more than a few minutes at a time - if even that.  Needless to say, over the past few years, especially, we kept a snow-plower's fund.

So, grass in the summer, snow in the winter. 

What else?  That edge along the roof.  A few years ago, my husband could have climbed up a ladder...uh, not any more.  The roofers will be out when they can get here.  Some women have no fear of climbing ladders, and know how to fix roof edges - some women...   Windows need caulked; that means ladders...nuh-uh!  That means, hiring someone.  Cha-chinggg. 

Oh, and the firewood.  The days, when the wood was delivered, we both got out there and stacked it.  Those days are gone.  Last year, the contract included the men to stack it also. 

So, more winter issues: roofing, caulking and firewood.

And then there's car issues.  The days are also gone, when if the battery died, my husband would jump into the other vehicle, run over to the auto-parts store, buy a battery, come home, take out the old, put in the new...amazes me how men can do stuff like that.  Yeah, i know, some women can change batteries, tires, hoses, and even do complicated stuff - some women...

Reality is: men are better at navigating through things that cost money; things that most women - whose plates are already full of both workplace and domestic matters - are not real savvy.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Four out of five dIvorce$ are initiated by women. Really? Well that

little stat came from one of the bubble-babes, over at churchian central - the smugness and the sheer lack of empathy, just never ceases to amaze me.  Goodnight, no wonder atheists / feminists cop attitudes.  Atheists are smart, they know churchians are full of bs, and - not so smartly - decide they want nothing to do with Christ.  And say what ya will about feminists, but even the purple-haired, loud-mouthed set were once little girls - whose girlhood had been viciously trashed by one or more "adults" around her.

There's a saying around the net: hurt people hurt people. 

Frankly, it's not the weird-haired bull-dykes who creep me out - they'll tell ya, flat out, what they think.  It's the churchians, with their sugary smugness, who give me the willies every time.  And ya know what, there's something beneath that sweetness that smells like...uh, a pile of wet wolf poop in a gutter, on a humid day.

Eighty percent?  First off: from which cereal box...?   And yeah, it is true that more women than men initate divorce.  Which, for anyone with a heart and a brain, will ask, what is going on - before simply blaming feminism/feminists/atheism.  The question: why are more women than men wanting to bail? 

Uhm, even going through an amiable divorce is no picnic.  Either or both spouses, still, have to find elsewhere to live (rents are INSANE!!!) pack their stuff, change mailing addresses.  Unpack their stuff/get rid of stuff, because apartments are tiny.  One or both will likely miss / drift away from longtime friends.  And then, adjust to a different neighborhood - uh, is it safe to put your trash out during those dark wintry weekday evenings? 

Time for work, godda roll.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

dUHrock and his toadies are almost funny when they get into

justifying what is, in reality, nothing but (a skanky facet of) domestic abuse.  Even dUHrock keeps a lid on those conversations.  The part that sort of strikes my funnybone is the reality that, while many wives earn as much, if not more, than their husbands - uh, doesn't that somehow spoil peewee's little roll-playing game?

The misogs cry foul, (they're always boo-hooin' about something) that women are scarfing up the jobs, but the fact is: sitting in an office, staring at spreadsheets/reports all day, these are the jobs that pay in our information age.  Jobs that require the worker to sit quietly all day long, while wearing uncomfortable garments (meeting today, and another tomorrow morning). 

But it wouldn't surprise me to learn that many of these (mid-to-upper managerial) women would, oh if they only could, stay home and have the time to cook lovely meals and keep a very tidy house.  But in the world-as-is, mom has to get up each weekday morning, get the kids ready for school/daycare, and get herself to work - so she might as well use her noggin and make as much $$ as possible.

Where i work, one of the mid-to-upper managers is like 8.5 months pregnant.  (A little boy - yaay!)  Don't know how she does it, she must be awfully tired.  She's been focused on making sure things will run right during the next few weeks that she'll be on leave.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

Even a broken wristwatch has it right twice daily. Over at Dalrocks,

(just google "Dalrock") is a February 13, 2019 post, "Warhorn Interview: What does a man..."  At the end of this article, are two links, which will take the reader back to 2010.  For a change, both articles are truly worth any woman's attention.  Yeah, the shock... had to go sit quiet for a bit, at my age... ;)

But very seriously, women who encourage their girlfriends to ditch their husbands, are not friends at all.  They are nothing but drama-consuming hyenas.  Really hate to admit this, but women generally are nosey beeches, and really need to shut the heck up.

