Monday, July 30, 2018

But Jeremiah wept declaring judgment on the southern kingdom!

So, the very idea that we are to be joy-joy-joy at the Lord's condemnation upon unrepentant sinners ... i'm experiencing connection breaks here.  Yeah, i understand (sort of) that the Lord can't stand sin - and that He will not put up with it in His heaven.  Okay, i get that - after all, would i want some lazy scum-bag slopping up and stinking up my home?  The connection issue is this:  we are to love even the unlovable, not to hold grudges - and that's hard.  And yet, the Lord's Word teaches throughout both testaments, that most people will die in their sins, and consciously experience a horrible eternity.  And yeah, on the other side, both redeemed and lost will understand why.  But we are still on this side, looking through smudged glass.  So, still here on this side of eternity, it's hard to rejoice when the Gospel is a savor of death onto death for many, who will harden their hearts, even to or beyond the point of no return.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Ok, this sermon made me bristle - and i seldom watch movies,

or tv in general.  Not because i am any spiritual great-shakes, it's because 97% of it is total garbage (inciting women to go out and fornicate, and then blame and mock when pee-wee pimps her out/kicks her to the curb...) while the remaining 3% is mere partial rubbish.  Yet the sermon's really lofty standards came off as way too much.

Yet, at the same time, i fully realize, the man is right, is Biblical.  And the REALITY is:  "fun" is way overrated.  That stark FACT doesn't sit so well with the flesh.  What constantly bugs me is:  people often - for whatever reason - get the impression that for-real Christians either don't struggle very much with the Biblical fact that life is not supposed to be "fun," or they don't bristle ever.  Methinks, that warped perception is promoted by hollyWEIRD and other Christ-bashers.  Anyway, the happy-clappy is like one of those perfectly shaped female robots (that pee-wees are actually...ew) they're not real.  But this perversion runs people off, from even pausing, for more than a minute, to consider the REALITY of eternity.

Hollywood Movies Cannot Be Filtered
Jason Cooley

Sunday, July 22, 2018

Oh what a lovely treat, at the grocery - gives new meaning to "food for the soul."

While checking out, i happened to notice a mother and pre-school daughter in a nearby aisle.  Mom was on her cell-phone, while her daughter waited patiently - can only conclude that child knew she was loved.  Here's a big clue:  mom enjoyed her femininity; she had on a long denim skirt (they're so hard to find - can ya guess why :/ ).  And not only that, her little girl was wearing a long plaid dress.  In other words, mom took the extra bother to not only dress feminine (in this RABIDLY androgynous world of ours) the LADY (yeah, i know dirty word) took even the extra bother to provide her daughter with feminine attire.  Uhm, kids grow out of clothing and shoes real quick. 

Godda roll.

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Why is the bodice fabric thicker than the skirt fabric?

Have noticed this here of late.  Oh well, will simply put in a lining - just like i did to the last few other dresses i had ordered over the last year or so.  Think there's two main reasons.  Number 1:  the clothing executive's master does not want for-real modesty in the design - the foul spirits know full well, that women naturally want to be for-real covered, but many women do not have the time/energy to put in linings - never mind, make slips or half-slips.  Evil is laughing because he/she/it has already taken care of the half-slip issue - store-bought half-slips are a tissuey joke!  Reason 2:  thin fabrics wear out quicker.  Without a lining, that dress will be ready for the trash within a year or two.  With a lining, i'll be wearing that dress for the next five or six - if not longer 😀

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Sometimes scoffers are almost laughable 😀

At a recently visited website, a scoffer was bashing a lady blogger, whose name is Lori.  Well, mr.scoff was going on about how she shouldn't be blogging.  And wouldn't ya know, either he, or another member of the peewee gallery, was beefing about Lori not accepting his comment on her website.

Well, maybe just maybe, she is cautious about communicating with strange men.  He made the accusatory remark that her post had only one comment (probably from a sister-in-The-Lord) and that evidences her unwillingness to allow other opinions (i.e., scoffers' typical rubbish).  Oh, silly me, i almost forgot another probable reason for Lori's supposed lack of comments.  She, being a full-time housewife, is likely quite busy with other things.  Uhm, unless her husband is making buku bucks, they are probably on a budget, and so meals and other things are from scratch.

