Monday, December 31, 2018

dbro has been added to the sidebar. His blog addresses current issues,

and his links are right-on - well, except for two.  Anything written by the little dweeb that runs the ReturnOf(dream on dwerb)[k]Ings, and anything written by (the busy-body, from across the Atlantic) Vox Day, throw it in the trash.  But dbro's other links, as well as his writing are certainly worth the reader's time.  Several links deal with the cost (Cha-CHING!) that scumball fornicators (that's redundant) pass on to the rest of responsible us.  Uhm, no wonder our taxes/insurance/retail prices are so high.  Thanks, scumballs.  It's irritating, i want to purchase a CD from the bank - and NOT fund scumball playtime.

Speaking of scumbags, in one of dbro's articles, he had found himself in a situation, and had to ... there was no other choice.  He thinks they're, (the whole narcissistic lot of 'em) at best, a blight on society.  i do too - boyhowdy!  More later, down the road some.

Doris is the type of person who does well, and always has. Ya know, got As

and - if the subject was hard - Bs.  Not only that, she played (and still does) the piano - that takes both brains AND coordination.  Growing up, back in the 50s, she also helped her mother alot with things we, today, generally consider age inappropriate.  She grew up, perhaps overworked a bit, but loved and appreciated by her family.  As a married lady, and having raised her children, this former housewife got a job.  Well, wouldn't ya know, while her employer has been cutting back hours, due to automation, she is among the few whose hours either were not cut or only cut a little bit.  In other words, Doris'es employer chose to hang onto her because she does good work - not because she is in some "protected" / weirdo category.  Oh, and yeah, Doris is over 70, and still a much valued employee.

My point for this post is: technological changes in the workplace are nothing new (but they are annoyingly speeding up).  So, evidently, Doris has a history with adapting smoothly to cha-cha-cchhhaaaannnnggge!  (Overrated, freaking nonsense, but i digress!)  The latest change, however, has Doris a bit stumped - let alone her co-workers.

Sunday, December 30, 2018

Not all Gospel sermons are comforting - not because they are of less than sound

Biblical doctrine.  Just listened to one about an hour ago.  The American preacher was guilting his American congregation about living a comfortable life in America - ya know, owning lots of air-conditioned drywall, driving a late-model truck complete with padded seats, having in the bank a few cds.  Why, excuse us for working at steady jobs, for employers who actually possess a conscience (unlike many over in armpit-land).

Frankly, the hour-long sermon was a bristle-fest.  i really don't appreciate being held emotionally hostage, for the favorable circumstances i had (by the Lord's grace) been born into.  And i refuse to drag my face around, for not having been born in some stinking armpit nation - where it's commonplace for (craven-as-heck) parents to sell their 8-yearolds to the local (sex) factory.  Nations where people build temples and worship gross gods (which are actually demons, but the people are too depraved, and too blasted STUPID to figure out that no-brainer).

Meanwhile, the new-agey (blight in our nation) numbskulls preach that we Americans need to be tolerant of other cultures.  Really?  Uhm, when those other cultures simply walk by their own countrymen/women/children who are starving to death in a mirey gutter?  Do Americans really need that (lack of) mentality coming across our boarders?

America became great, because, namely, we don't (for the most part) worship multiple crudball gods.  Americans send their children to school - where they learn math in the classroom,  and enjoy kickball in the schoolyard; we don't offload our children to the first sadist, for barely more than a few coppers.  Didn't those people over there ever hear of "keeping it zipped?"  Here, in America, there's a well known saying, amongst the middle-class: "if ya can't feed 'em, don't breed 'em."  Uhm, that one predates birth control.

But, of course, America is cha-cha-chaaaannging.  Yeah, we've been confusing "tolerance" with unquestioning acceptance of crudball liEstyles.

Added to the Links, Fashion Degrading Femininity, Pastor Joey Faust,

who has a church in Missouri.  He talks about the early feminists, as misguided as they were, these women warned their co-feminists to NOT let go of their natural femininity.  He then goes on to explain how the fashion industry (unlike the fabrics today) is thick with weirdos.

And yeah, i'm just miffed!  With January coming on, all i wanted to buy was a long dress (53 inches, not one of those stupid 47 or 48 polyester wonders) of thick cotton (yeah, i know:  good luck with that!)  Not a one, looked in several catalogs - now in the trash.  Isn't it clever though, the maxi dresses are made from recycled soda bottles; while the cotton ones are both too short, and too frumpy.  Been noticing that for awhile now.  And for the past several years, the bodice of the (execuses-for) dresses are of (if you can call it) thicker fabric than the skirt portion.  Yeah, i smell an agenda.

