Friday, November 30, 2018

"ChristianCool" Really? It's a scree[d]name of a follower over at dUHrocks,

and, per his blather, i cannot help but to suspect that he is neither.  Yep, it's the same-old same-old anti-marriage beef.  What is with these guys!  And yeah, i get it:  men have been taken to the cleaners when the marriage devolves into divorce.   That poses the next comment:  Don't these thieving women realize the shitty legacy they are passing on to their own daughters - girls who will grow up, want to get married and have babies, and find out that men aren't interested - because the men have fathers, brothers, friends who have been hung out to dry?   Thanks thieving harpies, thanks a lot!

Yes, men DO get ripped off, bigtime.  So do women, (who long-time stayed the marital course) but that's for another post.  Throughout the Scriptures, both men and women are warned, chapter and verse, chapter and verse again...that above-board people are rare. 

What i don't get about dUHrock (misery) and company is:  when these chronic-whiners were dating their current/previous ex-wives, did they forget several no-brainer observations?  Such as: what sort of books did their girlfriends read?  Oh, hottie-hannah, read those soft-p0rns-parading-as-"Romance", ya know, the ones where the tall, dark, handsome pirate/biker/germanic barbarian is actually sole heir to a texas-sized estate... can ya spell, "Red Flag?"  Or, not a good sign either, hottie didn't (and still doesn't) like to read.   Thing is, people who read decent books are people who don't need you or anyone else to entertain them 24thumping7.  People who read, are the sort of people who, sometimes, need their own space, and so appreciate that other people also need theirs. 

While you dated, what did she talk about?  Did she covet other people's stuff - including the large lovely home and acreage owned by Mr&Mrs Neighbor?  Oh, never mind what is conveniently forgotten: uhm, 40-years ago, the couple started out in a crappy apartment - and started with crappier furniture.  What did her face & body language convey when encountering elderly/poor people?  And how's this for a truth-teller:  ya know, the long line and that bungling cashier over at the qwik-way.  Did she sometimes treat you to the movie or supper?   And last, but oh so not least:  was she at least respectful about the things of Christ?  If not, uhm, right then and there ya shoulda rrruuuuunnnnnn!

Yeah i know, young and dumb, and doggoneit, she was hot!

Thursday, November 29, 2018

The new checks we got from the bank, they don't say "Mr. and Mrs. [Name]", but at least

they listed my husband's name before mine.  Why did this change?  Methinks, after seeing a financial person about a document that also got changed, it has to do with various weirdo relationships, that the weirdos insist on calling "marriage", but are about as permanent as snow accumulation on a 45 degree day.  Oh, the paperwork has to be ever-changing with these newFANGled relationships, coupled with the fact that business entities clearly don't have enough, if any, telephone receptionists.  And good luck with getting hold of social security - my friend from junior high is a widow...fortunately, both she and her late husband had gotten business done, so she hadn't been left in a lurch.  Speaking of business, time to get to the busstop.

Saturday, November 24, 2018

Sidebars are handy to find and check out the latest blogposts

Just added CaneCaldo's blog; his goes back to around 2012.  Can't say i agree with all of it, but per the posts i've read, he is all about marriage and family.  A bit legalistic, but hey, it's his blog.  And folks could accuse me of the same thing, if i were to get started on ... oh, fiddle-de-de, think i will get started - 'cause hey, this is my blog ;). 

Real quick, was doing some pre-Christmas cleaning, and decided to take a side-route.  My husband has scads of pictures from his, and his parents - and his grandparents - youth.  My husband's last name is not Vanderbilt, but seeing those pictures, those steel mill families somehow were able to afford really nice clothing for weddings - and they were always going to weddings, about every time you turned around.  Never mind the bride, the moms and the sisters wore lovely dresses - and you can tell, they actually wore atleast a half-slip underneath.  These people didn't have money, but they sure did have alot of kids - in those small, like 1,200 square-foot houses.  How they managed to store and care for their good duds, which i'm sure many wore hand-me-downs to weddings, and to church on Sunday.  But to look at those pictures, if i didn't know any better, i'd think one of the Vanderbilts, dun picked the lock, came in here, and left the old photo album (of his folks) sometime while my Husband and i weren't here. 

