Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Yep, the RedPill is a bitter one. Oh, what was that Scripture?

Ya know, the one exhorting men to love their wives and to not be “bitter” against them?  Just googled. Colossians 3:19, the verse right after the one of which the red-piller church-players just love to quote – but like rad-feminists, they tend to not read further.    Anyway, here’s Colossians 3:18 “Wives, submit yourselves unto your own husbands, as it is fit in the Lord. " And i have to seriously wonder, if these guys only focus on the first part, but don’t pay any mind to the second part.  In other words, doesn’t look like the Lord expects wifey to wait three hours in a cold car (on a work-night) for pee-wee’s crack-dealer to show up at the corner of Blair and Market.  I’m being facetious, but that sort of hog-wash happens.

People say the Lord is grim, has no sense of humor.    Guess who the “bitter” one is?   Nope, not the 50-something single woman.  Colossians 3:19 reads:  “Husbands, love your wives, and be not bitter against them."  Now, i am no Bible scholar, but so far, the word “bitter” in the Bible is normally used to describe bad water; “root of bitterness” applies to both men and women. 

And what really turns me off about the red-pill churchians is:  time and time again, they mock older single women, who aren’t dating.   Uhm, a REAL Christian prays that the “cats” are evidence of the Holy Spirit putting a hedge of protection around these women, so they don’t go out and fornicate.  That fornication, the Lord really hates.   Time and time and time again, in His Word, He draws a really hard line against sexual sin.  Yeah, sounds fun-busting.  Uh, but what’s so fun about getting used, getting a gross disease?

Per the link below, took me a minute to realize “negging” is but one letter different than “nagging.”  Both are attempts at mind control.

The Red-Pill Right Swaps Chivalry for Misogyny
Matt Lewis

Monday, May 28, 2018

This lab-made molecule has about the weight of 200 million hydrogen atoms.

Too bad the background is black; would look so pretty if the background was a soft rose color.  But probably, the artist is a man – and so, evidently isn’t into girlie colors.  Am i being politically incorrect?  Well tough toenails.  When the Lord created us, He made us either male or female.

Uh yeah, a Christian is going to question his or her motives…as in,

Is my website for the Lord’s glory, or for mine?  Narcs are really (diabolically) slick at turning one’s own striving for good against themselves…can ya spell “good for evil, evil for good!”  Per the link, the author Biblically drags Lord-bashers’ narcish (and very annoying) bull-crap into the light.

Itching Ears, Henry M. Morris (12/29/17)

Sunday, May 27, 2018

De-cons “claim”

to have been to Bible college, or even to the mission-field.   Last night, reading this article, it occurred to me there’s an agenda going on.  Until last night, i assumed that de-con stories are true.  They might be, and they might not be.  Maybe that guy in Dixie went to Bible college; maybe he didn’t.   Some years back, while in college – earning that 3.9 - he may be one of those “…certain men crept in unawares…” (Jude 4).   It will likely never cease to boggle my non-college brain how someone would put so much time and effort into something he or she didn’t like.   The very idea of going to church every Sunday, playing the role of a good Christian – saying, or not saying, all the right words, staying away from the bar or movie theater…   Playing this I-Am-so-Holy role for YEARS…  But the Scriptures validate this diabolical playacting goes on.  And the actors are very talented, very convincing.  Like narcissism, the normal sinner cannot comprehend this exceedingly self-centered mindset. 

Apostasy, Deconversion, and Atheism

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Oh i just hate the word-theft. journeyfree…gimme a break!

In other words, people that don’t have (Ultimate) authority issues are in bondage.  Actually, the opposite is true.   The Bible is true, and has stood the test of time; men’s science might be mostly true, but changes with the fashions – or with whomever is currently holding the purse-strings.   “journeyfree” is yet one of a dozen or so (carbon-copycat) sites that openly mocks the Lord and His people.  The site’s author claims she just wants to help people who’ve been attacked by wolves…oh sure, she wants to help alright…help herself right into your wallet.   These people are the same ones who bark and snarl about churches getting tax-breaks, oh but not a word said about (evolution-teaching) universities get tax-breaks. 
Sure, i’ll buy her book – i’ll send her a check promptly at 25 o’clock, on May 32nd of this year (2018).  