Like that's a surprise?  Uhm, it wasn't King Solomon's beer-buddies who had talked him into worshipping weird gods/and spending bu-ku tax-bucks on idol-temple construction projects.

Anyway, coulda ended up as a meal.  But, per the Lord's grace, i knew the jig was up; back around 2010, when my Husband and were having some problems.  This "friend" didn't come out with any "suggestions."  What she did say, without coming out and saying it, was: that (my) marriage didn't really count. 

Never mind, the "friend" (wears the pants...) was living in sin.  Hey, i may not be real bright; but sex outside of marriage is bad business, and that shoulda clued me in, right there, regarding what sort of friends to have - or not.  But hey, it's common with newly-saved people for things to, uh... take awhile to sink in. 

But not that time; talk about 180 degrees!  No drama, just quietly backed away from the brief conversation. 

Anyway, need to wrap this up (have things to get done).  Even if a girlfriend's marriage has problems, (not abuse, just problems) any REAL  friend will encourage her friend to stick with it.  Real friends don't want to see their friends go through divorces.

Divorce is ugly.  Divorce is costly.  And people get peeved because the city, evidently, is too broke/too cheap-arse to salt the roads and sidewalks- yeah, was walking SLOW! from the bus-stop to the building where i work.  And more weather drama is coming through Wednesday.  Sicka winter, grouse, grouse...

Friday, February 15, 2019

Oh wait! i forgot about Scot. He was a pale skinny geek (no disrespect);

the other rougher and rowdier boys did make fun of him somewhat, but i can't recall him ever coming in from recess physically torn up.  But then again, it's been slightly over a half century...things were a bit different then.  Back then, even among nominal christian families, parents (who were married to each other) taught their children that they didn't have to like the weird kid or invite him or her to a holiday party, but mocking him or her was simply out of bounds.

Does Scot still remember the rather less-than-kind  comments coming from those boys?  Then again, does Scot really care?  He was the sort of kid who handed in carefully written math and english homework.  Wouldn't be at all surprised if today, as i type this post, that he isn't teaching his 5th-grader geeky grandson, introduction to college-level algebra - ya know, the same stuff he'll, later on, teach the younger grandson (who is still in kindergarten, and is having some difficulty dividing fractions).

Wouldn't be surprised if Scot has a net worth of a few million.  And if he ended up "frivorced," bet she broke his heart, and i'll bet he cried.   And if so, if he lost alot of money, bet he quietly just cowboy'd-up (geek-style) went out, and made more of that.  (Yeah, it's all about what the Lord chooses to gift us with - or not.)  Bet he's  looking at a comfortable retirement - while considering consulting.  Then again, maybe he likes to play golf.

Don't know; that particular 5th grade class, taught by Mr. (Yes, MR.) L., happened a few years ago ;)

Didn't even think of that! Per a comment on a recent post over at dUHrocks,

the commenter said there are alot more fat boys sitting in grade-school classrooms today, than a generation ago; he recalled his elementary-school days - there was one in this class. 

Yep, back in 5th grade, there was Donald - and he was FAT.  But i do not recall him being made fun of by the other children on a routine basis - maybe here or there.  Anyway, the only boy i remember being ostracized by the other kids was Wayne.  Wayne was slender, but he came from a broken home - uh, some no-good stuff went on there.

Anyway, the comment got me to thinking about friendless kids... of any weight for that matter.  But still, just being fat draws in the hyenas - wordlings are cruel, always have been cruel...worldlings are worldlings, and bonobos won't do math - deal with it.  But kids don't have to be fat to be excluded by the other kids.

Whatever the reason a boy (or girl) is treated miserably by his or her classmates, this oftentimes (if not nearly always) dogs them through young adulthood, into middle-age, and onward into elder years.  And this class-room cruelty can and does leave a broken marriage, or two, in its wake.