Anyway, back to Cane's blog.  He has several posts concerning women's choice of clothing (be it intentional or be it media brainwashing).  Methinks (for whatever that's worth) most women simply buy what is available in the stores; most women are just too darn busy - on (Christless) things the unregenerate world tells 'em, doggoneit, they'd better submit.  Yeah, and these same worldling creeps badmouth wives who generally, quietly defer to their husbands - even if they (the wives) think that certain snowblower purchase will turn out to be a nickle and dimer, leaving the couple unable to get out, a few snow-storms from now.  Yeah, my parents had this snowblower, back in '96 ... stupid thing didn't work, but i digress.

Cane is right about Mennonite women, they sure do dress lovely.  And ya know what, they do house and garden work ... yeah, and maybe some of the snow-removal, in dresses.  And no, i'm not one of those thou-shalt-not-EVER-wear pants type of gal.  Pants are great when you have to climb a ladder in order to shovel deep snow off the side roof.  Yeah, i don't want my husband up there, his heart condition...

Divorce parties, what rubbish. Yeah, i get it, some marriages cannot

be repaired, but to publically deride the person with whom you shared a bed, a breakfast table, silly emails ...  Divorce is a time to mourn for what could never be.  Celebrating a divorce is wicked, the Lord is so NOT impressed at the fembot's little parrtah.  What a shitty example for young people. 

Isn't it odd, we don't read or hear about men throwing divorce parties.  Nah, the newly divorced guys simply, quietly go out to the bar and talk about football, engines ... whatever (guy-talk, yawn), have a few too- many, stumble on home, fall into a cold,  empty (and messy) bed, wake up to the alarm and get ready for work.  A few times, rinse, repeat.

Oh, but with some gals out there, going public - with what should be tea 'n tears among close friends around a coffee-table - at a (so called) "ladies" night ... ew!  Yeah, hope the parrtah was worth it...years down the road, which keep getting more lonely, more financially worrisome. 

Oh, and as for your latest ex-boyfriend...of course, he just got engaged to a woman younger than you.  Why on earth would a man who has a decent job & decent prospects want to hook up with a used-up hasbeen - especially, one who has dealt treacherously?  If the guy is even half smart ...

Maybe the barely-30-something fella is hearing his bio-clock.  Newsflash: men can tell time too!  Surely, men want to be young enough to shoot hoops with their son/s (without the next morning knee and hip drama).  Surely men think down the road to when their sons have boys of their own?

Yep, like mom said concerning doing stupid things, will turn around and bite you in the [rear].

Friday, November 23, 2018

Oh, the peewees blathering again. Ah, yeah, there are treacherous women

out there, and fembots are annoying.  Isn't the last statement a no-brainer?  Anyway, per a recent post on another blog, was featured some lipstick fembot.  The blogger called her and other fembots crazy, greedy, manipulative, dangerous, and UGLY!!!  Uhm, more of the same: no-brainers!

But peewee launched the typical red-pill low-down cheap-shot.  Uh, how peewee knows the fembot's private life..?  Okay, maybe he hacked into her cell-phone.  Anyway, he all-too-predictably slams her with being "sexually inactive."  Well, don'cha know, she is over 30. 

Everything peewee had described, per paragraph one of this short post is valid (fembots play the blame-game).   Per paragraph two, however, peewee is simply spouting idiot-level slander.  If the fembot is married, then he is horning in on the business of another man (the crazoid fembot's husband). 

And, by the way, if her husband is a ... oh horrors, a "beta..."  Doesn't matter!  A "beta" man is still a man - and some "betas" may appear weak...until you push a few too many buttons, a few too many times. 

If ms.fembot is single, then,,, duh!!! 

