Saturday, March 31, 2018

On my wish-list is a new 'puter ;) with a BIG SCREEN

and loaded with Access 2016.  At work, the database i am trying to develop is, at this time, clunkety.  Most people use Excel, and yeah, Excel will work fine (i suppose).  Thing is, while Excel is terrific for small jobs, more often than not, you need a mile-long screen.  With Access, creating a form gives you the data you need, and (without the drama) spares the data that is not needed.  Small jobs?  Hah!  With Access, the IRS 1040 calcs will be less hassle.

Couldn't get the boxes to work...(per Database Missions - a you-tube tutorial) i created the program, like it was shown, carefully followed the instructions, and the boxes wouldn't show the data.  i checked and checked...and it was time to go home.  What th' flock!   Why???  While driving home, i realized it might be, because i used text instead of numbers for the ID fields for both the second and third tier tables, and the programmer used numbers.   During a Friday afternoon drive-home, found myself almost looking forward to Monday morning - yep, seriously need to get a life ;)

i wanna new 'puter for here at home - not like i don't have enough home stuff to deal with ;/

Fun with PowerPoint

Friday, March 23, 2018

At least Fredrick Nietzsche was honest in his extreme dislike, he didn’t wrest the Scriptures,

to vilify women.  While i have not read, nor care to read, any of Nietzsche’s (intellectual) naval-gazing, plenty of other people have been, and still are, interested in the works of this well-known writer/philosopher.  Some have commented that Nietzsche’s opinion (‘s are like...everybody’s got one ;) regarding women were plain brutal.   Of course, Nietzsche didn’t like the Bible either, but evidently (per the common grace bestowed to him by the same One he didn’t like so much ;/) he had personal ethics enough to NOT use the Lord's Holy Word as a battering-ram. 

Just drove by duhrock’s blog, a bit ago, and it’s the same old, same old sour grapes bunch.   As usual, both the blogger and his lackeys are upset with the content of a book written by Doug Wilson, a reasonably well-known (conservative Christian) preacher.   Have to wonder – aside of the woman question - if they’re just miffed, because Doug Wilson has enough on the ball (per the Lord’s grace) to get his research/opinions together on (scores of pages) and published – and if that’s not enough, then actually purchased/read by people. 

Not so different from the liEberal set of pharisees in Matthew, duhrock and his pee-wee gallery are for no-fault divorce (hey wifey, don't burn the toast, else yer fat-arse 'el be outside lookin' in).   And, predictably, they turn right around and play (their dawg-eared version of) the fatherhood card.  Excuse me, but women who sleep around generally come from homes where Dad generally can’t be bothered.   By their fruits?  Thing is, on that supposedly “Christian” blog, both author and commenters have, more than occasionally, used language (and, more often, rather lewd inferences) which would be far more at home on a social-darwinistic blog – at least social darwinists put their cards on the table.

Monday, March 19, 2018

Anti-science. Per the Christ-bashers, if you dare to disbelieve that life evolved from

chemicals – and never-mind you make your living writing up the blue-prints for sky-scrapers or inspecting the metals used in surgical equipment – you, sir or madam, are anti-science.   That is, one aspect of “science,” that you have an issue with, makes you against science.  Okay, let’s go with that atta-boy, atta-boy… aw-crap perspective. 

If someone - be that individual a post-grad from Yale or the lady who makes the salad in the cafeteria – believes the United States Department of Defense is getting too much money for research and development, then that person is also anti-science.   Same goes with (eco-friendly) people who are upset at knowing millions of tax dollars are going to support entities like NASA and CERN – oh, there are people out there, who would much rather see that money go to feed the hungry and shelter the homeless.   Same goes with the people who are fervent, that animals should not be subject to possible torture in the manufacturing process of mascara, then that person also qualifies as being anti-science.   Never mind that eye-makeup is nothing but a waste of time and money, (and of all reasons for an animal to suffer…gggrr!) still, without science, there would be no MayBeLine products at your friendly BigBox.

Dear scoffers, please take your (getting really slimey) word-salad and throw it in the dumpster, thank you ;)

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Bells-n-whistles school-buses and child-proof caps, and yet...

Yeah, for the former, make sure to leave for work a few minutes earlier to allow for the bus stopping every three feet, and google has videos on how to disable the "adult-proof" medicine caps - which can be downright DANGEROUS for frustrated oldsters, needing to take meds that make the difference between living and dying.