In addition, Joey Faust had mentioned those really annoying slits (which i absolutely, adamantly REFUSE to buy).  Well anyway, he said they were designed back in the 1920s by some designer, who happened to be a weirdo.  Can't say i was overly surprised.

Guess i'll be making a run to the fabric store.  There, i'll have a choice, and i much prefer dresses with linings, anyway - they wear better, and last longer.  Same goes with lined slips - try to find even a thin poly excuse-of-a slip in a store or catalog ... good luck with that;/

In conclusion, the fashion industry is populated by stinking WOLVES, and they don't care if women half freeze to death in their (grossly overpriced, slave sewn) tissuey plastic, while waiting for the bus/crossing the street.

"Sex hostility!" What? Is that a newFANGled description of anyone who opposes fornication?

Gimme a break, idiot!  In this world (for this post, never mind eternity), fornicating wrecks families.  Kids aren't stupid, they know mom or dad, or both, are stepping out - or one parent is long gone.  When Deb's husband decided that headship (and fatherhood) was too much like responsibility ...  Anyway, years later, their daughter told her mom that she used to get up in the middle of the night, tip-toe into her (now single) parent's bedroom, just to see whether or not mom was still there.  That little six-year-old saw her daddy pack his stuff and leave.  Uhm, was mommy fixing to do the same?

That's a fine way for a kid to grow up!  And i can't help but to wonder if that little girl was the only kid who feared that the other shoe would eventually drop.  Oh, and tell me, that fear didn't enter her mind while in school, during MATH class.  Okay, maybe she wasn't confounded by division problems - ya know, 713/53821, those kind.

Back in pre-Google days, it was no secret that children from broken homes have a significantly tougher time, growing up, getting decent grades, securing decent-paying employment, affording homes and other investments/savings accounts.  Daniel Amneus, wrote rather extensively on these social impacts.

And now we have a whole bunch of kids being raised by overworked and grossly overstressed single parents (usually moms), for no better reason than pee-wee simply felt that family responsibilities were too much like work - and doesn't leave much, if any, time or money to go "play."  So, if mom gets a bit beechy...uhm, hey, she worked all day, comes right home as usual, makes supper, cleans up whatever needs cleaned up (though, the apartment too small, and too expensive) and now the stupid washer just quit in mid-cycle.  It's no major headline that raising children is demanding enough for both parents, let alone one.

So, the kids grow up, get jobs (maybe) and remain single into their late 20s or early 30s.  Uh, there's a glitch.  Most young people have needs, they don't do well being alone for years on end.  If simply moving in (and, down the road some, moving out) a boyfriend or girlfriend, had few negative impacts on society, then why have all societies (even naked savages) expect their young men and women to MARRY each other before moving in together?  And no, the answer to that one isn't that ancient people were stupid - they hunted with spears, they spun their own thread then stitched together clothing, they built their own houses, planted/tended their own crops.  If any society can be branded as stupid, it's not the ancient Roman's or the pilgrims of New England!

Meanwhile, mra idiots are (live from granny's basement) pouting about "sexual hostility."  Yeah, i guess these dufuses are feeling a bit hostile.  No woman, with so much as a dozen working brain cells, has any desire to even share a bus-schedule - let alone a bed - with any of these dwerbs.

A double yaayyyy to Pastor Jason Cooley - his 2015 sermon,

Children of Babylon, is added to the links.  He tells it, Biblically, exactly where the wolves do their stinking business in the wilds.  In this case, in a city in Minnesota.  Jason Cooley, prior to his conversion (before he knew he was lost) had a lucrative job - uhm, one that he had to get up early and actually work ...  And when the long workday was done, on Friday and Saturday nights, yeah, he went out with his buddies.  In other words, he didn't just fall off the shirley-temple truck.  He's seen stuff.

Anyway, what he witnessed one weekend evening, while preaching the Gospel, had shocked him.  He came of age during the 80s-90s, and back then, it wasn't real common for 13-year-olds, and younger, to be telling grown men to [fornicate] themselves.  And some of the other stuff, these "children" were saying and doing.  He couldn't help but to wonder, where were the parents - isn't 10pm a bit late for children to be out running around?  Wasn't just kids, there were two leather-clad bikers who were ...ew!