Saturday, May 19, 2018

"Next step in evolution..." what a bunch of hogwash. Once again, some sick piece-of-drek

had submitted an article (see sidebar for NarcWriters, and then click on LoveFraud) telling all how he was above emotions and therefore superior.  This proud malignant narc had also added that us peasants who get taken in by con-artists, deserve to lose out.  What this pompous-jerk conveniently forgets is:  the King of kings isn't some spock, (StarTrek character)  the Creator and King of the entire universe - and beyond - has a wide range of emotions.   Just a quick look at a few Scriptures reveals the Lord showing mercy, friendship, anger, wrath - and the Lord keeps His word - unlike the rest of us.  So, mr.malignant-narc (who fancies himself as all that + a bag of chips) go on sitting on your "throne" (pphhheeewweee, ya better see a doctor) ordaining emotions as pathetic.  Yeah, bud, yer half right - humans are so sin-ridden, our emotions, and lack of, are sinful - try as we might to do better.  But the Lord's emotions are perfect - always.  Yeah, mr.malignant-narc, yer so big and bad, go spout your (demonic) sermon at the Lord...silly me, i forgot, malignant-narcs don't believe in the Lord.  Amazing, how people can be so well educated and accomplished, and yet so nasty and stupid.

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Oh, just keep pushing that envelope. Heather is being denied programs.

That poor kid’s gonna need a lot of programs…considering...  Lately, a public service add has been running, where the child’s two moms are told by a pediatrician that she is not accepting any new clients.   So, the listeners/viewers are supposed to assume discrimination - as if there aren't serious laws against that.   There are numerous reasons to be denied medical service.  Talk to Andrew and Jetsy, a man and a woman who have been married for so long, a T-rex trashed their first apartment - and they have to!    This couple worked hard over the years and they have good medical insurance; they moved into a lovely mini-mansion in another state, and after TWO YEARS looking for medical services, they finally found a doctor who was willing to take on new clients.

Anyway, the one mom, in a hoity-toity-sounding voice says, “it’s not us, but the baby you are denying service.”  Well, guess what, that “baby” is also being denied something equally, if not more, important.  That is: a Father.   But i guess Dads don't matter - sounds discriminatory...ya think?  The intent of the broadcast is to guilt people.  Plain and simple! The Bible goes further, calls it "sin."  Hey, i didn't write the Scriptures, neither did the Lord consult with me, when He decided to speak the universe into existence.  As for any accusations of this blogger coming off holier than thou...not happening.

By the way, there are lots of people in this world, who are not at all interested in the Gospel of Jesus Christ - who have no time for sermons, hymns, prayer, church - and guess what:  neither are they’re bending over backwards to accept things which they / their leaders believe to be wrong.  Why?  Because, even nonChristians believe that children need both a mom and a dad.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Noticed more than a few de-cons came out of in-everyone's-business

(excuses-for) churches.  One young lady, in a recent post, had described during one of her last few church-going Sundays, a young man who had come to the end of himself and had gone to the MercySeat.  He was trembling and crying - we'll, when you know you outside of Christ, and headed for eternal...yuk - that's to be expected.  But, unlike Paul, who had acknowledged himself as the "chief of sinners," this particular young man was going on, and on...about how rotten he was.  Max, witnessing this, was upset at the scene.  Can't blame her one iota there.  Reading Max's post, in my mind's eye, i couldn't help but notice the busybodyism amongst that (rather robotic) congregation.  Max described several other legalistic practices among that congregation.  No wonder she finally had enough and walked away from the drama.

Meanwhile, at a real church, (they are few and far between) the' preacher (a man) preaches from the Bible - and not just a few selected verses.  The real pastor is not interested in nosing in his listeners' personal business.  Some of the prayer requests are "unspoken," and that's okay, because Christ is the reason we gather.  If there is sin in the camp, the preacher trusts the Holy Spirit to convict and correct.  Seriously, our pastor has his own things to deal with, and so do we.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

And you thought she was bad news. Ya know, the proverbial fundie-woman, the one

with a scowl on her face (could it be the head-gear, in 90 degrees?) and in the long (and very frumpy) long dress – complete with what looks like her husband’s clod-hoppers…  HAH! She’s a cream-puff – well actually, more like a donut; with 10 kids, still, seeing what’s on her family’s dinner table, you’d think she was feeding half the US Navy.  Yeah i know, it’s warm outside and she was just on you like a winter suit for… taking your child to a movie.  Still, despite her flawed filtering, the woman DOES care about your eternal soul. 