Scoffers evidently go to narc-school, because no matter what ya say, it's either not enough, or too much.  Just no pleasing them.  Lori's latest post is from 2016; can only hope those maggots didn't run her off.  Scoffers gonna scoff.  Of course they are... They're maggots, plain and simple.

Always Learning

So fed up with fembot hissy-fits. Yeah i understand, many women

grew up in raging pharisical (execuses-for) families, where the rules were changed from one hour to the next, where clay-pee-pot parents evidently got their delights in dumping foul contents upon their children.  Hey, i am not a total moron, i understand that people who grow up in reasonably loving homes CANNOT comprehend the plight of abused children - who, from one minute to the next, do not know if they will be tortured (for dropping a toy on the kitchen floor) or simply ignored (for having blurted out a question).  Neither can i help but wonder if the Christ-bashers aren't using this tragic reality to further their really bad-news agenda.   Uhm yeah, discernment at work - i.e., bs detector.  Have a nice day, bashers.

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Is a chick-blog (that's all this is) Biblical?

While anyone is welcome to comment here - though anything skanky would simply be deleted - a scoffer did raise a for-real question.  Is it okay for a woman to have a blog?  Bible is clear that women aren't to teach or have authority over men.  The same Bible also allows older women to teach younger women.  Though teaching anyone is not my intention.  This blog is but one site, out of MILLIONS, located on a cyber side-street of a side-street.  Yeah, Will, i am "enjoying my obscurity," thankyouverykindly.

The purpose of this chick-blog is:  to express outrage toward flying-monkeys, both in the church and in the world.  People are leaving supposed Bible churches, because they are given distorted teachings; many churches are not encouraging their congregations to read the Scriptures.  So much in the Bible describes how narcs manipulate - and so few sermons expose these wolves.

This blog is merely a place for me to get this tragic FACT off my chest.  If anyone wants to read, fine.  If not, that's fine also.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Mean fakey churchians dun ran her off, (this shiola happens) and it's no wonder she now professes agnosticism/atheism!

Wouldn't surprise me in the least, if this happens ALOT!!!!   And what is really vexing is: big-time seldom do preachers preach against this treachery.   Nope, most of 'em just go on and preach the usual ez-peasy growth-retarding message.

Oh, but there is a voice in the wilderness :)   Jason Cooley.  In his "Church of Sodom & Worship of Gomorrah: When Church is Sin & Worship is an Abomination," he preaches hard against abusers who act all nicey and holy while at church, but at home, acting more like Dracula with a bad case of piles.  One of the illustrations he uses is:  a small child becoming afraid for having dropped his toy, it made some noise. 

The link is over at:

 "Church of Sodom & Worship of Gomorrah: When Church is Sin & Worship is an Abomination," Jason Cooley
Old Paths Baptist, Northfield Minnesota

Friday, July 13, 2018

If any of these posts are worth even a glance, it’s this one.

“Signs of Manipulation: Witchcraft at Work,” Pastor Jason Cooley of Old Paths Baptist, Northfield Minnesota.  THIS Biblical sermon explains how manipulators (narcs) get over on people.   And yeah, Virgil and Virginia, there ARE Biblical boundaries; on atleast several occasions, Jesus ignored/walked away from the scorning Pharisees.  Two hours in length (and too bad there's not a Part II).

Saturday, July 7, 2018

Why people pay little or no mind to the Lord

"And Moses spake so unto the children of Israel: but they hearkened not unto Moses for anguish of spirit, and for cruel bondage."  Exodus 6:9

Yeah i realize that Trump is nowhere near pharoah, (contrary to what some folks are whining about on the net) having us make bricks while demanding us to gather the straw, but the drama of the unregenerate mind-set always demands us to be all and do all - and if anything doesn't work out, we're never ever good enough.  The unregenerate world tells us, over and over again, there is something wrong with us if we don't have 40 summer outfits, and 80 pairs of summer shoes - and the same for the other three seasons.  Okay, i'm exaggerating here - but not too much.  Then there's the right car, the right hou$e, the right va-cas, the right career (having an honest job isn't good enough), the right social circle, the right books, the right diet ... bla, bla, bleeech.   People get overwhelmed.