Over the next ten years, the weirdness is just going to get weirder.  And more of a financial LOAD for normal people. Why, 10 years ago, my Husband had, while on the elevator, overheard a conversation between two higher-ups.  The one gentleman had said to the other that half of working adults don't pay taxes.  When my Husband told me this, i said those two guys were full of it.  Then i remembered the various tax-credits - oh, and home-loan interest, you get back about a third of that that's it.  And of course, when you sell the house, you might be hit up with bigtime tax, because, silly you, you spent your time being a responsible homeowner, or landlord, (instead of out nuts-and-boltzing around) and now, you will be punished.  Mmmuhahahaha!

The tax stream is only going to run faster down the drain.  Ya think those cold dead young eyes will put aside the fakebook and focus on a report that needs completed/proof-read and emailed back to the boss no later than Tuesday at 3pm?  If tongues behind jagged teeth have no problem cussing out a total stranger, ya think these brats won't sooner or later tell the boss, or a co-worker, to you-know-what himself?

Yeah, I'm upset!  These FREAKS are already costing us normal people our hard earned money - in healthcare premiums, retail security systems (ya know, the store where ya bought that shirt), increased school taxes (because educators [really?] are heck-bent on setting up another sssppecialll (yeah, "special" alright!) sensitivity class / facility for another up and coming (and ever ccchhaaannging) brand of just plain weirdo!

Okay, i'm just miffed.  Having WORKED and paid taxes for over 40 years, i would like to soon retire.  But i guess that ain't gonna happen anytime soon.  There's a whole lot more to this post, and down the road...  But not today.

Thursday, December 27, 2018

A really right-on sermon - one of many really right-on sermons from

This one, in two parts is from Joey Faust.  The link is:
<a href="">Fashion:DegradingFeminity,Part1</a>
<a href=""> Part2</a>

Checked this and checked this, seems like AndrewSarcus (my phone) doesn't do html - or i just didn't figure that part out yet.

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Not surprising, one of those MRAs - in a recent - is bemoaning laws

that discourage adult men from seducing 15-year old girls.  While reading, was reminded of something that was written a few centuries before Christ had lain in the manger.  Aristotle had said something about the appropriate age for girls to MARRY.  He said 18.  Being that Aristotle knew all sorts of stuff, he said that at 18, a girl is both physically and mentally ready for the responsibilities of being a wife and mother.  He discouraged the practice of girls getting MARRIED at younger ages.

We read about women in the old days dying in childbed.  Could one reason for that higher probability be, that back then, it wasn't unusual for 16-year old WIVES to be giving birth to the couple's firstborn?  Of course, the MRA doesn't mention marriage.  Nah, he just wants to play - never mind how the game will mess up the 15 or 16 year old.  Never mind, that in 20 years, she will likely be sitting in a bar/drugging way too much, somewhere - and looking more like mid40s than mid30s.

Monday, December 24, 2018

Rebel, the (having trouble getting sold) comic book heroine, will one day,

in about twenty years, will begin to notice, her 24-inch waist begin to thicken - her triple Ds begin to sag.  And no, i am not doing a victory dance (uh, and risk straining a muscle? No!)  It's just my humble opinion, that 20 years from now, Rebel will still be a looker.  But not in a skimpy halter-top and cut-off jean's. 

My question is:  will Rebel be able to adjust to wearing modest clothing.  Uh, modest, not dowdy.  After Rebel hangs up her super heroine cape, will she be able to find nice clothing that she will be glad to wear?  Just asking, because in 2040, she won't have the stamina to be chasing bad guys, and likely will be earning her living from behind a desk.  Rebel might not have time to sew, and her law school homework eats hours and hours of free-time - and the tuition may put hiring a dress-maker out of her budget.

So Rebel, like most women, will have to depend on the shopping mall for sweaters, skirts, blouses, jeans...  Good luck with that, Rebel.

Friday, December 21, 2018

Another blogger writes, "...the burden fundamentalist Christianity put

on my back ..."  Really?  Main question is:  where'd she go to church, prior to her deconversion?  Like too many decon-dramas, sounds like she had attended the First Church of Salvation By One's Own Works.  That is, unfortunately, by far, the largest denomination around.  The "Christian" department of that super-bloated denomination, is typically the sort of entity where, oh yeah, they sport a Bible, but they use it for various reasons ... the Lord's glory, way, way, way down on the list - if even on the list.  Why, Jesus would be lucky if He was offered a leftover donut.