Evidently not so, amongst certain internet forums who name the Name of Jesus Christ and quote lots of His Scripture.   And then, turn right around and preach social-darwinism.  They call themselves “alphas,” any man who so much as brings a few daisies and a pizza home to his wife, is a “white knight” beta.  Just like the Pharisees of our Lord’s time, these guys want no-fault divorce, but not for the wife; she don’t deserve nuthin, because women are…we’ll not quite human – seriously!  Oh, but it gets even worse, A LOT worse; these guys are also into racism.  (Surprised yet?)   Uhm, racism is so NOT Biblical, because in heaven there are people of all races.   Among the departed saints are people who lived on SouthPacific islands, who were visited by (really, really BRAVE) missionaries back in the days, when the islanders ran around buck-naked and ate people.

The saddest thing about these quite popular internet forums and message boards is:  they attract young men, who, for the first time, their manhood is validated.  But it’s all a roos(h).  The ring leaders will, while waxing all Biblical, wind up these young men, but atleast several of these (wannabe) kingpins are an ocean away from being caught up when the police come to investigate.   Other leaders use fake-names by night, and by day, go to their cushy jobs.    

Sunday, May 6, 2018

Ever notice how aliens look like two-legged snakes?

i don't know whether the snake that talked Eve into eating the forbidden fruit had two or four legs, but the serpent had legs.  All i know is:  she took the bait, and Adam did also.  Fast forward some 6,000 years, and there are people who still yearn to converse with snakes from supposed other planets.   And these people get all huffy if you dare to mention this correlation.  Yeah, a few months ago, all's i said to a friend was if ET exists, he is bad news - a fallen angel.  (Never mind, that most places in our galaxy are hostile to life; most stars throw high-radioactive hissy-fits.)  Wow!  Did the fangs come out.  Okaaayyyy.  That was one visit, i cut short; stuck around for a few respectable minutes, and then got the heck oudda there. 

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

So what’s wrong with Mrs. Doughfire anyway? A woman in the elevator liked another woman's dress,

and said that she would like to wear one, but added that she “would look like Mrs. Doughfire.”  She evidently, had committed the cardinal sin of becoming a grandmother – and through the years of raising children AND working full-time…not enough time for both shifts, and going through all the hassle and expen$e of making skinny-meals.  Then there’s plain old-fashioned genetics – if your dad or mom was fat…   Some years ago, there was a stat, that working women tended to put on (stress-related) pounds.   Makes sense, housewives are in a better position to plan meals, while us workforce gals end up running the take-out's a too-many-tasks thing. 

Oh, the unsaved world is SO DEMANDING!!!!  And the unsaved have the GALL to accuse the Lord of being a narcissist!   Yeah, Jesus said that if we love Him, we’ll keep his commandments.  Well guess what!  Jesus did NOT harp on anybody for being fat.  Being a glutton?  Yeah.  Merely, putting on a few too many pounds around the backside, over the last few decades?  No. 

Anyway, back to women’s dresses.  The woman in the elevator wearing the nice spring dress was no skinny-mini either.  She said nice dresses were hard to find, and so many are sleeveless.  She got that right; was looking at a catalog last night.  Uhm, at 25-something, sleeveless if fine outside, but in the office, in the grocery-store, on the bus…the air-conditioners run.  Bbrrrrr.   But still, at 25-something, there is something called modesty; and it’s also about consideration for the men in the office.  Men (and women) have work to concentrate upon, and so do not need to see the fully exposed young arms or a whole lot of young lovely legs.  Really, don’t men get enough T&A everyplace else - whether they want to see it or not?

Isn’t it funny…NOT!   The dresses in the catalogs are either sleeveless and / or have (undergarment hostile) slits up the side and / or cut too low in the front.   Isn’t it strange, how, oftentimes, the prettiest patterns and cuts are made of sweat-like-a-HOG synthetic fabrics!  And, good luck finding a cotton slip or half-slip (that’s at least half-ways thicker than tissue) – to wear UNDER the (tissue-thin) fabric.  Heaven forbid that a woman, fat or thin, young hottie or old hag would enjoy wearing what she has in her closet!  As for the low necklines, they don’t belong in the office.