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Aw drats, not enough in my account to buy "Men On Strike," so i can

read it, and then, as a verified purchaser, made snide comments about the pathetic little whoremongers, like versesvoxest, who rally around this handy excuse to sleep around, giving the community that accursed gift - the one that keeps on giving.

If i happen to survive my husband, i will never marry again - not because of any resentment, but because the Lord Jesus has blessed me with (as Grandma said about her manly Husband) a "tough act to follow." 

versusvoxest, on the other hand, sounds like a little puke, whose long-suffering wife of 23 years had finally had enough!  Why, the little punk-arse-biche, spouts his sludge from behind the multi-layered petticoat of a screen-name - and that, alone, speaks volumes.

"lady friend with benefits" is just a white-washed synonym for "skank."  Uhm, isn't society infested with enough of them?  Oh, and by the way, there are more than a few sexually active (can ya spell "desperate"?) 60+ women, so this little rant of mine isn't about my being over 60 - nice freaking try, scoffers ;)

Thursday, November 15, 2018

i am so fed up with red-pillerz. Not all women steal from their husbands.

Many women are tight-wads - looking down the road, when the kids are in college, (and need financial help getting started in adult life) and further down the road, when the King of the castle is no longer able to shovel the walk way to the draw-bridge, lug bags of rock-salt, mow the lawn, trim the hedges, put in that two-ton AC window unit.

People age, and come to the cold realization, of no longer being able to do the things they once did.  Seems like women, more than men, are walking clocks/calculators.  Women, especially, are savvy to the fact that old age is NOT a time to be short on funds.

And any woman worth her weight in salt, realizes the post-divorce lifestyle is nothing like the wimmin mag(got)zines portray.  Cosmo and the LieTime-wimminz-channel serve to "lead captive silly women laden with sins."  For-real women have no time for such clap-trap.  We're busy!  Moping floors, writing out utility bills, folding laundry, chopping veges, cutting sewing patterns, running for the commuter bus, posting a blog article while on the bus.

Hhmmm, maybe the red-pills - these snakes didn't "evolve" just last Tuesday - are miffed, because most the worthy women are VERY married, while most the rest are alpha-widows - in the true sense of the word, i.e., longtime wife of a manly man.  Like Gramma said, years after Grampa's passing, "He's a tough act to follow."  Gramps was tall, handsome AND successful.  Uhm, no wonder Gramma wasn't at all interested in settling as just another (whiney) red-piller's meal-ticket. 

MRAs, MGTOWs, PUAs are pathetic, and can all go pound sand... ;)

Some advice from an old lady to youngins just starting out.

Forget wood stoves!  They are a pain in the neck.  i understand that the EPA (newfangled) stoves won't run if the electric goes out.  The older stoves are down-drafty rubbish.  During a storm, you'll end up with a smokey house, and cold from having to open windows and doors. 

Buying quality firewood isn't cheap either, you need lots of storage - then, there's the stacking and clean-up. Free or bargain firewood?  Forgetaboutit!  It's either half waterlogged, half dry-rotted, smoldery, or a combination thereof.

A lot of work for two-income households.  Mrs. Daniel Boone stayed home and tended the fireplace.  Getting up in the middle of the night to put more wood on, doesn't bode well when the 6AM alarm goes off - and the stupid stove needs more wood.  The commuter bus into the full-time WORK place won't wait.

Back in the day, before the (nosey, phariasic) gaia-groupies started mouthing off about things they knew nothing of (the patriarchy back then shoulda told the lot of 'em, ta shut th' heck up) electric/oil heat was rather inexpensive.  My parents didn't have much money, but that fuel-oil heatedhouse was always warm.

Nowadays, people clutter their (already crowded) floor-spaces with portable heaters.  And the quiverfOOl movement (like diarrhea) can blow it out their ... with their self-righteous lecturing on the evils of drywall (i.e., living space/a bit of room for privacy)  Yeah, they're telling us of the virtues of 12 people living in a 1200 square foot house.  Sounds like a fire hazard, ya think?

