Friday, June 22, 2018

Hey Bart! So ya' think the Bible is one big error-factory.

Well, help yerself!  And yeah, i know you went to big-time colleges, and published numerous thick books...i get that!  Still, i also get the fact that, throughout the ages, smart men (men, smarter than you, who wrote volumes with quill pen AND by candle-light...) stayed the faith.  Ya' know, they didn't have so much as a manual typewriter.

And yeah, reading the Scriptures does often leave a person with more questions than answers.  Oh, but could it be, because the Lord is ultimate smart, and we're all wetards!  I.e., His ways, as compared to our ways...yeah, that's one bitter horse-pill to swallow!  Anyway, to go on claiming that the Lord's Book is erroneous, is to defame His character.  Not smart!

Call me a typical fundie moron.  Have at it, fella.  Frankly, i don't give a flying royal rip what you think.  In conclusion, i have ZERO respect for high-end professors who intellectually-bully 20 year-olds.  My age talking, but 20 year-olds are kids.

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Of course, the 27-page "theological" paper was whack.

The kjv preacher, refuting it, started off with pointing out one big error - which tossed all 27 pages right out the window.  The paper was written by someone who is not qualified to expound on Scriptural matters.  Women are not supposed to teach or have authority over men.  That's in the New Testament.  Adam wasn't deceived.  The essay, like on page one, had some typically fembot "I feel..." type of rubbish.  Hey lady, who cares how you fffeeeellll about this or that Scripture!  Just hearing the man review her piece of pseudo-schlorship, that "I feel" phrase was more than enough to cue me in on this basic fact:  she was pontificating on things she ought not.

This is not to say that women shouldn't study the Lord's Word, nor is this saying that women shouldn't take notes/use a spreadsheet in doing so.  "Study to show thyself approved..." is gender-blind.  Publishing, however is an attention-getting scheme.   Basically, the woman wants as many people to know how smart she is.  Nothing but showboating.

i enjoy, more than other types of literature, reading (and hearing) for-real sermons.  sermonindex and sermonaudio are terrific.  And guess what:  no wimmin preachers - they creep me out, every time.

The Lord Jesus has set me free.  He does not expect me to go play kissey-up to the (pseudo-intellectual) worldlings.  i am so glad not to be tied down to that sort of bondage.  This blog is probably the most unread, unknown thing on the net.  Doesn't break my heart 😊

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

"Good Old Days"... bull-dinky! Just recently, over at narcwriters

(please see sidebar) are atleast two articles, written about some horrid things - too sickening to relate - that happened to little-children about 50 years ago.  This, of course, was before violent video games, garish tattoos sported everywhere; a time when skank had to be obtained in brown wrappers/seedy neighborhoods.

Back then, most people went to church, and most preachers actually preached from the Bible.  Back then, hour-long sermons were more commonplace than today's ez-breezy-15-minute sermonettes.  Playing church.  It's just that people in the ooolllld days were better actors (check out old movies sometime). 

It's no wonder kids in the late 60s flipped off "family values."  Not saying every hippie or feminist came from cruel parents, but some obviously did - and evil does what evil does: takes advantage of sensitive vulnerable teenagers. 

Bus stop ahead.

Monday, June 18, 2018

Per the last post, evil of course would accuse

me of being aged-out - oh, that's a crime don't cha know ;/.  And, of course, mad as heck, for want of...  First off, my business is my business, and nobody else's.  Evil can assume all it wants.  And another thing: evil LIES like a wet dirty rug, laying in an abandoned building - that leaks.  So much for credibility, regardless of the number of high-end degrees that evil happens to have obtained...either through study, cheating, or a combination thereof.

i absolutely detest all the emphasis on amusement-park sex, because it ruins people - not only in this life, but in the next one which lasts forever.  Evil can mock all IT wants - i don't give a flying rip what some skankoid know-it-all thinks.  Evil doesn't pay my internet bill, put gas in my car, or do my laundry...which is about done.

Greedy-seedy seniors peeved about social-security.

Would be really easy to dismiss my age group as being entitled, and to simply say, "gedda job."  Problem is: there's not enough gainful employment for young people - who work and think faster than us old hasbeens.  Harsh?  Oh, but so true.  And we all know there's not enough young people paying into the system - for various the millions my generation had murdered at places like Hillcrest (which isn't even on a hill).  Yep, our collective narcissism has come home to bite us in the backside.

i am so sick of hearing these skanks whine!  People want to retIre at 50...well, they shoulda planned better, but nnnoooo, the gamBLING hall and the tattoo parlor took priority.  Well...then it's off to work, too bad so sad.