Yet there's a disconnect to this government-imposed child-safety.  Aside the fact that abortion is cheap and available, for the children who aren't relegated to that cosmetically-cannibalistic process, the same government who puts the flashing lights on the buses and the annoying caps on the arthritis medicines, is the same government who is all for teaching evolution.  Uhm, evolution is about survival of the fittest - and the "fittest" are the kids who are more interested in "baby einstein" puzzles and games, and far less prone to messing around with granddad's pill bottles.

Unlike Cain, we ARE called to be "our brother's keeper," and this is not an easy task - especially,  while in a hurry to get someplace, wrestling with the cap of a bottle of something relatively harmless, (like mouthwash) i find myself grumbling, "why do other people's kids have to be my problem?"

Saturday, March 17, 2018

Age of dinosaurs? T-rex stood about 13 feet tall, a head higher than a bull-mammoth.

And i understand that it’s not wise to get on the wrong side of a bull-elephant - and i wouldn’t want to get between a cow and her little-one.   Aurochs (the ones sketched on cave walls) were significantly bigger than today’s – is it any wonder that (big strong) Neanderthals usually stuck to hunting deer and horse.  As for moose and grizzly bears, aren’t they big enough as it is?  Tree-sloths stood about 12-feet’s worth of lazy, but if forced out of their comfort zone, surely they could and would defend themselves with their claws. 

Was watching Jurassic Park on the stream last night, oh how that movie stirs the imagination.  Yeah, i know, its evolutionary-atheistic agenda is texas-wide, but still, this viewer found herself looking into the pre-Flood world, and wondering…  Were there actually billions of people on earth when the flood came?   Scripture doesn’t give a population stat, but does say, “And God looked upon the earth, and, behold, it was corrupt; for all flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth.” (Genesis 6:12) It wasn’t until after Noah and his family left the ark that animals feared man.   Not everyone cares for dinosaur movies, they’re scary.  When Jurassic had first come out (over 20 years ago), i sat cringing in the theater seat as that little boy, with (evolutionary) science book in hand, was walking thru the grass – was so afraid some dino would get him.  

I realize there are no dinosaurs today, but still, i flip on the outside light when merely stepping out of the house at night, because you can hear the rustlings of animals – usually deer.  Word is, there’s coyote in the area – a man from church (who lives about 2 miles) takes his shotgun with him if he goes outside after dark, but he lives further from town than i do.   Once in a while, a bear will wander down the mountain, and even into town.    Thankyouverykindly, but hearing the rustlings of deer in the dark is enough.  Uhm, deer have been known to attack humans; some years back a lady was jogging in a park, when a buck put her in the hospital.    And yeah, a skeptic could ask, if animals fear us, than why do animals attack us?   Good question!   I can only guess that an animal would much rather go elsewhere, but when food and territory are scarce/the animal’s young threatened… mamma-bear has to make a stand.

Even so, just the sound of the deer are frightening enough; can’t help but to wonder, is this fear rooted in my dna?  Was (atleast) one of my pre-Flood ancestors torn to bits by an andrewsarchus?  (Though i think that creature is more of the pig, than of the dog family.)  Did (atleast) one of my other pre-Flood ancestors witness this during his or her childhood?   Fast-forward some 5,000 years later.  My sisters were so thrilled when Dad brought home Socks.  But we couldn’t keep him.  I was terrified of that big friendly sloppy dog – can still remember being on the swing, screaming in terror when that dog came running into the back yard.   That dog never did anything to me, and 50-some years later, can understand if my sisters still feel resentment.  Childhood things often last a life-time.
A year or so later, after we moved from town to a nearby suburb, there was another big friendly sloppy dog that used to run around the neighborhood.  Yep, here we go again.  I saw him coming at me, and i took off running for dear life, and hid in a shallow hole – that my eldest sister and her friends had dug – and pulled the plywood square over the hole.   That big friendly sloppy dog sniffed around for a few moments, then wandered off elsewhere – probably to find other children with whom to run and play.