Her blog post is about a real medical condition that causes people to stay really fat.  Uhm, no.  It's not about eating too many chips and cookies.  It's a medical condition.  If there be any scoffers lurking about, what you really need to do is: offload a few tons of devils rambling about inside of you.

Her post then takes a rather predictable fembot route - are we surprised yet ;/  The article features a video of a woman with this condition.  You see, the rest of (young slender, old fat, or just plain) us are supposed to view that nearly nude mountain of tattooed bloat (from the medical condition) and accept that as being attractive, even beautiful.  No, it's not attractive ... to barely be able to climb a flight of stairs ... r u kidding me!

My question about the tats is - besides they surely aren't healthy, even for 20 year-old super-models - where do people get the thousands of dollars, to pee away at one or more of those "skanky" studios?

Wednesday, December 19, 2018

A real pastor warns his flock about internet fancy-themselves-as ...

Jason Cooley, from Old Paths Baptist - out in Northfield Minnesota - had cautioned on several of his ( sermons about people on social media who claim to be pastors.  And Cooley isn't the only preacher (on sermonaudio) who has warned his flock.

On sermonaudio, all you need to do is look at the preacher's page, and you will see the address of his church - there's even a church-finder, if you are out of town, or going to move, and need to find a church where they actually preach the Bible (yeah, imagine that ;)

Anyway, while scanning the news...  And yeah, the only current-events stories that interest me, are the certain ones which impact young women - who, (like normal women) want to find a husband and have a few of his babies.

It's very frustrating to read and hear a (normal) young woman's desire to be secure in her life as wife and mother, gaslit as needy, neurotic, lazy.  Yeah, gaslit by big sissies, who continually whine about divorce and child support.  Well hey dude, uh, if you'd a stepped up yer "game" (i.e., WORK at getting a better job) a bit ...  ya think?

Brings to mind one of Cooley's sermons.  One if these whiners was pouting at him about the hours, the responsibility involved, and Cooley's response was, "Well do it..."

Anyway, over at the online whine shoppe,  one of the patrons was going on about being a pastor...mmkaay!  But the giveaway was, his language.  Uhm, it's one thing if any pastor - while having a private conversation - lets out a masked f-bomb, but on the internet??

Well, a growl session ensued.  Apparently, he must have forgotten to use another screen-name when visiting the blog of a theologian - and one of the other whine-flies took Pastor (Masked)PottyMouth to task about thing's he had said over there.

To make a long story short, the theologian who owns the blog (and hails from Idaho) is certainly no friend of feminism.  Oh, but the rub is: that scholar also (like the preacher from Minnesota) has little empathy for shirkers.

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Oh for pity's sake, some wind-bag was going on about not

allowing female family members to sit around his after-dinner campfire.  Like he's some sort of gender-political revolutionary.  Gimme a break!  My husband's friends stop over, and i don't horn in on their conversations.  Wanna know why?  Because what (real) men talk about doesn't interest me.  That's why.  Uh, they talk about men's sports, cars, fishing gear, lawn tools, national and local politics  ... yawn!  No juicy gossip...ggaaahhh!  Yeah I know, gossip is sin, and i must avoid it...drats! 

And the other reason i don't care to horn in is:  what a golden opportunity for a bit of me-time.  i don't get that real often - and that's not a complaint; if i wanted loads and lots of me-time, i would have remained single. 

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Aw drats, now i godda take a sledge hammer to th' troll-trough!

But it was fun to mix up a few tid-bits with some of their own ... ew, loading it on the truck for a drive-by, then standing back, and watchin' 'em slop it  on down - hey, sometimes they even push and growl at each other.  Too funny ;)  But that toxin-stained trough has to be hosed down and thoroughly scrubbed with cleaning compounds, then rendered into pieces, and set out with Tuesday's garbage.  And doggoneit, godda wash th' truck real good too - in this weather!

Here's what happened: was listening to a certain sermon, and per the preacher's (Jason Cooley - very Biblical sermons ... well, the doc's diagnosis is on target.  Exposure to the toxins has led to my contracting/aggravating jezebel-cancer, and if i don't undergo Gospel-chemo, stage one or two will devolve itself into stage 3, or even 4.  No more road trips, drats!

But reality is reality.  The Lord rules His universe, and i don't.

i don't mean to be overly harsh, i know what it's like to do without.

