Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Psychopath (really??) playing the ppooorr-victim card. It's almost funny, but...

Anyway, is she really a psycho?  Just because she claims to not be troubled by (normal [fallen] human emotions), and the old perv (old women doing that....Ew!!!) makes fun of people having (normal) emotions.  But i cannot help but to suspect that she is just an overaged ;) brat who desperately needs to grow the heck up.  Maybe her ongoing habit of keeping her emotions in check poses not a great difficulty for her.  From having read several of her posts, it appears that, decades back, her natural womanly nature was mocked and crushed - by a society that talks women's rights, but does far more the opposite.  Frankly, to lack natural affection for people in general is something to be concerned about (Roman's 1). 

And yeah, she evidently likes to pick fights (uhm, sounds emotional).  i wasn't even responding to her comment on that certain blog.  My two-sentence comment had nothing to do with sexual preference; all i did, in those brief statements, was say something about what Jesus Christ said in His Bible, and she got peeved.  Per the Holy Spirit, i got out of there.  You see, i am the sort of person who likes to fight back.  And that stupid sort of business is fleshly, not Spirit, and so is a waste of time.

Lunch over, back to work. 

Saturday, October 20, 2018

"I read the Bible cover to cover x amount ot times." Really?

For starters, anybody can qwik-skim, while believing that sort of psedo-speedreading is actually reading.  Meanwhile, there are for-real Christian pastors out there who will tell you, each time they read from the Scriptures, they find something new - um, that old preacher must have read that ENTIRE Bible more than a few times.  And, rest assured, he's not out there broadcasting how many times he has read the Scriptures from cover to cover.  Nopers!  After 40 or 50 years of preaching, he knows he has so much more to learn from the Word, and he is not afraid to respond to someone's question with a "I don't know, but I'll search the Scriptures."

Anyway, this bit of drama started, because some guy got bigtime bent out of shape, because he simply did not want to hear the unavoidable FACT that sex apart from marriage is sin.  That reality is written throughout both Old and New Testaments.  Hey dude, here's a newsflash:  the Bible was not written by anyone on the internet.  In other words, none of us made the rules.

Friday, October 19, 2018

That piece-of-drek printer was nothing but bondage...will it print out a certain

document that must be mailed today?  Not without a hissy-fit.  Happened nearly every time i needed to use the stupid thing...and cuss and swear!  It's in a garbage bag - in pieces.  Got to thinking, about overly-tasked individuals, and to top the situation off -under bondage by stuff (like printers) designed with aggravation in mind.  Seems so, for one thing, it - like about every other appliance - is black, and so is a hassle to properly see the controls, and keep dusted off.  Gee whizz, the printers at work are white, and are user-friendly.  But work stuff and home stuff stay separate.  Employers (and store owners) are put upon enough as it is by people with entitlement issues.

To overly tasked individuals, it's more than okay to smash a piece of junk on a cement slab.  It's bound to happen, sooner or later, after hearing, time and time again, little side-long comments, snarkey quips, and in general, various foolish statements.  mr (and ms) entitlements are every frakking where. 

And boy-o-boy, far be it, that you'd want to just have thirty minutes upon coming in from WORK to decompress, and maybe get a few things out of the way (hang up your coat, put your keys away, take off your glasses, bring up some firewood before it gets dark, wash up the few dishes in the sink - while they remain few) and maybe  relax...long enough to finish reading a blog post, you had started reading during the bus ride home.

Mom wasn't afforded that luxury either.  And she not only HAD to work full-time, she had four (count 'em) kids to raise.  Mom never trashed a piece-of-crap appliance, but there were times when she was clearly upset.  Well, duh!

Yesterday was a sunny and beautiful crisp fall day, and no rain in the forecast.

Yep, the rain-story mr.entitlement had spun was just an excuse...no surprise there!  Still regret having opened my yap about it in the first place.  Should have just accepted that, since mr.entitlement has a physical disability, he can park where ever the heck he chooses, and does NOT need the store owner's permission, and that people had better move the heck out of his way - pronto! Am giving that dude a really wide berth.

