Saturday, April 28, 2018

"Red Pill Fallacies A Christian Woman's Response" has been added to sidebar

A lady named Pamela had done alot of research at these sites, and is leaving the blog for other people to read and see this "red pill" drama for what it is, for where it comes from - where nobody in their right mind wants to go.  Pamela has discontinued the blog because, the findings were basically making her sick to her stomach, and she has onward and upward stuff to do.  She is evidently alot tougher than i - duHrocks is about as far as i cared, or care, to venture.  Anyway, only got the chance to read a few of Pamela's posts, and (with coffee already made) am off to read the rest.  Have a wonderful day.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Nagging in red-pill-speak is merely a woman who has the audacity of expressing a personal need.

Uhm, bigtime, like a few minutes to decompress, upon coming in from working all day.  Oh the red-pill women go beyond mere brown-nosing up their mra masters (of deceit).  These red-pill-girl forums (r u surprised they’re even allowed on the net ;/) are infested with a grossly unbiblical version of “denying self.”   Yeah, the Lord is clear in His Word about putting others before self; and that same Bible describes numerous times, of Jesus stepping away from everybody for some quiet time – to “You do you” what He really, really wanted to experience (time alone with His Father in heaven). 

A photo preceding an article in Mel (Please see sidebar for "The New Cool Girl).  The article describes red-pill girls quite accurately...yeah, a ragamuffin without a face, but that's my opinion, not necessarily the author's.  she is pictured without a face, of course, without a face; faces are a bit too human - the mras are talking about robots.  Ew!  For an early-to mid-twenty-something woman (shelf-life doesn’t go much beyond the later 20s) her longish hair looks straw-like (yeah, almost as life-less as mine, except she has no gray) and that’s sad. 

Oh, before continuing, in the case of a scoffer reading this article…he or she would immediately claim that the writer of nowonderpeoplewalk is a jealous old hag.  Uhm, that’s how evil works; evil preys upon normal human emotions.  Goes like this: there was drawing, on another website, of a young, very slim – while very stacked – woman; my initial reaction was, uh yeah, jealousy.  Uh yeah, for about two-seconds.  Then came REALITY, the thought that really counted.  And here it is:  any born-again person, has NO business being jealous toward anybody, for any reason – EVER!!! 

Why?  Because getting miffed because Sheila has money, big-boobs…whatever is just another way of telling the Lord how he ought to run His universe.  Uhm, i sin enough, and really don’t need to add to that list.  (But trying to explain that the Lord is sovereign to a worldling, is something along the lines of trying to explain 1st grade arithmetic to a houseplant).

Anyway, the budding jealousy went right out the window, and jumped into the nearest septic tank.   The scoffer, of course, would then accuse me of not only being a jealous old-hag, but a lying hag as well.  Well guess what!  There’s a lot of truth to a certain a little school-yard song (over half a century ago ;) “I am rubber, you are glue, everything you say, bounces off me, and sticks to you.”

Back to the face-less red-pill girl.  Mra philosophy has certainly made its way into country music, per the routine references to mah-mah-t-shirt, painted-on-cut-off-jeans – the only place a dress has, is on some wannabee-cowboy’s floor.    Ten, fifteen, then twenty years will pass suddenly, and these once young women will be put to shame for committing the crime of…becoming older.  Ee-yep, once again,“…the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.”  Unlike their great-grandmothers, most of these deluded mra women will not adjust well – and it certainly doesn’t help the situation, considering the RUBBISH that passes for clothing. 

For example:  saw a photo from around 1905 of an average housewife; she appeared to be about 50-something, and maybe 30 pounds (if that) overweight.  Wearing a long black skirt - nothing overly fancy - and a white blouse, she (like many women of that time) was a strong, capable and handsome woman.   In other words, she puts the “chill” queen (wannabees) to shame.

“For I was envious at the foolish, when I saw the prosperity of the wicked.” Psalm 73:3

“A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast : but the tender mercies of the wicked are cruel.  Proverbs 12:10

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Big differences between early 1960s and 1980s. Back in the early 60s

most the AM radio stations (maybe rich people had FM in their cars) played church music every Sunday morning.  Can still recall one Sunday morning, Mom went for the papers and she changed the station to one that played MoTown – i remember wanting to hear the beautiful church music, but…well, that wasn’t happening.   Stores were CLOSED, except for drug stores, and a gas station here and there.  In early elementary school, we actually sang songs which included verses like:  “We gather together to ask the Lord’s blessing…”  And yes, we were diverse, one of the other songs we sang was an American Indian song which had the words: “oh mother corn.”   We were also tolerant; adults who used racial slurs in public were low-class (not that my folks belonged to the country club) and those sorts of words were not to come out of children’s mouths – ever!

