Thursday, September 27, 2018

Yeah Peeps walked, after being thrown under the bus a few too many times!

Her blog has been added to the sidebar.  About a year ago, after about 13 years of being a very astute Bible reader, she began to have serious doubts.  Well, no fake, jake, it doesn't help matters, when so-called "christians" do nothing but horn into struggling people's business - instead of simply pausing to offer a moment of validation. 

What is it with way too many "churches?"  You'd think that pastors and elders would know enough from Scriptures to know, the Scriptures are loaded with verses telling us to walk away from habitually wicked people.  Uhm, you'd think consistent church goers would understand the difference between the garden-variety sinner (who knows he or she is a mess), and someone who is just plain deceitful all the time, and is [dern] proud of it. 

You'd think there would be more than just a very few sermons, teaching people to NOT be doormats for the wicked - no matter who they are.  Uh, this ain't about high-end theological acrobatics.  Just two (among a treasure trove of) Scriptures.

Be not deceived: evil communications corrupt good manners.  1 Corinthians 15:33

Go from the presence of a foolish man, when thou perceivest  not in him the lips of knowledge.  Proverbs 14:7

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Child abuse...gimme a break, Dawkins ain't beefed about kids getting killed

over at Hillcrest (which sits on flat land, along the river).  Anyway, i was either six or seven, when the neighbor girl (Lois) told me something about Almighty God.  Can't recall what she said.  But i do, specifically, remember looking toward the sky, but careful like.  i was scared, i knew that God was ANGRY with me.

You may ask, what sort of wicked stuff can a young child do?  Not clean her room?  Not come to supper when called?  Not feud with a pesky sibbling? The answer is:  doesn't matter.  One sin is enough to make us eternal slag.

Back then, i didn't know about eternity - guess my brain wasn't mature enough.  But my brain was developed enough to know, that being struck dead by a lightening bolt (on a clear day) was very possible.  Yeah, i was scared.

Lois said something about Jesus being the Son of God, and that Jesus protects children.  Somehow i knew that God the Father and Jesus the Son had a great love and fellowship with each other.  And that God, because of Jesus's intervention, would spare me.

i do not recall coming to salvation at that time.  The Gospel was yet beyond my understanding.  But looking back, i know this:  almost saved is like jumping over a big canyon, and missing the other end by a half inch.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Though not at all surprised, am staggered at the sheer lack of empathy.

Did a search on a certain Scripture, and several sermons came up.  Just listened to about the 3rd out of five or six, and so far, not hardly a thimble's worth of empathy towards those Egyptian slaves.  One of the sermons was half over, and i had simply turned it off, because the pulpiteer was tripping on the "elect" verses the (to be) damned.  Arrogant cuss.  Yes i am very well aware that the Lord (not th' preacher-creature) has decided from the world's foundation, who gets in, and who don't.  But i can't help but to strongly suspect that some calvinists get fleshly delights at the reality that most of humanity ain't gonna make it.  Uhm, Jesus Himself wept outside of Jerusalem.

Yeah, i know, we are not gathering straw to make bricks.  But, the Lord's Word IS timeless - so, Exodus 6:9 IS relevant to today.  My beef is this:  why didn't any of the preachers preach against the busy-bodies / petty-pharoahs, who get their delights in making things hard on other people?  So far, not one single phrase about this wickedness.  And frankly, i will be surprised very much if one of the next few sermons on the list even briefly validates disheartened people, and their situations - never mind the eternal importance of helping people (instead of mind-game hindering) to find and pass through to the narrow way.

Uhm, hello, hurting people KNOW they're inadequate, hurting people do NOT need to be reminded again and again by know-it-all worldlings (likely posing in pulpits) to simply buck up, and start believing.  That spiritual smugness just drives people AWAY from Christ.

Exodus 6:9
And Moses spake so unto the children of Israel: but they hearkened not unto Moses for anguish of spirit, and for cruel bondage.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

If i didn't atleast read a few Scriptures daily, i'd a been taken in by

Bible-bashers years ago.  Over at dUHrock's (who toss christianeze word-salad - atleast atheists are more honest) there is a comment or two about Bible reading not being necessary; in other words, let the pulpiteer give you the Lord's Word.  Needless to say, not a word about the Bereans, who were most noble, because they searched the Scriptures daily.  And never mind that we are to study to show ourselves approved.

Anyway, awhile back, some atheists were going on about how the Lord is unfair for hardening pharaoh's heart.  And oh, they had me going - was starting to think, hmmm, maybe they're right, that the Lord is a narc.  Well, guess what i found out!  Evidently, pharaoh's heart was already rock hard, while Abraham was still in the desert out-back tending his flocks, and happily teaching his boys to do the same.

Exodus 3:9.  Now therefore, behold, the cry of the children of Israel is come unto me: and I have also seen the oppression wherewith the Egyptians oppress them.