Neither have i forgotten those wintery days when i looked for little inside cleaning projects, for the purpose of staying warm - of wearing a jacket inside, because (even back then) heating costs were borderline-insane.  Of missing out on visiting friends and family, because that meant spending money for gas - funds i needed to get back and forth to WORK.  Funds i needed to set aside, because the rent was due in a week or so.  i remember the cheese-n-cracker apologies-for-meals, because a regular kitchen-cooked meal wasn't free - and the water-bill would arrive in the mail within a few days.  i remember wearing threadbare duds and scuffed shoes because i needed to, hopefully, have enough set aside, just in case, the tires didn't pass inspection - after all, no wheels-no JOB, no job-no money, no money-no rent, no rent = go couch-surfing. 

It's about being an "adult."  It's called thinking things through - uhm, like staying in and reading a book, instead of going out and doing something stupid ... like wanting the (pathetically-cheap) thrill of the moment, and nine months later ...  Nope, didn't want to end up there.  And worse: ending up bellyaching and blaming others for my own personal decisions/mistakes.

But then again, i (so fortunately ;) am not an MRA ... 

Oh, now they're playing the "ugly females" card ;) These MRAs just keep getting

more pathetic as they become more obnoxious.  Can ya spell, "impotent rage?"  Uh, feminism isn't going to go away, just because many women choose to cut their hair like an old-school Marine recruit, and refuse to give even three inches of closet-space to keep a dress.  For good or ill, feminism/domestic relations will remain in place because, protecting even "ugly" women and their babies (even by different fathers) is what civilized societies do. 

And what's really ironic is, feminism would have never been conceived, let alone born, had it not been for the provision of the elite "Alpha-men."  Ya know, the guys who wore top-hats and owned rail-roads, mines, ships ...  Women's "empowerment" is only made possible through the good will of motivated men - men who have their choice of dozens of fine young ladies, men who hire accountants to pay out generous child-support checks to their former mistresses.

Men who really have no time for pizza-shop pouters.  That's reality.

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Another MRA throwing a whine fest (no surprise) because hiring prostitutes

is illegal.  Uhm, yeah!  Even if that sort of industry was legal, you can yer boots - and the $300-some in 'em - the girls would still be abused.  The nature of the beast.  Women were not created to lay with several different men on a yearly, let alone nightly, basis.  Our stuff is internal, that means gals are more prone to catching something, and passing it along - gives new meaning to regifting. 

In addition, legalizing would still remain, at best, awkward for the women's children.  How does little Ronald or Janis respond when someone asks what Mommy does for a living?  But of course, at the end of the day, MRAs don't give a flying flip about the children who grow up fatherless.  Oh, and hold yer ears when the MRAs launch into mega hissy-fits because domestic relations dun grabbed one or more of 'em by the collar, and shouted "PAY UP!" for the children they helped to create. 

Ya know, it's almost funny to witness, or even read about, when one of these luzers gets their lacey drawers all in a snit, but the part where the kid goes without ... uh, that's sad.

Monday, December 10, 2018

No sympathy here for MRAs, Red Pillers, or any other irresponsible types.

For every guy taken across by a gal, there's a gal left in a lurch by some irresponsible pee-wee.  And we all sit around and wonder why rad-fems are known to sport purple mohawks, facial piercings, and carry rude signs.  Ms.Mohawk, by the way, was once a little girl, who played with dolls - then one day, not only did Daddy leave, he left a history of spewing at Mom, at her, excuse-laden cuss-words.

Shortly after, Mom's cooking took the form of cheap msg-laden noodles.  And there was no orange juice in the frig.  As the little girl grew, her coats, pants, t-shirts and shoes were replaced with crap that other kids no longer wore.  If something came from wally-world, that was an indication the child-support check had come through - but pee-wees are known to show up late for work, half-stewed, or not at all.  Back to th' sally-ann fer yer duds, kid.

If this little screed seems to come down hard on men, well too bad so sad.  Go back six-thousand years.  Adam was put in charge of Eve.  Even after the fall, even though Eve rebelled, Adam was the one who was stuck with the responsibility to get out there and work hard to provide Eve and the babies with suitable duds - and fresh orange juice.

Women walking away with millions ... they can't be that mediocre!