They are wet with the showers of the mountains, and embrace the rock for want of a shelter.  Job 24:8

And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every foul of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered.  Genesis 9:2

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Jane Doe, a single mom of 2 gradeschoolers
She has an old car, has healthcare, gets no child support

 $ 15.00 Hourly
     40 hours
 $ 600.00 weekly
    52 weeks
 $ 31,200.00
 $ 2,600.00 monthly
    $ 900.00 rent
    $ 400.00 electric, heat, phones, internet
$ 700.00 groceries
$ 100.00 daycare - during summer & holiday weeks
$ 200.00 car - gas & repairs
$ 75.00 car insurance
$ 100.00 VISA bill - for when the stupid washer quit
$ 100.00 clothing and miscellaneous
$ 2,575.00 Total

$ 25.00 savings (yeah, dream on ;/ )

Form 1040
$ 31,200.00 Line 37 Wages
$ 9,300.00 Line 40 Itemized Deductions
$ 12,150.00 Line 42 Exemptions
$ 9,750.00 Line 43 Taxable Income
$ 978.00 Line 49 Child Care Credit
$ -            Line 63 Total Tax
$ 2,827.00 Line 66 (EIC)
$ 3,805.00 Line 74 Amount of Tax Refund

$ 317.00 Line 74/12 - will help with unexpected and maybe
a few little luxuries, like that's a crime???

Spoiler alert: Just saw a you-tube comparing the All Righteous Lord with some pee-wee luzer,

who gets off beating his wife or girlfriend?  Really???   Well, it doesn’t take a theology degree to understand the (ultimate) difference; our Lord (over us all) has never sinned, and pee-wee (like the rest of us) sins all the time.   Saw DarkMatter2525’s video, an animation about an abused wife or girlfriend, who – right after pee-wee physically, then afterwards, verbally, takes out his luzer-generated frustrations upon her – leaves the house and walks down to the church – which has a ministry for domestic-violence victims.  What verbal rubbish pee-wee had spewed all over her, she gets, basically, the same thing from the preacher or elder.

Granted, DarkMatter is well aware of way too many (so called) churches where women get the double-dose.  But DarkMatter is playing that card, and it’s long gotten dawg-eared.  Come on already, about any half-wit can understand that any church that tells a woman she deserves to be (some pee-wee’s) physical/verbal punching bag, is a church-of-rotten-tomatoes (they’re a fruit, because they grow on a vine).   Churches who double-dose are, obviously, NOT encouraging the flock to read/study the Scriptures – oh, they may talk a mile about Bible-readin’.   Yeah just accidently make a joyous slip that you was readin’ in Isaiah, and learned…ooppps; there ya go again, idiot! ya fergot ta staple yer mouth shut before coming to the church-house.  Hey, this actually happens, in so-called “Churches.”  And big wonder why people walk out the door and head to atheo-land?

i am continually amazed with the many Scriptures which VALIDATE abused people (men, women, boys and girls) and even animals.  It’s not like there are only three passages – one buried somewhere in the first third of the Old Testament, and the other near the middle of the New, while the third is…uhm, not sure if applicable.   Noper bashers, ain’t like that.

In the Corinthian church, what was going on was:  the poor were getting double-dosed at, of all places in, the Lord’s church.  The ancient world was very socio-darwinistic; the economically comfortable got their cookies off by rubbing in the fact that they had lots of nice food in their baskets to wolf down during the Lord’s supper, (of all functions..) while the poor in attendance maybe had a few crusts of days-old bread – if that.  Seriously, the poor had no choice but to put up with that sort of nastiness in the world, and then having to take it at church????  .  Uhm, if that’s not abuse, then someone kindly pass me a Webster’s. 


I have not sent these prophets, yet they ran; I have not spoken to them, yet they prophesied. 

Jeremiah 23:21


For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. 

II Corinthians 11:13


For in eating every one taketh before other his own supper: and one is hungry, and another is drunken.   What! Have ye not houses to eat and to drink in? or despise ye the church of God, and shame them that have not?  What shall I say to you?  Shall I praise you in this?  I praise you not.          