Today we have internet, and the boys -broken by cruel brats (whose daddys shoulda tanned their hides) - have the option, just like the bullies do, to don one or more screen-names, and join a red-pill / whatever other bash-site forum. 

And yeah, i remember some stuck-up children -  girls.  Wanna know why?  Because females are evil?   Bla-bla, blamegame.  Really, whaddaya expect from kids, when they grow up in worldling/churchian (same lousy difference) homes! 

Manospherians, they act like they're the only people who've been defrauded.

Just the same old vIctIm card game.  Frankly, you all sound like a bunch of peeved-off feminists. Guess what, getting ripped-off, major, it happens.  Men and women have gone through 40 years of responsible adulthood... ya know, saving instead of blowing money, paying bills on time, using cash instead of credit, staying home instead of going out ...  Only to arrive at retirement years, and realize that doing the right things (like keeping your comment to your spouse - instead of ditching him or her) only gets you kicked in the teeth, by the deceitful (individuals/society).  Meanwhile no-fault divorcing can be quite profitable - uh, for either gender.  Bible describes various accounts, where the good guy gets slammed, while the bad guy goes on living large (for a season).

So, what's a defrauded senior citizen to do?  Go to work - which, by the way, is the next place this bus stops.  Welcome to adulthood ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Evidently, a certain bachelor hissy-fitting about taxes, didn't bother

to examine the itemization form.  In order for a single childless, woman to get a tax break on her medical expenses, her birth-control pills and any tooth fillings better be made of solid gold.  In fact, for anyone to get a medical tax-break...oh no, ya don't ever want to get that sick.

The fact is: if you don't have children, you pay more tax.  Funny how that works, even the worldling government somehow knows that it's against nature (and just plain self-seeking) to choose the "childfree" liestyle (YEAH, that's spelled correctly).  So Jason, grow up, pay up, and quit yer bellyaching.

Oh, and Jason, cry me a river ;)

Question for the red-pillers who rejoice at post-wall women home alone, sharing ice-cream

with their cats.  Uh, can cats safely even have ice-cream?  Don't know, but that's not my question.  Question is: if the legions of fiftyish (and older) single women have no sexual market value - uh, what are we? real estate?  Okay, back to the real question. 

Why is it, every time my Husband and i have gone (to one of the fraternal orgs) for supper, sitting around us, are old couples (our age group) - and about half of them are not married (to each other).  Husband didn't mean nothin', when he happened to mention that so-and-so was living with...  i didn't respond, but frankly, just wanted to go back home.

That's fornication, and the Lord judges that sort of bonobo-business.

Oh, and one other thing, almost forgot to mention, the post-wallers aren't all spending hours and hours in the gym.  Some of the older women are ... well, a bit overweight.  And recently, i happened upon yet another article concerning the rise of vd cases among men and women who live in retirement communities.

Sounds more to me like, the approaching-old-age "cat ladies" are simply not interested in "dating."  Uh, sounds real like, these women - sitting alone Saturday night after Saturday night, are just plain using their noggins.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Just read another post from an ex-Christian, who has become an agnostic.

She believes in a god, that is out there...somewhere.  But this god, evidently, has better things to do than be concerned about anything going on upon this little speck of dust, orbiting in this nowhere-in-particular area of the cosmos.  Yep, she is yet another person who - once a very knowledgeable and articulate believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Yet another person, who became more and more turned off at what she witnessed in so-called Bible churches.

Here's basically what went down.  She was raised by ravenous wolves / flying primates - the whole stinking lot of them.  At "church," the place was obviously run by a few lousy parrots (leaving their toxic pellets evedywhere); "oh, you just have to forgive," like nothing happened, and keep on letting them walk all over you, and just forgive again, and keep on welcoming them into your life.  Rinse (with this brand of unholy water), and repeat.

Bull J. Dinky!

Yeah, Jesus corrected Peter's 7, with a 70 × 7.   But, correct me if i am wrong, but i don't recall Jesus telling Peter that he should keep on inviting Larry-th'-Load to his patio-socials, and to keep on putting up with Larry's lewd jokes and his various other stupid drama.