Back then, preachers preached hour-long sermons, and, yes, even the scary stuff (hell) and most the pews had several people in them.   Gram’s church, like many others, had Sunday School for the kids, since hour-long sermons are a bit much for children.  (Do seven-year-olds really need to know what Canaanites routinely sacrificed, or what Nineveh was famous for?)  In Sunday school, the teachers taught us kids about why our Lord went to Calvary, we learned what prayer is, and why we need to pray; we drew pictures and sang songs.   Like a lot of people in their early 60s, i only went to church through the influence of grandparents.    This is no jab to my parents; they did the best they could with what they had; my folks just weren’t into church.

Near the end of the decade, in 5th grade, our teacher carefully, compassionately explained the theory of evolution.  Mr. L. was perfectly clear when he said “…this is just a theory.” He, evidently, did not relish the thought of a room-full of frightened/confused ten-year-olds – and especially any pushback from upset parents (because little Allie came home crying).   i sat there, listening to the teacher, looked at my hands, and thought “neat” coming from a chimpanzee-like hominid. 

During the mid 70s, the Christian influence was still around.  At the high-school i attended, one of the after-school clubs was a Bible club; had anyone beefed about it, he or she would have politely been advised to simply choose another club.  At that time, i wasn’t interested, but i recall the club had six or seven consistent members.  Even as late as the mid-80s, tv stations somewhat frequently aired preachers, even during the week – yeah, i remember flicking through a sermon, or even two, looking through the tv-cable stations for a decent movie.   

But during 80s, that Christian influence was waning, more than before, in various ways.   There weren’t yet any loud-mouthed Satanists yet.  If you wanted a decent job, tattoos had to be kept under fabric, and lip-piercings had to be left at home – wow, has that changed!  Skull-shirts were either Halloween or gangster gear.  Halloween decorations were basically pumpkins and cardboard witches – now it’s like the devil’s holiday about rivals Christmas. 

What this post is about is:  people over 60 might take for granted the waning, but still there, Christian influence, while not realizing how radically different things were individuals under 40.   And those certain pseudo-Christian websites take full advantage of young people.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Oh, the jig is definitely up. Per those so-called “Christian” websites,

While the mocking and scoffing which habitually goes on there, has caused me to seriously wonder if these forums were populated by Pharisees, i knew something was really wrong when having clicked to what i thought was a science essay.  And yeah, the essay had been written by a former micro-biologist, but he was comparing flies to humans.  Uhm, flies are insects, and people are mammals – mammals are a bit more complicated than bugs.  Backspaced oudda there, quick-time!  His topic interested me somewhat, but there are reputable medical sites out there to address that certain question.

This is almost funny, but so NOT!  The same former micro-biologist was parading himself as a theologian.  Trouble is:  he has written several skank books.  Talk about the stench of rotten fruit on an airplane; he flies to impoverished countries (in southeast Europe) and talks a lot of trash to impoverished young women.  Several years ago, on one of his posts, he also proudly made mention of not even buying the poor girls a drink (let alone a meal, i guess).  Aw come on, a 5’2”, 95 pound (soaking wet) woman isn’t going to drink that much.  Whadda cheap-skate! 

Well, the jig is 100% up, per the Night Wind website (please see sidebar).  The gentleman explains that these sort of websites will call themselves one thing, but the ringleaders have a completely other agenda.   While i am not the brightest bulb in the ceiling, it would not surprise me one iota, if a few of the participants, here and there, posting at those websites are in fact born-again individuals – and those individuals are being taken for a ride.  Even saved people can be incited into doing really stupid things, and end up (on this side of eternity) with rap-sheet consequences – yeah, while the ring-masters are elsewhere living large (for a season, if reprobated, that is).

So glad to have googled a few days ago, and had happened upon Night Wind.  The gentleman, in at least one of his posts had basically mentioned that there are people who, not being raised in/around the Christian faith, equate Christianity (following the Lord Jesus Christ) with the attitudes blared at these websites, and so, people walk AWAY from Christ (and many keep walking never to return). 

