Wednesday, May 2, 2018

So what’s wrong with Mrs. Doughfire anyway? A woman in the elevator liked another woman's dress,

and said that she would like to wear one, but added that she “would look like Mrs. Doughfire.”  She evidently, had committed the cardinal sin of becoming a grandmother – and through the years of raising children AND working full-time…not enough time for both shifts, and going through all the hassle and expen$e of making skinny-meals.  Then there’s plain old-fashioned genetics – if your dad or mom was fat…   Some years ago, there was a stat, that working women tended to put on (stress-related) pounds.   Makes sense, housewives are in a better position to plan meals, while us workforce gals end up running the take-out's a too-many-tasks thing. 

Oh, the unsaved world is SO DEMANDING!!!!  And the unsaved have the GALL to accuse the Lord of being a narcissist!   Yeah, Jesus said that if we love Him, we’ll keep his commandments.  Well guess what!  Jesus did NOT harp on anybody for being fat.  Being a glutton?  Yeah.  Merely, putting on a few too many pounds around the backside, over the last few decades?  No. 

Anyway, back to women’s dresses.  The woman in the elevator wearing the nice spring dress was no skinny-mini either.  She said nice dresses were hard to find, and so many are sleeveless.  She got that right; was looking at a catalog last night.  Uhm, at 25-something, sleeveless if fine outside, but in the office, in the grocery-store, on the bus…the air-conditioners run.  Bbrrrrr.   But still, at 25-something, there is something called modesty; and it’s also about consideration for the men in the office.  Men (and women) have work to concentrate upon, and so do not need to see the fully exposed young arms or a whole lot of young lovely legs.  Really, don’t men get enough T&A everyplace else - whether they want to see it or not?

Isn’t it funny…NOT!   The dresses in the catalogs are either sleeveless and / or have (undergarment hostile) slits up the side and / or cut too low in the front.   Isn’t it strange, how, oftentimes, the prettiest patterns and cuts are made of sweat-like-a-HOG synthetic fabrics!  And, good luck finding a cotton slip or half-slip (that’s at least half-ways thicker than tissue) – to wear UNDER the (tissue-thin) fabric.  Heaven forbid that a woman, fat or thin, young hottie or old hag would enjoy wearing what she has in her closet!  As for the low necklines, they don’t belong in the office. 

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