Thing is, if the owner of the dollar store chooses to exercise his legal right to have non-customer's vehicles towed..., well, there's street parking - which, of course, inconveniences the people who live in those houses and must park on the street.  Used to live in town, and still remember coming home with groceries or laundry, and hoping there was a space almost in front of the house (which i had rented the upper floor).  And surely, i was not the only person in town who had trouble parallel-parking.

Am just quietly waiting for the other shoe to drop.  If that happens, he will really be...nuts and bolts.   Once again, i am sorry that he is unable to walk without crutches.  But i also feel bad for the store's customers - some of whom are old, and don't get around so well either.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

A preacher had recently observed, that the most easy-going pagan -

ya know, the sort of person who would float you lunch money, even though he or she would eat crackers that day...and then, be in no hurry whatsoever to be paid back the $7-something... That sort of person.  Well, the preacher said, basically, just explain clearly what the Gospel is (That everybody, outside of Christ, is already eternally in the worst trouble...) and 9 chances out of 10 boy-howdy, it won't take but a few seconds for the FANGS to come out.  Neither does it matter how gently, compassionately you give the Gospel, the individual will likely get peeved.  And no, the preacherman was not being a spiritual-snoot.

i know where the pagan is coming from.  A co-worker, some years back, was also a preacher - and he wasn't even talking to me on that particular afternoon.  He was talking about the Bible to a co-worker; one who was interested in hearing the Word.  I merely overheard the discourse, and i wanted to slap th' firetruck oudda th' dude.  But didn't want to lose my job - and never mind, being that he is a man, even the typical 99 pound masculine geek has sufficient upper-body-strength to land my sorry lard-arse in the nearest hospital.

Lunch is over, godda get back to work.

Over the past decades i have worked with several atheists.

And yeah, they were nice caring people.  A double YES, a person can indeed appear to be "good without god."  But guess what, our perceptions of reality is akin to the barely-productive typing-pool employee who thinks - really thinks, despite a long history of careless errors - that she should be head of the department.  That's the real human condition, in a cubical.

One thing, i can't help to have noticed among most of these few is: a money-grubbing mindset.  The idea that giving today will put you in financial constraints tomorrow; the question of: who will help me when my butt is in a sling?  That question answered with: no freaking body, that's who!  i am not an atheist, but i struggle with THAT exact form of selfishness EVERY single day.  Oh, the very idea that i may need help...that does NOT sit well with me at all. 

That clearly, blatantly reveals the absolute worst sin: pride.  So, in the flesh, i am no better than any in-everyone's-face internet atheist.

Godda roll.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Atheists appear to be so moral - and i'm glad they don't seem to be

the sort of people who quarrel over parking spaces / flip someone the bird at an intersection.  Maybe, atheists' calmness (can ya spell "peace where there is no peace?") comes from their seemingly superior intelligence.  A high iq - the ability to remember complex scientific jargon...on a dime, and type out lengthy sentences - complete with colons and semi- colons - into lengthy paragraphs.  All on a website visited mostly by Bible Christians - but the scoffers' intellectual chest-pounding is really beside the point.

Point is:  a calm, rational (okay, atheists especially like to toss that word around) outlook on life, along with a terrific memory, are temporal gifts.  And guess where those gifts come from!  Uhm, if these blessings came from an indifferent universe, i could get into a jealous mindset.  The reality is, however, those gifts came from the Lord.  And, oh no, i am not stupid enough to horn in on the Lord's gift-giving business.

Speaking of temporal gifts, Esau and his sons were given a terrific piece of real-estate.  Mount Seir.  The mountain had plentiful water, and the area had natural barriers, so others would have great difficulty in taking it.  Esau and his sons were smart cookies; they took it from the Horites, a rough bunch.

Godda roll.

Friday, October 12, 2018

Twenty-nine heather-mice - out of some 230 embryos...hhmmm.