If there be any reason, whatsoever, to call these mockers on their bull-crap, it’s that.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Red Pill? A one-way trip to... ew! And i thought those wankers

were just garden variety slackers (so much for what i thought ;/)  Please see sidebar for the "Night Wind" blog for details.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Per at least one of the clowns over at duHrocks, the popularity (yep, it’s always about that)

of a website can be measured by the number of commentors it draws.  Really?  Would the website’s content have anything to do with whether or not it attracts visitors who like to comment?    There is a certain website which hosts at least a few hundred-thousand audio-files, without cost to the site’s visitors.  Running a site like that isn’t cheap – i do not know the space/maintenance costs, but they do have membership options, where paying members get more stuff than regular subscribers.  Anyway, it may not be the most popular site on the net – uhm, because the content is for people who think beyond the next novel or movie – but evidently the site does attract plenty of visitors. 

It’s just that most these visitors don’t seem to have the desire, or perhaps the time, to be posting long comments.  As a matter of fact, so often, i will consider listening to this or that file, and will see that there’s a comment.  So i scrolls down, and once again, it’s the typical four or five word, “Thank you, i was blessed.”   Well, i’m glad the commentor was blessed, and, most likely, i will also come away likewise, after listening.    But still, sometimes i want to yell at the screen, “aw com’on t’row me a bone, will ya!”  Doesn’t happen!  From what i gather, the website attracts listeners, far more so than wannabee columnists. 

I can only guess, per another website, that on a smaller scale (but i have not access to their states – not that those are any of my beeswax…) that it likewise attracts the reading/thinking crowd, more so than the wannabee writers.  Though if that particular site is obscure, wouldn’t be a surprise; because the site’s content is not only for-real fundamental Christian, but it seriously, Scripturally, scientifically refutes evolution.   Guess that’s too much like heart/brain-work for most folks.    I can only guess, based on the site’s rather complicated (hey, i don’t have college…) content, it’s audience are people who either code C++, design buildings, fix heart-valves…and don’t have a lot of time to put in their $20’s worth.

This post is not to bash blogs where people comment.  Oh no indeed.  On the contrary, several of my favorite blogs, because after reading the post, i come back to enjoy reading the comments, and through those, find other blogs to visit.   What this post is about is:  refuting the word-slop over at duHrocks – the viciousness over there, the maligning, the lies.   

And yeah, my blog-stats aren’t even worth checking.  But i blog because i like blogging.  Got to go, and make supper.

Hey tough-guy, if yer so big-n-bad, then why not use your legal name (when spouting your rubbish)!

‘Am starting this post with a disclaimer:  people (usually women) who have been bullied are known to use screen-names – it’s a safety thing, a smart thing.  While most school-yard bullies grow up to be responsible and reasonably compassionate people, some continue to bully – and just get more toxic with age.

Anyway, this creep goes by – and this screeM-name is almost funny – Emperor Constantine…hey, wasn’t that the dude who decided to use Christ’s work on the cross in a play for power?  Ya know, the ol’ i-saw-a-vision-and-have-to-tell-each-one-his-neighbor.    Yeah, and some 17 centuries later this play-ah was making some ra-lij-ous noises…”please pray for [mmmeeeee]” in a comment that was almost funny, except for the glaring fact, the dude’s agenda is from below.


Here’s part of what the "Emperor" said:  (and this is almost priceless ;)  “Make it clear you will not associate with single mothers in public settings where there are other respectable people.”  Woah, don’t he sound exactly like the proverbial mid-Victorian school-marm (who hasn’t had a date in 20 years, and is exceedingly peeved about being past her prime).

And these wankers have the nerve to accuse women of thinking with their emotions!


  • June 6 2017, 7:41 a.m.  per an article entitled, “ Being Divorced is Their
    Essence, But Don’t Label Them.”

Thursday, April 19, 2018

i almost couldn't believe what i just read, over at wanker's whine-press, but i shouldn't be surprised,

Since having read the same old sort of hissy-fitting numerous times before.  But still... They're getting desperate, evidently.    One of the women-detesters was ragging on about the expense of buying her dinner…for pete’s sake, menu prices at the VFW or the Moose are quite reasonable.  In addition, there are plenty of family restaurants around that serve nice meals.  He was going on how the invitee (the one asked to go on the date) should kick in half – and you know dern certain well, these wankers still want their bunk-benefits.   Yeah, i understand why that particular wanker doesn’t care for women – since young attractive women havethe option of not dating cheap-skates.   So, i guess, if pee-wee wants to score, he isn’t likely to be hitting any home runs with any reasonably attractive woman under the age of 30-something. 