Monday, September 17, 2018

It was during the mid 1940's, she was 9 years old, when she decided to walk.

Today, she is in her early 80s, and still has no desire to attend church.  Neither does she have any time or patience for preaching.  She was especially clear about that.  Oh, the dear lady does believe in God; she said something along the lines of following her heart... not wise, but what can a person do?  Preach?  Not happening!

In describing what happened to cause a little girl to decide to ditch church - in a time when most people attended, more Sundays than not - was for a reason that won't take much blog-space.

Basically this: some busy-body churchian "ladies" were attempting to get into the little girl's business.  You see, the girl's parents hadn't been attending much / together.  And no, her (good-timing) daddy wasn't off to war. 

The elderly lady doesn't, and didn't claim to know a lot of things, but ONE thing she did figure out at the tender age of 9, was this: churches were full of hypocrites, and she wanted no parts in that play.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Hoarders...ugh! Their antics cost money, and their bs stalls the Gospel from reaching into muslim lands.

That storage locker costs about $80 a month.  Uh, this ain't high-level accounting knowledge - even someone who barely graduated high-school - knows that storing crap, that shoulda been pitched years ago, is a financial drain.  $80 something a month... and ms.hoarder can't see past her craft CRAP!!!!  i am so mad right now.  Never mind, the paper cups, the coffee and stuff is stored in unhandy places - ya know, supplies used weekly.  That all ain't nothin' compared to...the REAL work in Africa, on NEEDLESSLY limited funds.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Why women are so bossy? dUHrock and company opine (and whine).

Could female aggression-on-drugs have anything to do with the FACT that a submissive, quiet spirit ain't gonna cut it in the competitive (and too often, primate-eat-primate) corporate world?  Childcare isn't cheap, and scoring that promotion would also enable mom to obtain reliable transportation - car is playing nickel and dime games, and that means time off work (on top of time off, because daycare regards childrens' sniffles as if they're the swine flu).  Yeah, that's another thing in the business world: too much to worry about.

If mom happens to get the promotion, ya know, all those hours of college home-work (and mickeyDs meals / unwashed dishes for want of time, do the math, scorners) ...  Anyway, after successfully competiting against the other ten applicants, now comes the real challenge:  keeping the position.  There's bound to be some hard feelings.  And more stress.  The sort you best hold inside, for if anyone gets wind that you're rather overwhelmed with the position... uhm, it's been six months, don't ya know, you dern well oughta have it totally together.  Fake it until ya make it (whaddabuncha hogwash).

In short, surviving the corporate world requires solid acting skills.  Oh, and to think, back in high-school, you loved watching the spring play, but NEVER had the slightest desire to be in the play - not even as the (two-second) post mistress.  Cannot help but to wonder, if continually having to be what you are not, has drained many a mom, turning these women into bossy (screeching) automations.

The ravenous bitter wankers over at dUHrock's want things both ways; they want women to bring in pallet-loads of bacon, and upon coming "home" (highly debatable) from work, change oudda that pants-suit and into a mini pencil dress, then get busy and make sammitches.  Oh yeah, bayoch, keep that be-sweet switch on.  (More acting.)

Uhm, real people can only operate in repress-mode for so long.  Sooner or later, the fallen humanity comes out.  Come to think of it, perhaps women would be better off if red-pillers saved their pennies from between the (basement) sofa cushions, and bought a boink-bot.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Women avoiding responsibility. Really! dUHrock and his red-pill poppin'

freaks are again blaming feminists for their problems - what else is new!  Did these wankers ever consider the FACT that many wives not only hold down full-time employment, but ALSO pay most the bills (including childcare) mind the children, AND do most the housework - if not cut the grass or shovel snow more often than they ought.  Meanwhile, more than a few of these (grossly over-tasked) women attend college and do the hours of homework - if ya don't get a decent GPA, why bother. foot!

Meanwhile, what's pee-wee doing?  The usual...buying a new toy / watching one show after another on the rather new tv.  Uh, how many putting irons / fishing rods does a guy need?  Never mind wife's pants-suits are getting shiney.

Need it take a science degree, that wifey is eventually going to figure out that she could make it on her own, that it's hard enough raising a seven and a ten year-old.  What's she need with the drama coming from pee-wee, the thirty-five year-old kid-dult?

Godda roll.

Friday, September 7, 2018

lightfordarktimes has been added to the sidebar. Jeff Crippen pastors

a church somewhere in Oregon.  His sermons are also available on sermonaudio (see sidebar).  His ministry focuses on, something most churches REFUSE to talk about.  Wolves in their midst.  Uhm, can ya spell 2 Peter and Jude.  Wolves creep into congregations unawares, they are the sort of people who talk real pious, oh they should score leading roles in top hollywood movies and win academy awards.  They are the sort of people who have the entire congregation buffaloed - everyone, except that skinny, skittish, and somewhat half-crazy-looking individual sitting in the same pew.