As per usual, some red pillars are acting like bitter old women.  Recently another still rather hot late-30s woman had received a generous divorce settlement from her very wealthy soon-to-be ex-husband.  The red pillar of course conveniently forgets that No#1, these soon-to-be ex-wives obviously had something that a savvy multi-millionaire had desired.  And no, rich guys didn't amass millions upon millions by being stupid, or lead around by their private-parts.  Rich guys hire top-shelf lawyers to draw up rock-solid, specialized prenuptial agreements.

The red pills preach and praise the "Alpha Male." Well, how much more "alpha" can a man get?  Surely mr.alpha has 100 women who are vying for just a few minutes of his attention. He has options.  He is used to eating the best food, wearing the finest fabrics, joining exclusive clubs ... ya think he's going to marry some (community-college-dropout) girl who manages the pretzel-world kiosk?  No, he's an alpha man, and he wants none other than an alpha lady to be his (future ex) wife.

Evolution baby!  The top of the chain, do what they do, live how they live, because ... because they can.

Friday, December 7, 2018

Red-pills go around and around ... without even a mere THOughT. Hhmmm, maybe that's why they're so miffed...ya think ;)

The cold hard truth is:  women have looked to feminism because time has long proven men to be unreliable. And i really hate like heck to be typing this, but i'm sorry, it's true.  Just ask around.  Who doesn't know a Mary, or a Kate - oh, and let's not forget BeBe, or Peg.  These women, except for one, were housewives.  Atleast one of the widows didn't even have the money for the funeral - the neighbors had taken up a collection.  And yeah, it's been atleast several years, but this sort of thing still goes on.  And ya wonder why women are really hesitant to be keepers-at-home?  Uhm, women aren't stupid; women (and men) know atleast one dedicated, submissive wife who ended up on a raggedy clothesline.  This ain't some dystopian fantasy, this is fact. 

As for the incels, and the mgtows, (with their one-sided double-standards) what do they know about maintaining a home?  That is, aside of the rare occasion of actually getting off the sofa, and going out to the shed to fire up Mommy's riding mower.  Ya godda wonder, what's the agenda?  Pee-wee's b-day coming up?  That it?  Or did mom land a promotion?   And to think, that woman was actually excited about not having to cut the grass.  Well DUH!!!  She shouldn't have to ask, anticipate.  And she shouldn't have to take her car to the garage either for routine stuff.  Okay, maybe pee-wee doesn't know about cars...  Well why not?

Double standards, they go both ways.  Daniel Amneus talked about this in his books. 

So disgusted! About two months ago, ordered this really Grade A sweater

for my husband.  A real sweater, made of 100% real wool - the soft kind, that doesn't make you itch.  Sad state of affairs, so much clothing out there is completely whack.  And finding decent clothing is more a hassle for big/tall men (and women).  Well, the catalog people put the sweater on back order.  Okay, fine.  Said we'd get the sweater in early November.  Okay, no problem.  Well, a few days ago, received a check instead.  Evidently, no sweater is available.  This wasn't about Christmas, this sweater was about replacing my husband's old wool sweater, that has a hole in it.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Another post from the pit. Idiot wishes the IRS to trash the poor woman's

door to her humble, but tidy, apartment.  What this red-pill freak fails to comprehend is that women who bring strangers into their abodes on an hourly basis, aren't doing that sort of thing for sheets and giggles, these women need to pay their (ridiculously overpriced) rent and put shoes on their children's feet.  Not saying this type of job is good, or healthy for kids to be around, just saying these women are doing what they can to get by.  And yeah, the money might be aok at times, with a few vacas thrown in from the visas of well-to-do old guys. 

Meanwhile, many of us go to jobs each day, and the IRS knows exactly what we earn.  Oh, but we can still be productive well into our 50s, not so with the women described in the above paragraph.  Her customers will visit quite noticeably less often by the time she reaches her early 30s.  And her job offers NO health insurance and NO retirement.  As for social security, you have to work x amount of years to even qualify.  And post-30 jobs at the qwik-way, the muffin-palace are tedious, don't last, and pay peanuts. 

In short, the women of the first paragraph face a rather bleak future.  Isn't that enough?  Evidently, idiot (that vindictive fart) doesn't think so.