Cry me a river ;)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Duhrocks whine shop, and other masculinist hangouts. Oh, where do they get the time

for the supersized posts/comments?  Brings to mind what the pastor said about being in the wrong, and repeating…   Per a previous post concerning the spiritual damage and societal drama this sort of mindset is creating, i had forgotten to mention their “cat-calls.”   These taunts not only shame women into ungodly relationships, but also help to keep them in those spiritually and temporally TOXIC relationships. 


Was browsing around a few days ago, and had happened upon a stat, that stated half of divorces result from pee-wee hanging out on the crud-side of the internet.  HALF!   These masculinists (can ya spell       J-E-R-K-S?)  go on about 75% of marriages failing because wifey walked, but not one word about pee-wee’s (time-pit) clicking, while the roof has been leaking for the past year or so AND the oven hasn’t been heating evenly for the past few years AND, while there is money for fishing rods, (plural) there’s no money to replace the section of siding that is one storm away from blowing off - and possibly taking along with it - the starting-to-really-rot corner of the living-room window-frame.    Yeah, this stuff happens.


Uhm, common sense here…wives don’t just wake some rainy Tuesday morning and decide to call an attorney.


Biblically, it’s the husband’s call to see that things are maintained, because he – not his wife – is the leader.   Yeah, i no, NOT politically correct – tough beans, (hey, i didn’t create the universe or write the Bible).  It’s the husband’s business to call the roofer, and buy an oven that works - so his wife can prepare meals without needless (time-pit) hassles.   Per duhrocks and company, “entitled” is merely, the wife who “needs” the vacuum cleaner to actually pick up without having to run over the same area ten times.   Yeah, her “nnneeeds” again, there goes that “hamster wheel” again – whatever the heck that means.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Honey Badgers are MRA brown-nosers - plain and simple,

Yeah, they turn my stomach also, honey badgers are MRA brown nosers.   There was (atleast) one who was making all sorts of ra-lid-jous noises while … sorry (not really) but she was going on a bit much about herself, and well… have to ask, was she covertly flirting with the MRAs – with whom she commented upon their blogs.    What is most sickening about these guys – who profess Christ – are the “cat-calls.”  They routinely make fun of 40-something single women, who have several cats, instead of lovers. 

Uhm, any true believer in the Lord Jesus, would be (for the sake of their eternal souls) GLAD these women are buying cat food for their feline brood, instead of dumping $$$ for face make-up to wear to the next fornication gig.   Sex outside of marriage is not a good idea, on this side - and especially - on the other side of eternity.  And yeah, may sound old-fashioned, and exceedingly demanding, but to paraphrase how one preacher put it:  where there’s fornication, there’s a lie just around the corner. Yeah, [Irene] even said loud enough to a co-worker that her insurance is going to her adult child, and her live-in boyfriend doesn’t (need to) know this.   Uhm, they’ve been together for about twenty years.  Her life-insurance is her business (so why broadcast the details in the office?), but why lie (about it) to the person with whom you share your bed?

The MRAs are unwittingly against marriage (between one man and one woman) because they’re generally pro-prenup and pro no-fault divorce.   Pre-nups are lip-stick on a pig.   Pre-nups?  Ya might as well shack up!   You can say, pre-nups protect the hoped-for inheritance from UncleBob (uh, when will that old codger finally croak?)… But what about protecting the marriage?  Here’s a radical thought:  don’t marry a self-centered woman.

Michael Davis, Honey Badgers Make Me Cringe

“If the Badgers want to do some real good, they wouldn’t make divorce more profitable for men: they’d strengthen the bonds of marriage. “

Monday, April 9, 2018

Oh, another article bashing people who actually take the Bible seriously.

Which brings to mind what the preacher said at church.  No, he didn't use fancy words.  Pastor simply said, that when people are in the wrong, they tend to repeat themselves.  Yeah, like that overly-long article - dude, evidently fancies himself!   Thing is, what he had to say, he could have said it all - and a bit more - in three or four paragraphs.  And yeah, i only skimmed the thing - uhm, not everyone has time to hang-onto chris-j-apostate's every (oh-look-it-me-i'm-a-phd) word.  Some people are working & running between two jobs; others are doing that AND going to school; and still others generally have too much on their plates and are stuck. 

i did try to read the thing, but before i was a third way through it, frankly, the paragraphs became boring.  Nothing new, just the same-old, wonderful-educated-me-is-way-better-than-primitive-Bible-reading-you...Yawn!   Whatabuncha white-wash!   And it's effectively, very successfully (for now) masks one or more of the real reasons why people walk.    Even worse than the intellectual-narcishness is (yeah, i know, not a word...tough beans):  these mind games, played upon the young and vulnerable (of any age) go beyond mere clay-potty politics.  These players are crushing people's minds - i.e., ya better think just like us, or we'll bash you, ban you, and generally do our [derndest] to make you feel like a pile of crap.