At another blog [anglobeech] is a post, where supposedly some (obviously demented) scientists had cut-n-pasted X-chromosomes of two female mice (who, by the way, did have a male parent).  Well, these scientists figured out a way, for two female mice to have young - i.e., thanks to bottles, test-tubes, air-conditioning, no dust...  These heathers were supposedly born healthy.  And supposedly, these 29 went on to reproduce.  Question is:  did the scientists have to buy more bottles and test-tubes to make that happen?

Needful to say, just because scientists think they can do something, doesn't always mean they should.  There is so much Godly scientific pursuits out there - pursuits free of weirdo agendas.

Oh the commuter drama fixes to continue. A woman on the bus -

just a few moments ago - wanted to know what had happened yesterday morning...not like it's any of her business.  But anyway, i let it go and simply briefed about him parking too close to where people were standing, all the while, the next space was empty. 

Oh more sheer embarrassment:  she asked if there was any history between us...ew!  Of course, i politely said "no."  Wanted to say, "Oh, [heck] no!"  But mr.entitlement ain't worth invoking that awful place.

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Yeah, think i will continue this morning's post - concerning that bit of

commuter drama.  Really, i'm sorry that the gentleman has to use crutches to get around; and i'm sorry that it's so rainy and nasty out.  But guess what:  the physical condition of free-loading commuters and weekday weather conditions are NOT dollar-store's problem.  Never mind, that individual has pulled into that same space when the weather was clear.

And seriously, i am glad that CUSTOMER parking lots, streets and building entry-ways are handicapped accessible.  When i was a child, that wasn't so; if you were physically challenged, and needed to go in town, if you didn't have someone to run your errands, you were...nuts and bolts!

But frankly, i am still peeved about this parking situation - which has happened before with different mr and ms.entitlements.  One, a woman in her early 20s....kids, they don't know better, and an older woman, who evidently got a hint (i didn't say anything, or even pass a note, to her).   Of course, neither one was fixing to run my arse over while backing up;  nor, did either one park THAT close to the store.

In addition, if this sort of entitlement bs keeps up, the owner of the store has EVERY RIGHT to call acme towing.  Uhm, there ARE "customers only" signs posted throughout dollar store's generous parking lot.

Just one other thing before putting this issue to rest:  what's bothered me for sometime, is the singsongee phrase, "we just want to be treated like everyone else."  Really?  Well guess what!  "Everyone else" has to scramble a bit for parking.

Should have said something, but i am just a chicken-sheet.

A certain individual has a sense of entitlement wider than an LA freeway.  In this small PA town, the owner of the dollar store allows us bus-riders to park our cars in the generous parking lot.  PLENTY of parking in BACK of the store.  Oh, but evidently, that's not good enough for a certain person, whose accessibility issues trump customers who actually access the store in order to PURCHASE things - lots of things.  Yeah, go in there, and you will probably be behind someone who is buying mass quantities - AND has children in tow.  Now tell me, who needs to park close to the store!

Yes, i realize that handicapped people have needs, but doggonnit, so do other people.  Those right-out-front spaces are for CUSTOMERS!!!  You'd think people would understand that.

What's almost funny is:  while waiting for the bus, evidently, i was standing in mr.entitlement's parking space.  He was backing up, and a fellow rider got my attention to move.  Couldn't have mr.entitlement have chosen the next space?  Of cccooouuuuurrrrrrse nnnnooottt, he's kwippled, and ya know, the world's got to stop for him.  Seriously!

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

What Peeps is saying about (false) Christianity / conservatism may sound a bit

over-the-top, but MANY women have voiced the exact same concerns.  Back in the '80s,,,well, doesn't really matter.  What matters TODAY is, many women are ran off, from the Gospel (people's only hope) because hardly a validating sermon is out there - even at the best sermon website.

Come on preachers, please actually READ!!! articles from feminists.  You will find that feminists were once sweet little girls - but guess what, these girl's had their femininity CRUSHED.   Many came from dysfunctional (execuses-for) families.  Some people aren't fit to raise hamsters, let alone children.