Sadly enough, seldom do we hear from the pulpit, what forgiveness is, and what forgiveness is not.  And too often, the "wicked" that we are not to mingle with, are the drinkers, smokers, and people who listen to country music, and buy lottery tickets.  Barely one single peep concerning the wicked, who routinely traffic in deceit (at work, at home, in church).  It's like these players get off Scot-free, because they never cuss, and don't go to bars.

Yeah, they don't go to bars.  Bars can be dangerous places, if one's intent is to go in there and nose into people's business / stir up division.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

If a certain lady blogger wants to live in a churchian bubble, and refuses

to publish comments from people, who live in the real world...her blog, her rules.  Yaay for her, and her bubbly friends, who are able to stay home and be full-time wives and mothers.  Uhm, that was the Lord's plan, all along.  But guess what: Eve bit the poisonous fruit, then handed it to Adam, and he ate.  Why didn't he throw it away, and call out to the Lord for help?  Eve committed the first sin; Adam must have been half-asleep at the helm, and so he took a bite.  Guess that makes Adam the first incompetent supervisor. 

But anyway, outside the churchuan-bubble, wives work at full-time jobs, not to finance a Bentley or wear $700 pumps.  Frankly, whenever i hear or read such smug remarks, an alarm goes off.  In the world-as-is, wives work because the house-insurance and property taxes are INSANELY overpriced, and need to be promptly paid.  Then there's groceries, heating, repairs, medical co-pays.  And schools are always haranguing parents for more money - uhm, isn't that what the insanely overpriced taxes are for?  (Silly me ;/ 

Her blog, her stained-glass world.  The comment i left was short and polite, but probably will get tossed into the delete bucket.  No biggee, i can comment here.  Thing is, however, the vast internet is a collection of neighborhoods; neighbors talk, and it doesn't take long for word to get around - that such-n-such blogger won't tolerate even a somewhat different view.

Yeah, rude comments are most certainly worthy of one action - delete!  "Freedom of speech" ear.  Obscene comments benefit nobody ... uhm, except scumbags, who are evidently too thumping lazy to learn basic manners.

Monday, February 11, 2019

Some guy was goin' off, sayin' that Lori Alexander is using her blog

(see sidebar) as a pulpit, and therefore, she is being a rebellious woman - this coming from a guy who was claiming it's not unbiblical to have a live-in girlfriend. Gimme a break ;/   Mrs. Alexander's articles concern marriage, home and children - ya know, stuff that Christian women read.  If i'm not mistaken, older women are biblically permitted to teach younger women.  And anyway, it's a blog - one of a zillion on the net.

i cannot help but to suspect that mr.male-dancer (oh, that sounds ... skanky) is a tad upset because, uh...yeah - her blog is attracting many readers.  And furthermore, i cannot help but to have the impression, that Lori is simply going about her housewife business - ya know, tidying up the livingroom, cooking meals, folding laundry, knitting a sweater ...  In other words, her popular blog is something she works on, between changing the sheets, running to the grocery store and vacuuming the family room. 

Oh, but there's more.  The dude's having a bit of a snit-fest because Lori deletes  skanky/rude comments on her blog.  Uhm, it's her blog, and if she doesn't want a sheet-storm - and, as a result, draw in the wrong crowd - it's her choice, to maintain her blog a pleasant place for women to fellowship.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Over at dUHrocks, they're beefing about the high numbers of abortions.

Per the bar-charts, the highest percentages of these murders are committed by women in their "party"  (20-something) years.  Uh, wait a sec - atleast outside of a lab - in order for one of these "party" gals to get pregnant, she had to have partied with a guy.  In other words, if these red-pillers are out there having sex with anyone other than their spouse, they are part of the problem and not the solution - and just plain hypocrites, who really oughta shut the heck up.

i am trying to be nice here - and  it's so hard!  Last night, a sermon (will link it, later on) really convicted me.  David Peacock (from Jacksonville Florida) was preaching that scorning can be really easy for people to become ensnared - and we're not Elijah (who was having a bit of good clean fun, mocking Baal's priests *).  We - all of us, me too - are nowhere even remotely close to Elijah's league.

i can't help but to wonder if these men, commenting at that (supposedly Christian) red-pill blog/forum, are in reality, very intimidated by the young hot chicks who go to the (so-called) best parties with the star quarterback / the President of BaadBikerGangIzUs Motor-Cycle Club.