So glad the bank executives closed, and sent their tellers HOME!

And very glad i had gone earlier in the week.  The roads are just TERRIBLE!  i thought communities had their snow-removal supplies and were ready to go.  Evidently not.  Yes, it's early in the snow season, but hey, it doesn't take a rocket-scientist to realize that if the salt and the cinders aren't all used up this winter, then that's all the less that needs ordered for the following winter.  Thought it was just the city that was unprepared.  Wrong again ;/   ALL the roads, even the highways, are just accidents with little wait-time to happen.  During the taxi-ride of about 20 miles - top fare, and i don't blame the gentleman, one iota - we saw several vehicles off the road, in ditches. 

This morning, there was no snow yet; the maps told me - i checked, several times - two to three inches.  HA!  There's already five out there, and it's still snowing.  Anyway, i had been considering calling off work today, but i decided (silly me) to be a trooper, and go on in.  Needless to say, the next time there's snow in the forecast, i am calling off.  i am lucky to be home, and not stranded in the city.  But as a precaution, i am going to stash extra cash at work.  i am basically a data entry clerk for an entity that more than a few folks deride - and basically say all sorts of nasty things about the employees there - that is, until those scoffers need provisions.   Next time i see the usual snide comments in the on-line paper, i am just going to laugh out loud.

Anyway, dear Lord, i pray travel mercies to the taxi-drivers, police, medical, and what few snow-removal guys are out there in all this.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Oh, the ungodly don't miss a trick! Over the last year or so,

my husband and i would receive advertisements in the mail, which on the envelope, the purveyors (i guess because there are still decency laws) would have in large bold font, the type of material within.  And within about a second, the entire unopened mailings were ripped in half and thrown in the waste-can - come to think of it, for my age, i've a pretty good grip on things ;)  Neither did my husband care for that sort of rubbish - he was raised better!  Where he came from, men were taught to be men, not overgrown punks.

Anyway, now these skank-peddlers figured out (they're low-down rotten scumbags, but they ain't stupid) that posting the warning label in small text, and couching it in a corner - instead of near the middle of the mailer...  Yeah, i thought it was an advertisement for a political publication or insurance or auto-parts...

Was grossed out.  And no, scoffer, i'm no prude - not by a longshot!  i detested dirty pictures (posing as medical information) of any type, when i was young, attractive and agile.

Per dUHrock ('n company) 53 year-old, never married Wendy Griffith...

uhm, maybe, just maybe, the lady remains single because she continually chooses to NOT settle for guys who are obviously too blazing cheap to treat a gal to supper at a family restaurant.  Hats off to Wendy!

Lunch-break is about over, godda get back to work.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Ew! Lori, in one of her (2017) posts was talking up Michael Pearl.

Ew!  That dude, in his books, raises child abuse to an art form.  Well, evidently, the drama doesn't stop there.  If a wife is married to a complete meanie, she's supposed to wax pollyanna through the entire (raw) deal.  And no, i don't advocate divorce - that's a last resort.  What burns me up about these pharisee-types is: have they even troubled themselves to walk several yards - let alone 1/4 mile - in the worn-out / cast-off shoes of gaslit / neglected wives?

People think this treatment of wives and children is how Christians live and believe.  People think our Lord is a-o-thumping-k with meanie husbands and mousy wives - and terrified children.  Oh, does it take a freaking rocket-scientist to figure out why so many people want no parts of the Bible, of sermons, church, hymns?

Just a bit peeved right now.

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Red-piller's usefOOl idiots give no thought (of course nnooott)

toward women wearing ratty jackets (in need of a wash).  That poor woman had been left in a lurch.  Ya know, the typical peewee (can ya spell "sperm donor") who, of course, wouldn't step up to th' plate - and be a father to his son.  The woman, like so many other women, ended up raising her child alone.  As for the child-support, that money goes quick...for things like: food, clothing, books, toys, out-of-pocket medical/dental needs, after-school activities...  Child gets sick, guess who takes off work - and perhaps has no leave, because moms get sick also, or have car trouble.  Single motherhood is no easy-street experience - even when dad does step up.  But anyone who isn't living under a slimy red rock, knows darn well peewee are every dern where.