But aside of the post-20-something junior-high games, these Bible-bashers are doing the will of their dad-DUH - and that spirit is bad news, bigtime.  chris-j-apostate, and his mangy bunch are deceiving souls by the scores.  Hey Chris, you [inhale].

Thursday, April 5, 2018

i don't know what the heck "game" is about - but it sounds like

yet another skanky word - one that "christians" ought not be using.  What really rattles me is:  the tone of their posts.  No joke, it's like those pharisees, over at duhrocks and company, are actually dancing around glad there are legions of 40-something overweight women, who have suddenly awoken from the rooster-ride, to find they've been on that grungy-go-round for too long, and have long worn out their welcome.  Yep, you'll know them by their fruits, alright!  Hint: laughing and mocking at people's misfortune is a sure sign of foul spirits close at hand. 

They get into their conservative politics...i just want to barf.  It doesn't take a political scientist to know that if a nation is overrun with divorced or never married moms, sexually active daughters and slacker sons, all the "red-pill" pontificating is pointless.  Kids who don't live with their fathers (who are married to their mothers) tend to not do so well in life - yeah, there are exceptions; but for the most part....yada, yada.   Maybe these wankers don't have a grip on the real world because they're too busy watching colored pill movies, while over-tasked wifey isn't even afforded the time and personal space to make a few decent dresses to adorn her stressed-out, aging, thickening body.

No wonder wives get irritated.  The years roll by, and it's the same-old, same-old...  When women are expected to be sweet, but not allowed to be women (even the sewing patterns are skanky/butch)... well, there ya go. 

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Masculinist brownnosers aren’t anything new.

Back in ’98 (or maybe ’97) i keyed into the young internet words like, “anti-feminist,” “antifeminist” and “ism” instead of the “ist.”  The search engine produced less than ten links, and a few of them were, simply by the names, evidently skanky.  The others, supposedly, worth a browse were but a rendition a certain book put out (oh, they wouldn’t surprise me in the least) by an obvious female misogynist.  And if ya think i drank too much coffee (again ;/) there’s another certain group of people (Christians) she just despises, because of their belief/lifestyle.  (Excuse me, but i have read books by other atheists who – while they’ve no time for Scripture - remain polite regarding people who do value the Lord’s Holy Word.   In other words, if there is raging hatred in one area, the tantrum-throwing is bound to happen in another.    And no, i will not reveal the title of the book, because of what i am about to type:  On the back cover is a photo, taken at some point during a late 80s winter, of the author crossing (i guess) a New York City street; she was wearing a knee-length cloth coat, okay fine; but ya know what, there was something greasy-looking about that early-30-ish woman.   Yep, nothing new under the sun! 

Fast-forward to April of 2018. 

Over the past few days, have happened upon a few, supposedly, christian women’s blogs.  Have to wonder though, because of the language.  Uhm, I’m not talking about the occasional sheet or f-bomb, spewed out by some overly-stressed, struggling (with sin) saint.  Oh no, the language on these blogs is far worse.   It’s the social darwinistic terms, like “red-pill, blue-pill” (oh, gag...)  and “alpha” and “beta” male and female (what th’??? … r u kidding me?)  No child of the King of kings has any business using that sort of language / hanging out with people who do – i.e., at the TOP of her side-bar are two notoriously christian (??) masculinist (hey, those words don’t belong in the same sentence) links.   And of course, the blog includes one of those “oh-im-so-awesome-fit-n-trim-at-40-ish.”   Really?  Seems rather forward bragging about one’s figure – oh, is there a “link” here?