Why?  Anyone with any sense of time, realizes, inside of a few short years, mid-20s-not-so-hottie-anymore will be playing second-string / riding with the club's refreshment-committee chairman.  Inside of yet a few more years ... things start looking plain shabby.

i read somewhere, some years ago, that young people - especially teens and early 20s - do not have a functioning sense of time.  And come to think of it, maybe half, if not more, of the men over at dUHrocks / other red-pill sites are rather newly adult - under 30 years of age.

For sure, one thing i have to quit doing is: assuming that everybody that has a blog/forum has 5 or 6 decades of life  experience.

This is not about making light of young people's issues/abilities.  Think i read somewhere, most inventions come from young (masculine) minds.  But still, thirty year-olds have been around for...yep, 30 years; while 60 year-olds have been around for...well, long enough to notice, atleast some of many, subtle games.  Games, that the young scientist isn't likely to notice (he is way busy doing science stuff) ... until some time passes, and several angry unclean birds come back and bite him in the rear.

*And it came to pass at noon, that Elijah mocked them, and said, Cry aloud:  for he is a god; either he is talking, or he is pursuing, or he is in a journey, or peradventure he sleepeth, and must be awaked.   1 Kings 18-27.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

And yet another little child beaten to death. The little boy had the

misfortune to have been born and raised in some churchian backwater.  Won't bother to post the link, such accounts aren't really that difficult to find.  Fake news?  Perhaps.  But either way, we all know that child abuse happens - in churchian, and in non-churchian families.  Oh yeah, with these articles, anyone, with a nose that is atleast minimally functioning, can smell an agenda.  Bible backs that up; there are wicked people out there who will stoop to slander to make Christians look bad.  It happens.  Hey, deal with it, child of the King of kings. 

Anyway, got to thinking about an article i had read, about a year ago.  The article was written by an atheist, who thought the whole God thing was absurd and laughable.  Okay, to each his or her own - i just don't want to be in the area when the Lord bares His arm and grabs His sword.   The atheist had written that he was quietly attending a Bible church, and then afterward, (after some nice coffee and a few oatmeal cookies) getting on his 'puter and sharing a hearty laugh with his atheist buddies.  No girls got hit on, no (coatless, bootless) boys got buried in snow; the atheist was simply there for a few sheets and giggles - and blog-page fodder.

Well, anyway, got to thinking.  The Bible describes people who go to church on a regular basis, but are wicked.  The sort of people whom God did not call, yet they ran (Jeremiah).  Tragic thing is: satan's dupes don't always know who their daddy really is; as with the pharisees of old, modern dupes fancy that the Lord is really impressed with their oratory skills, their $50s (plural) in the plate, their television-LESS house, their stack of Gospel cds (no rock, blues or country). 

What i am trying to get at is:  though none of us can read people's minds, is it possible ...?  Uh, think i just answered my own question.  Most churches have had funds horn-swaggled by people playin' th' poor-mouth - they come in with some sad my-car-don'-work/need-money-fer ...   And not all these takers are doing drugs, or even buying tobacco - some people are just workplace/money stupid.  Well, guess what, the devil uses stupid people too. 

So mr.&mrs. stupid (and whew, they and their brood of kids could sure use a bath - ppeeeuuee).  Oh, the very mug shots on that article, bleech, what grud-balls - they start coming to church, enroll the kids in the sunday school.   Ya know, their electric is about a week away from being turned off, and at this time of year...  So mr&mrs stupid-grud-balls pull out a Bible from beneath the smelly clutter (or, better yet, get a spare copy or two from the church) and do th' Bible readin' - well, atleast enough to blend in.  If the church happens to be of a pharisaical bend, there will be significant sunday school homework. 

And seven year-old boys?  Well, you know how kids are.  Disorganized, no attention-span, and fixated upon running and playing, just being kids.  Of course, that little boy couldn't memorize 13 Scriptures.  Many (for-real) Christians in their 50s and 60s, have a reasonable knowledge of the Scripture, and can (maybe) recall a half dozen verses.  Yay yellow high-lighters, index-cards and google. (Meanwhile college professors become rather disenchanted when their students complain about being expected to have read sixty pages come next class.)