Talk about desperate "wimminz!" Ew, just read a blog post, by some idiot,

whose scree[d]name is ... oh, it really doesn't matter.  They met on some "dating" (i.e., skank) site, and she had posted of being "down" (yeah, sis, ya shure are ... trollin' for the likes of that luzzzeerrr ;) for some creative fornication.  Well, to cut the pathetic story short, luzer got to the diner early, and ordered a light lunch.  Yeah, how about that!  At least, back in the day, whoremongers atleast bought their prospective one-afternoon-stands a meal beforehand.  But anyway... the cheepo-b'tard went on proclaiming how his time was valuable - yeah, like nobody else's is.  Luzer gets a text from the desperate woman, that she would be a few moments late.  Well, luzer, once again launches into pontificating how HIS time .... gag ;/

My question is:  does the desperate woman have ANY idea that luzer did her a great, great favor by not waiting more than 10 minutes for her, and then not answering her calls, (of course, luzer had to make a big deal over that, too) only to read in his final response, what a vicious little creep luzer actually is.  Hope the desperate woman had a good 3-millisecond cry, and then forgot all about luzer.  Moving forward ... you go girl ;)

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

i'm sorry, but the woman's post (over at goody-two-shoes land) came off

sounding really fake.  Yeah, she's a lecturey kind, so am not surprised.  Ya know, comes off as the sort who like to look down her patrician nose at 40-something divorcees.  Uh, didn't our Lord have compassion for sinners?  Didn't our Lord urge even the stupidest sinners to repent, and He would welcome them with open arms, and never bring up their past? 

Anyway, a recent one of hers, oh come on ...  Yes, women DO sing praises to the Lord as they go about their cooking and cleaning.  But she came off as bragging, she even named the songs she was singing - like, oh, look at me, look at my play-list ... I am sssoo much better than you rock/country listeners.

Hey, i don't know if she is for-real or not, but i know the Bible says things about self-righteous people can, and are really thorough at having about everybody around them snowballed.  All's i know, something sounded not quite right.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Think i saw an mra candidate up at the vfw; stopped in, concerning a Christmastime errand -

yeah i know, some folks wax a bit dramatic when you don't say "Holiday" ... yeah whatever!  Anyway, mr.mra (and being that this divorced man is pretty busy doing his well-paying professional job, i doubt he has much time for dUHrock and company - or their sorry jargons) was eating his lunch at the bar, and nursing a hangover.  And yeah, the divorce had cost him assets, but hey even so, he isn't hurting. And maybe, just maybe, having made responsible decisions as a matter of course, is the reason ya don't hear him spouting off mra/mgtow rubbish.  Come to think of it, cannot recall hearing that sort of whining off-line, period.  Oh yeah, have heard "she's a greedy witch" more than a few times, but from what i can gather, men don't want to air their troubles - unless the White-Socks lost again.

Anyway, seeing him sitting there, half hungover...was sad.  Guess he'd later on go home to his (probably spacious) recently purchased (and probably already paid for) house...  Maybe he has a hot girlfriend, but even so, bet the weekend that he doesn't have his kids (oh wait, they're teens...) the memories of what a family was ... Oh, could he still be somewhat bummed out?

Sad, to not have a home-life.  Was in and out of there within minutes, and in a hurry to get home, and get that pot roast in the oven.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Had to stop at the cell-phone store, and while there, there was this

old woman. i don't know, maybe she was in her late 60s.  But, while waiting, i heard enough of her calm, though rather frustrated dialog with the young salesman...yeah, i guess she was a bit out of her element, something about her husband had taken care of all this stuff, but he was gone.  Oh no, not the usual reason, uhm, the guy couldn't help it, he was in the graveyard - and probably not in a little crispy-critter box, but in a real coffin.  i don't know, but ya know what, sometimes ya get impressions from people you never spoke to, or ever will - atleast on this side. 

The young guy was, well somewhat rude.  Well duh!  These places don't hire enough people, and even though there, the 1-800-yourcall is...GAG!!!   Well, their THREE operators, to handle THIRTY calls per millisecond... Okay, i am a bit over th' top on that one, oh, but not so very much.  We all know the automated drill.  Anyway, i can't down th' guy; he grew up in this godLESS, automated society, his dad and mom are probably divorced - and both 40 or 50 somethings think they're thirty somethings, and just having a gay (yeah, maybe that too) ol' time fornicating like barely-adult bonobos.  Hey, that's what they shove at 'em in school.  Ya can't run like a deer, when yer stuck in a pig pen. 