And people wonder why young girls hang out half naked at keg parties!  When long pretty dresses are despised / girls wearing them are mocked...go figure.

Please see sidebar for Peep's blog.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Two websites, both authors fed up with feminism. The difference between the two is:

one uses religion (if not, a large-print authorized 1610 KJB) as a baseball bat to whack women's character - hey Williebird, it's no big secret that 'women (that includes me) are a mess.  The other website, the one written by a gentleman who matter-of-factly does not believe there's the King of kings who created us (and has every right in the world to do whatever He sees fit...).  Thing is: and it's no surprise, the atheist's articles are level-headed, compassionate. 

The only thing i can do, is pray to the Lord that WillS grows a heart, and that Jesse (like Mike and Tim - two co-workers who are atheists) come to a saving knowledge.  Even i know, atheists don't want to be preached at - my Dad didn't like preaching either, not at all.  So there's nothing i can say - and anyway, seems like i mess up whenever i open my yap...which is why i'd rather not communicate with people, and instead just post a few rants upon this obscurest of obscure blogs (hey, Williebird, that just suits me fine).   See, that's just one facet of freedom in Christ.  The Lord doesn't expect His people to even consider their blog-stats.  The Lord does not care, one iota, if a person's blogstats average 2. 



Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Neither am i interested in participating in intellectual acrobatics, regarding belief in the Lord's Word

never mind, the Lord chose not to issue me that gift.  Plain and simple, the "Reason" i believe in the six twenty four hour creation is:  comes down to the choice.  Do i believe in the Lord's perfect Word, or should i believe in the writings of really smart men - who happen to have texas-wide agendas? 

High intelligence, coupled with a terrific ability to memorize data would really come in handy when taking notes during those all-business-no-football-gab staff meetings.  But anyway, some gifts are better not to have - Esau was given the means to take Mount Seir from the Horites, and that was no small feat.  Also, Esau's sons had brains AND brawn.  Sounds like they had life by the tail.  Not!   Where they are today...doesn't sound like a pleasant eternity.

Needful to say, just because someone is smart doesn't make that person a reprobate.  Paul the Apostle never would have survived pharisee school, had he not been a gifted man.

The Lord chooses whom and how He gifts.  And if this post comes off as mere under-achievers' rhetoric, hey scoffer, have at it.

There is freedom in Christ.  For real!  If i was to walk away, it would only be a matter of time before i'd harbor resentment toward worldly achievers.  That's nothing but bondage, don't want to go there.

Bus stop just ahead.

Monday, October 1, 2018

NO, I do NOT want a "free" Wal-Mart gift card. What i want is

to read blogs - uninterrupted.  These scammers, obviously, are ill-bred to the max.  Didn't their parents teach them NOT to interrupt someone when he or she is reading?  If i want to purchase something, i'll go to a shopping site - uh, like when i'm finished reading a reasonably short post.  Is it really too much to ask, to NOT BE CONSTANTLY bothered with so-called freebie ads and nosey surveys - that you can't backspace out of?  Of course, it's too much to ask.  As a whole, the unsaved majority just keeps getting more and more greedy AND more and more obnoxious.

Yeah, i get it.  For many bloggers, opting for ads is the difference between having the internet while also having funds for gas to get back and forth to work.  It's just that, one (or two) pop-up/s-that-won't-go-away, is one thing, but they keep popping up, three, four...  And i also get it, the net's design is to get people to skim, far more so than to read.  In other words, a blogger can, and often does, spend four hours posting and proofing, an article that takes, maybe, the reader four minutes.  i am no speed-reader, and unreasonable me likes to slowly, enjoyably read the blogger's sentences.

Oh, but in our mainly Christless world, we are prodded, like freaking cattle, to hurry, hurry, and hurry quicker.  Speaking of, have to close this brief post - one i started yesterday.  Have to hurry up and get to... ;/