The mug shot of the parents?  A picture is worth a thousand words.  Bet cha that kid didn't even have a reasonably clean quiet place to even study the Bible.  Ya know, kid sets the book down anywhere, for two seconds and ends up getting BEAT because of some sticky gruddy something is now on the book cover - because ms.stupid-grud-ball is too thumping lazy to clear the hoard, and atleast somewhat clean the dingy-arse excuse-for-a place.  Oh, but that takes time and planning ... silly me ;/

Those red-pillerz are talking about robots again. Just saw an anonymous

comment that raised a whole bunch of red-flags. While "Alexa" may, eventually - if not already - have busy-body programs in place, Alexa is stationary.  If you don't want to run the risk of Alexa reading your diary as you are writing it, you can park Alexa in the cupboard, right beside the FruityLoops and RuffelyChips.  Oh wait a sec, bad move.  Put Alexa in the laundry cupboard, beside that eco-friendly (waayyy overpriced) soap-powder that your sister had brought over.

In short, Alexa cannot nose/hack in your (locked) desk while you are out and about.  But a walking, talking robot can.  And yeah, you can turn the thing off whenever you are done using her.  But come on, how many of us unplug our coffee-pots, toasters, fans, CD-players when we're not making breakfast / playing tunes?

Your wok - sitting atop the nuker - isn't fixing to add your credit-card ID to its 5k (if that) memory.  Can you say the same about a robot that walks, talks, has eyes - and gigs of memory?

Sunday, February 3, 2019

On the whaa-whaa atheist side-of-the-net is yet another article series,

which, supposedly, describes the plight of various people, who attended control-freak churches, prior to having been enlIghtened (through atheIsm, of course).  Reading through the article, which one decon had posted to her blog...oh the drama.

Yes, there are control-freak churches out there, and these synagogues-of-satan preach salvation-by-works.  But even worse, these prudish APOSTATES bully their congregations out of money - money that dads and moms need to heat their shabby living-quarters and put fresh food on the table.  

Reading over the article, the stories were quite heart-wrenching.  But as i read on, i couldn't help but to get a whiff of something nasty coming off the site.  Smelled like a cauldron of wolf-droppings, carefully heated and slowly stirred into a paste, which is then broadbrushed on any building where Independent Fundamentalist Baptists (IFBs) happen to congregate.

As previously mentioned, YES, there are wicked men who pose as up-standing Christians - and it can be very hard to tell the difference between the sheep and the wolves.  Evidently, the atheIsts, who prIde themselves on their ability to comprehend  convoluted philosophy (scented wolf-poop) have evidently never troubled themselves to carefully read the single-page Book of Jude.  Oh, but they know the Bible, 'cause they read cover-to-cover x-amount-of-times.  Oh, just another thing to make ya go hmm.  

It's late, and this child of the King of kings has to get up early for work.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

New to the sidebar, Grace For My Heart, a blog by Pastor Dave Orrison,

who shepards a church in Drake, Colorado.  His blog focuses on how really wicked people hoodwink the (fallen) rest of us.  In a nutshell, there are people who are so EVIL, they do not care if that really crappy (and waaaaay overpriced) roofing job costed every penny that old man had.  These ultra-wickeds are VERY crafty - yeah, like their Handler - it's often quite difficult to call them on their b.s.

Among their rotten fruits is:  it's never their fault - it's the bookkeeper's fault - she neglected who to enter the payment into the system on that fateful Tuesday, because she is a ... bla,bla,bla.  (Uh, she had scheduled off that day, several weeks in advance - inlaws coming in from Missouri.)  Well, to right-size a long drama, narcoid's check bounced.

Oh yeah, once in a while, he does admit fault, for something so minor - like forgetting to email his co-worker (ya know, the old guy who always, always brings in more than enough soda to last till around Easter) the Holiday Party bring-list.  Even then, can't help but to wonder if even that was a jab.

Yeah, i know in the New Testament, there is a warning against evil surmising; which is why narcs are SO TOXIC.  Their history is long and filthy, and when the mask slips off, a few times too many...the light bulb finally switches on, revealing slime and grud everywhere.