Anyway, the old woman, probably a long-time married.  Uh, she looked like one of those "fundies."  Ya know, while everyone else is in jeans, she had on a skirt - on this blustery day.  No makeup, a plain sweater-coat with a hood and white bobby-socks peeking out from flat clunker shoes.  It's not like she looked ragged or ugly, just, uh plain.  Guess she is probably one of those old broads ;/ who only had eyes for her Husband, and now has to go it alone.  Ew!  Ya know, it's like having been the guy's wife from around the time the crust cooled, doesn't matter. 

But ya can't blame the cell-phone staff; they have to do what they have to do.  For this total invalidation of long-term (i.e., REAL marriage), we can all thank the weirdos (on auto) for the ever changing account status - never mind, that so many people shove aside their utility bills in favor of the casino/strip-club or whatever other overpriced waste of time.  Oh, did i just hear "Judgmental" from the latest dweeb?   Like Mom used to say, "up yer bucket." 

Speaking of bills gone wildly unpaid, one of my husband's buddies was saying that funeral homes (which do about 50% cremations - which are about 1/3 the price of burial services) are no strangers to getting jacked up.  And family members wonder why funeral costs are getting more expensive.  My mother-in-law passed about 10 years ago, her funeral was about 11K; today that same funeral would have been around 15K.  Well, her sons split the cost and paid the funeral home - promptly.  Yeah, old people ;/  But i digress.

It only stands to "Reason" (boy oh boy, do i luv stealin' back words from the weirdos).  It is only "Rational" to conclude that the meee-tttoooo crowd don't know any better.  As children, young people today learned quick to fear and deride commitment; their adulthood (for lack of a better term) is a saga of hook-up, shack-up, break-up, melt-down, rinse and repeat.  We're bottles of (cheap)perfume shampoo bottles - use most of it up, what ya can get at, then pitch into the recycle, or the trashcan.  Well the drama is a wait, a cyber-trail, one that swerves like a really drunk driver.   Godda roll.

The usual slanderish-speak over at dUHrocks. Yeah i get it, women of

easy virtue mire up everybody's waters.  It's certainly no rocket-scientist's equation to figure out as to why men are hesitant to marry, and support a wife, and look after her into widowhood.  Ew!  Many of the websites concerning post-60 women pertain to dating (i.e., fornicating ... mental pictures, mental pictures ... that's just gross)!  Uhm, if any railers be about, HEY! i am over 60, so back th' heck off, already.  Just sayin'...worldlings are annoying, trotting out their sleezy-senior rubbish.

'Am really tired of aging fembot word-theft.  They go around fancying themselves as "empowered," (gag!) as revolutionaries.  Hah!  More like battlefield horses' petutes!  A "revolutionary" basically is on his (or her) own - to battle one or more various wolves, likely to gather.  A "revolutionary" is, often unwillingly, in a battle that few understand - and fewer support.

i don't want to have to be courageous.  i just want to be able to catch the bus each morning, do my clerical job, come home in the evenings, be my husband's wife, keep things tidy around here.  But i see a "in the last days..." storm brewing, and this one in particular, appears to be a hum-dinger.

And as far as the pity-party-patrollers over at dUHrocks, they can all blow it out their collective ear.  "Christian" gray thinning hair!  They're giving pointers on how to rail, without the risk of having some "THOTs" attorney visit their mailbox.  Uhm, i ain't real bright, but the free Railing 102 course being offered over there, is nothing but fruit that is shipped directly from hell.

Maybe that commenter over at dUHrocks got thrown out of that NY bar

for simply being obnoxious.  Bar people are generally of the live-and-let-live mindset.  You can wear the odd-ballest-stuff, walk into a bar, order a drink, tend to your own cup, and nobody will bother you.  Well okay, if you are a gal, and not totally unattractive, some joe may hit on you, but even then, a polite refusal to engage, once or twice, is enough to clue joe to seek his amusement with someone else.  No harm done.  Bar people have enough of their own troubles, they're not out to take on anyone else's.  For the most part, if the guy or gal sitting beside you, doesn't even like you/your weird hat, he or she will simply not talk to you. 

That is, unless you push your issues, a time or two, too many.  Bar people don't like it when some little dweeb opines to people he barely knows, about people/situations which he knows even less - and such are even less of his beeswax.  Neither is it smart to allude that such-n-such woman, sitting over there (ya know, the aging blond who always wears those gaudy blouses) is of easy virtue.  Yeah, half the bar knows she's been around, but to come out and opine about her...hey, she's one of the 6-o'clockers! 

Perhaps that particular dUHrock commenter would do better to either learn some basic barroom etiquette, or stay out of the bars altogether.  Ya think?