In addition, my age group were the same bunch of esaus who decided that paying people to do work was too much like money - money they wanted to spend on .... ew!  Yeah, ew-we.  In several mainstream catalogs - that sell things like walkers, soap, clothing, furniture ... are items, in those same catalogs - that years ago, could only be purchased in skank-shops.  Why the one catalog had adult diapers just a few pages away from those slut-aids.  YES, that's a bad word, but the shoe fits.


Susan E. Botchie,

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Brilliant deduction - seriously! In order to protect the man's privacy,

will only say what he point-blank said to me, after i said something about fornication being bad news.  He said that sort of monkeying around leads to homelessness.  He's right-on about that.  Thinking about it, in a shack-up arrangement, one really doesn't know from one week to the next whether or not, one will be outdoors.  Kids grow up in that unstable environment.  And kids are perceptive enough to know, it may not last; these kids are denied the tools to study burden-free, and to learn the value of work.  Why should they try, when they know the rug can - and will - be pulled out at any time.

Just got yet ANOTHER call from a single mom.  What th' flock's wrong with these pathetic-exercuses for "men' these days!  They want to blame "loose" women...Yeah, after sleeping with them.  Wonder why so much unemployment?  Uhm, could it be, everyone scrambling for pathetic-exercises for jobs - men won't MARRY and SUPPORT their children AND their children's mother?   Adam, all over again, blaming Eve with excuses.

Sunday, June 10, 2018

"Bible thumper" a term of derision? Hey nice try at what you call

"christian" faith.  The reality is, "Bible thumper" is an honor that i am not qualified for.  Maybe in forty years...oh wait a sec, most people don't live a hundred plus years.  Yeah, several comments on another blog started off with, "I am not a Bible thumper," and then went on with several lower-case god-noises.  Gimme a break!  More later, have to roll, because it's rude to be on the cell-phone while at a picnic - though i didn't, and don't, want to be here.  Was just fine at home working on an excel spreadsheet.  Will post that when complete.

Sunday, June 3, 2018

i am skeptical about deconversion stories. On the internet,

a person (gifted with the ability to remember things) can write under numerous screen-names - and adapt a distinct personality to each identity.  The internet is infested with these stories.  But are a significant percentage of them even true?  It's a free country, and the constitution guarantees me the freedom to ask these questions. 

Internet atheists gleefully (more like gleeFOOLy) tell their readers that atheism is on the rise.  Well no fake jake!  The proof is in the parking lot of the local supermarket; people loading mass quantities into their vehicles; gone are the days when Sunday shopping was the necessary carton of milk and bottle of aspirin.   It is also absolutely true that people who want to hear for-real preaching may have to drive to the next county, if not farther.  Several of the preachers on sermonaudio have mentioned in passing, i.e., wrapping up early per bad weather.  Oh, there are plenty of churches, but many of them are basically sunday-socials...with a Scripture, maybe even three, thrown into the mix.  So glad i live where i live - there are three Bible churches within five miles.  Oh wait a sec, there's the Mennonite church on the corner. 

But the FACT remains, many of the Bible churches are losing members to...not rock and roll bands perverting the hymns, and not to the mega-church that has a mac-machine and a fancy coffee-shop.  The little Bible churches are down to maybe 12 members - the youngest being 60-something.  No marvel, doesn't the Bible say, somewhere in the New Testament, that prior to the Lord's return, there will be a great falling away?   And who knows, maybe this "falling away" isn't the one; maybe this current one is but a fire-cracker, compared to a future one. 

While the internet atheist bray they're not going away, guess what:  neither are Christians...well, not until the Lord calls His church out of here.  Had a thought while listening to a sermon, and i cannot recall the title, nor am i certain of the preacher's name, but he offered a rational explanation on how the newsmedia might report the accounts of crashed cars with no driver - just his or her clothes and shoes.  The preacher went on to say, that the people left behind might be glad aliens vaporized those fun-busters.   Around Chapter 6 of Revelation it says that people will be given over to a delusion.

Last few decades has seen a popularity of "aliens."  Could there be an agenda in the works?  And boy-o-boy, if you believe that only earth has multi-cellular life, look out for the fangs...that chick wanted to bite my head off!  However, "space"  does contain angels - good ones and bad ones.  Are there any surrounding Mars?  Don't know, but probably not - since the Bible says the angels, good and bad, are watching humans.