That jacket of hers coulda used a trip to th' mat. It showed.

Judgy people conveniently forget that the well maintained washers and dryers that grace our lovely laundry mat are card-operated - a minimum of $5.  The two-loader top-load washers - with the optional twice-wash and twice-rinse - cost $3.10;  a half-hour dry costs about $1.  Seen it, more than a few times, people shoving in more like three loads in those washers - without the upgrade option - same goes with putting in four loads into the triple-loader, five or six into the four-loader, eight into the six....and will the concrete floor buckle under the ten-loader - which costs about $12-something.

Not everyone has extra on their cards to load/upgrade an additional washer/dryer.  Normally, i go about every five days.  My husband and i generate about one load per day - so, i use two of the triple-loaders; they cost $5 each with the upgrade.  The dryer's, for the wash-loads that size are $1.5 each.  10+3=13.  That does not include the $3.1 i sometimes put into the vending machine for a bottle of bleach (which is twice the cost of what the grocery store charges - but i like the convenience of the mat's products/services).  i am no longer young, and a bottle of bleach is just extra grocery weight.

What i am getting at is:  fresh crisp clothing washed in an under-populated washer costs money, of which not everyone can spare.  We don't take vacas, or eat in pricey restaurants, but praise the Lord, we have decent clothing that smells clean and brisk.  That, i am grateful.

Thursday, November 8, 2018

Oh, the worldlings are at it again ;/

Went to someone's blog and began reading her latest post. Had started the second paragraph, and don' cha know: one of those stupid "CONGRATULATIONS: YOU JUST WON..."  Uhm, no!  my reading a blog post was rudely interrupted.  Worldlings are annoying, they're like that, they can't be otherwise because they're zombies. 

Without going into detail - because the lost are generally nosey and manipulative - if i was a worldling (zombie) right now, i would be having a major meltdown.  Have reason to believe i have been taken advantage of, and it's rather serious.  Ya know, lemons come in all shapes, sizes and makes. 

So, will chalk this down as a test of faith.  Any worldling can write this post off as just some typical old broad at the usual clinging to her pasta-god.  Oh, have at it, scoffer;/ It's folks like you who continually get in everyone's business, who habitually make life stressful for everybody else - and consistently cannot / will not take a hint. 

Yep, at best, some folks have filtering deficiencies, so my situation could be far worse - i could be one of them.  Ew!

Friday, November 2, 2018

Used to wonder what was up with David when he was on the run

from King Saul.  All along, David looked up to Saul.  Even when the townswomen sang of David killing tens of thousands, while King Saul had only killed thousands.  Of course, Saul was rabidly upset.  Ya know, what other people think...  And yeah, Saul had valid cause to fear, because back then, the new king, deposed the old king in none too kindly manners - it's not like one of our presidents bummed out over losing the election, and having to move he and his family's stuff out of the White House.  Not too long ago, i couldn't understand why David didn't kill Saul when he had the chance, because Saul threatened David's life several times.  And not only that, because of Saul's fits of rage, David was years on the run, living hand to mouth...imagine, having to exist in a yucky cave, and wanting just a bath and a clean change of clothes, oh what a luxury!   While Saul's living large, poor David would just love to have one cup of water that tasted reasonably fresh, and a hunk of bread that didn't need a jack-hammer taken to it.  This doing without went on for several years, that 'el grind a person.  Was listening to a sermon about a year ago, and the preacher speculated, that because David feared the Lord, and was mindful of the Lord's commandments, David knew that people who are habitually hard-hearted, and die in that mindset...doesn't end well.  So, it makes sense as to why David grieved for Saul.