Jeff Crippen says - what you'd think even a newbie Christian would know as common Biblical sense - that evil is crafty and subtle.  Spreading discord in the church-house is seldom an overt rebuke - oftentimes, it's a split-second slip of the mask.  Ya know, someone going on with their ra-lid-jus pontifications - oh, don't he (or she) sound holy...and then, for one second, off comes the mask.  The pious fraud is seen in a brief, but noticeable scowl, because little Jimmy was running again (children do that) bumped into the fellowship table, and knocked over a cup of coffee, and so, interrupted the show.  Yeah, a few drops landed on the actor's ($$$) suit...okay.  But is spilled coffee worth getting snitty about?

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A really nice advertisement in a Creation magazine.

It was a back-issue from 2016 that someone left.  The ad was so mid 1960s - and that's a good thing.  A husband, wife, and their (get this) little BOY.  Oh, but that's not all.  The family, arriving at their destination, a Creation conference, were all dressed nicely.  The man in a hat and suit, the wife also wearing a hat and skirted suit, and their (about four year-old) son was wearing a suit - his pants were shorts, but not like the trashy ones of today.  Beside the man were two large suitcases, the woman was carrying a small case.  Each family member was holding some literature. The look on their faces was thankful anticipation of the three or four day vacation, full of learning, relaxation, and Godly fun - yeah, such is a reality.  Bet that lady is a housewife, who has the time and resources to keep a clean, orderly, peaceful - and, last but so not least, Godly home.

Bet she, unlike wwwaaaaayyyyyy too many wives, doesn't have to vex over, the same-old, same-old grinding decisions; like, either replacing a really worn out mop-head or three dish towels (that shoulda been pitched last year) - and only having money for one, but not the other.  Bobby D. could fill ya in on that...yeah, pee-wee pimping her out, leaving her the bills while he went out good-timing.  Saw her at the mat, some years back.  She was folding the family laundry - lots of it, of course.  And of course, pee-wee wasn't there to even help her carry it.  But that wasn't the half of it.  Couldn't help but to notice, an absence of (quite large) women's clothing in the mix.

Recycling plastic bags makes sense, but in the real workaday world,

just yet another task, another hassle.  There you are - already over-tasked - on the way to the grocery store ... and you, once again, forgot your reusable bags.  In the real world, where mothers, especially, are being pulled in twenty different directions (and blame themselves for coming just a tad short on #5) simply buying a few new bags may, and does, mean NOT buying that canister of wipes - yeah, another thing the childfree Gaia worshippers harp about. 
Just continually amazes me, how the needs of the forests and the whales are more important than women who choose to raise their children. 

Monday, September 3, 2018

Happened to notice my dish-drying rack had dirty feet. Ew!

No major thing, took a canister wipe and applied some elbow grease.  Got me to thinking, however, about that masculinist (can ya spell scumwaffle) site.  They were, predictably going on that moms should be out there working.  So my question is: between the full-time job, the commute to and from, the grocery runs, the cooking, the laundry AND probably yard work in the horrendous mix, where is there time to keep after things like dish-racks, coffee-makers, window-wells, tops of cupboards, and general organizing/decluttering closets, drawers?  Come on already, but unless mom makes a goodly wage (most do NOT, and can barely afford a canister of wipes) the dust will accumulate in corners/baseboards, and clutter will end up about everywhere.  The home, and it's occupants, will be a mess - simply because Pee-wee is nuthin but a lazy-arse pimp, with a (non)sense of entitlement the size of Texas.  Masculinists can all go diddle themselves.

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Oh goody goody gumdrops, another masculinist website, blaming feminists

for their inabilities to succeed.  It's no surprise, their worldview is totally worldling.  The pathetically shortsighted website is called ... nevermind, there's a bunch of these.   Several of the posts encoward their lackeys to go abroad, in order to, basically, long-term shackup with some poor unsuspecting broad, have a few kids, then, because Europe and Asia don't have domestic-relations laws like the US does, when th' ol' lady gets a few gray hairs, and a few extra pounds...  Well, you know the drill:  kick that bi*ch to th' curb - and keep the kids.  Yeah right, Pee-wee's gonna want the kids?  Uhm, about as much as ACDC wants to begin their concerts with a Bible sermon.

These wankers  are clueless, of course.  Uhm, when ya PIMP mom out to the corporation - and put her in pants - do NOT be surprised when she starts copping an unsubmissive attitude.  There's a Scripture about serving two masters - it ain't gonna happen.  What will result is: the servant will flip off one of the masters (while putting on a bunch of makeup, and the rather tight pants, and rather low-cut blouse, for the other).

Neither does it help matters, that being a mom and keeping a nice orderly, peaceful house, is a full-time job.  And ya wonder why, in not too long a time, these women start to realize they're being swindled BIGTIME, and they react?  Well duh!

And YEAH!  You bet yer boots, i take the woman's side.  Can ya spell "weaker vessel!"