Should come as no surprise…but hey, i don’t catch onto things too quick, evidently ;/   So of course, the woman was talking up, rather big-time, concerning a certain book, written by a certain couple.  Won’t give the title, but here’s basically the description in a nut-shell: “How to get yer cookies off, beating the tar oudda yer kid, while making your (satanic) intentions appear Godly.”   Gimme a freakin’ break!  No wonder when those normal red-blooded children turn eighteen, and leave (ASAP!!!) what-passes-for-a-Christian home, they also quit attending church, and go on into their 20s, 30s and beyond, equating the Lord Jesus with their cruel-hearted dad-uh, mutha, or both excuses-for parents. 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Who’s the obnoxious twit? People are known to get rather bent out of shape

for no better reason than, a short prayer spoken before kick-off / or being offered a gospel tract (outside the building’s premises, during lunch-break) / or at acme-bakery, because they won’t support weirdo-agendas (or simply not open on Sundays).   Oh, to even broach the vital subject of Salvation from sin!  People don’t want to hear it.   A (for-real) christian’s concern for people’s eternal existence will either be ignored, scoffed at – and some people will get belligerent.   Yep, christians have been maligned, more than a few times, as being annoying.   Welcome to life in Christ!

What the unredeemed world totally forgets about – on this side of eternity – is:   count the times you’ve been offered a tract, heard a street-preacher, couldn’t buy donuts on Sunday, heard hymns being sung outside the abortion-mill.  Now, count (just this last week) how many times you have been annoyed by the greed / deception or just plain vapid talk coming from the unsaved world.  For example:

Monday - There’s enough shampoo in the bottle for two more washings, but the cap doesn’t come off.   Oh yeah, you can cut plastic with a really sharp knife (but you’re upstairs in the shower, not downstairs in the kitchen, where the half-dull knives are – like you have time to sharpen knives, or run them to the hardware store, which i am not sure if they even do that anymore). 

Tuesday - There’s enough catsup in the bottle for two or three more burgers, but the shape of the bottle, with the tiny opening…rinse and repeat, while listening to yet another save-the-planet sermonette.

In January your coffee-pot died – it happens.  So you looked a few places and settled for a new one.   They’re all black, with little tiny print on the little tiny buttons.  Since your vision isn’t 20-20, you don’t see the household dirt until it becomes drama to clean it.  And that show ran for about 45 minutes this morning.

Wednesday - You pay good money for internet, and what do you get?   Bbufffferrrringgg games.   Watching a chopped-up version of StarTrek is very annoying, but try this with a semi-reputable news-documentary.

Thursday - You run into the drug-store for a roll of tums, when your ears are (again) assaulted by one of Jason Aldeen’s (or some other esau’s much overplayed) skank songs.   “Bed of my truck…”  Hah!   Tell it to the girl ringing up your tums!  Hint:  she is working two jobs, supporting two children (on her own) and in reality, pays no federal taxes (uh, the young petite blond, handing you your change, can’t afford to pay federal taxes).

Friday - And wouldn’t cha know, when in a hurry, you run into the convenience, and that’s the time when the jerk in front of you is buying lottery tickets.   Lots of ‘em.   (As an aside, do people really think, after dumping $50 or $50, they’re actually going to win enough to buy a soda and a candy-bar?

Saturday - You get home from the grocery store, run out to the mail-box.  As usual, there’s all sorts of stuff you didn’t ask for.  So, come Tuesday evening, you will have significantly more trash to haul to the curb (while noticing yet another save-the-planet sermonette on the back of one of the catalogs – you never asked for, nor ordered anything from). 

Speaking of trash, you know to be careful what you throw away.  Some things are best torn up by hand or put through a shredder.    Those (adamantly unwanted) credit-card offers are tough enough to challenge an NFL line-backer’s hands.   So you “bought” (that’s the majick word)  a shredder;  yep, yet another thing to clean around, thing somehow manages to leave a mess whenever shredding more than three pages at once – like ya got all morning to slowly feed it one page at a time. 

In conclusion, vanity-fair is a noisy place where confusion reigns.  Oh, and did i mention the non-stop victim-blaming!  Ya know, you were ripped off when you … bla, bla, bla; and it’s yer own stupid fault, you worthless, pathetic, lowest-form-of-evolution, idiot for not knowing everything, and not being everywhere.

Along comes Sunday, (what’s supposed to be) a day of rest (hey, i didn’t make the rules) and what happens?  The usual!  Your ears are treated to the whiney sound of someone’s lawnmower (can’t people mow on Saturday?)   And joining in, is the (wannabe) thunder of a loud engine of another joy-rider, joining in with the boom-boom-booming mall traffic (why do people listen to that crap?) to buy the latest skull shirt – blech!