I Corinthians 11:21-22

Saw on google yesterday, Stephen Hawking's passing

was saddened by the news.  Yeah, i know, he was no angel, but neither am i.  i was one of those people who had bought his "Brief History of Time" but it was too much for me to comprehend.  The man was gifted with the (not too) common grace of intelligence, and i can only hope that before he passed into eternity, his great mind thought clearly - that Jesus Christ is Lord and that he (Stephen), like all of us, is a fallen creature, who desperately needs salvation from sin.  Godda get to work, have a great day.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Stress. People everywhere are experiencing it. Art Katz, a REAL preacher of the Word understood this

and he also understood what temptation was like.  Per his testimony of compassion for the lost, he is probably with the Lord now; he passed into eternity about 10 years ago.  Anyway, he grew up in New York City and witnessed a lot of road rage.  In one of his sermons, he mentioned the lines of dented cars, bumper to bumper, and the faces of irate drivers, spouting out unkind words.  Describing this, he wasn’t at all sing-songie.  Just matter-of-fact, and empathetically saddened at knowing that many people went day by frustrating day.  Art Katz did not wax any holier-than-thou platitudes in his hour-something sermons; but he sure gave his listeners a lot to think about. 

What sins he was tempted by weren’t the usual drugs-sex-rockin’roll.  His besetting sin was the academic mind-set – yeah, he read and retained a lot of intellectual stuff.  i cannot recall the 20-volume set, i think the author’s name was Karl Barth – a believer and theologian who lived and wrote in germany around the turn of the last century.  Art Katz said that Karl Barth (i think) was highly concerned about the ez-beliveism (a.k.a., “Higher Criticism”) being spouted among his peers.  Katz added this sort of intellectual acrobatics had created a vacuum, which enabled the natzis to just waltz on in.   

Anyway, i certainly am no great shakes cerebral-wise, but i know this:  stressed-out people are that way because they’ve been preached “at” on various (and conflicting) fronts.  To simply approach someone on the verge of going postal with one hand on the Bible and the other with the index finger pointed upward - and the mouth mindlessly quoting a favorite (and often repeated) Scripture – is likely to come off onto the stressed person as yet another sales-pitch/lecture.  

Oh, it wasn’t that long ago when a co-worker made a preachy remark to someone else, and the only thing that stopped me from barging in on that conversation and hulking out on him was:  i need my job, and going off on a co-worker ain’t the way to keep it.

Some preach sing-songie-isms…ya know, about remaining patient under stress. Really?

In the real world, in the experience of real people, have to wonder if these pollyannas doing the preaching had ever experienced any appreciable amount of stress.  Oh, they go on (to their lovely conventions – here and abroad)  about tthhhooose-sinners-getting-irate-when-forced-out-of-their-comfort-zones, as if the preachers just go on all smiley-smiley while late for an appointment in an unfamiliar town, and no freaking signs pointing to – of all places – the HOSPITAL!    Uhm, yeah, i am only human, and can only stands so much.  Anyway, ended up spouting out bad words, and flipping the bird at another driver.  Am not excusing my road-rage; nor am excusing the fact that i was just plain peeved at having to take leave from work.  Point is:  we are all sinners who absolutely do NOT like being inconvenienced.  

It’s a fallen human thing; it is sin before the Lord.  And anyone who acts like being put out is no big deal, sorry (not really) but i think they’re not exactly telling the truth.  There’s Biblical back-up to this last sentence, because both Old and New testaments warn us about “false prophets” and “wolves in sheep’s clothing.”  Ya think the "certain men who crept in unawares" are going to stand behind the pulpit telling lewd jokes while smoking a refer and downing a long-neck?  Of course not!   Perhaps if the polyanna gallery - who always say the right words - threw at least some their smugness over the rail, and instead grew a heart, it’s possible they might end up leading a few skeptics/atheists (who’ve been through some really harrowing things) to Christ.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

A bit stunned, but not really - what else should i expect from self-righteous

and very smug greenies.   Was reading the comments to the Guardian article (Truth About Wood-Burning Stoves) i had linked a few posts ago.  Many of the comments were either smug, rude, mean-spirited, or a combination thereof.  Out of about 50 comments, there were maybe five writers who expressed empathy toward people stuck in heating situations - like the mom who, with child in tow, had to go out everyday and scrounge for wood.  But the overwhelming comments read like something out of a secular-calvinist/socio-evolutionary tabloid - and these people had the nerve to accuse the writer of yellow-journalism; uhm, he took the time to actually WRITE the article to a newsjournal - while the peanut-gallery simply threw in their 2-cents.  If i am not mistaken, the Guardian does NOT publish every one's article submissions.   While, on the other hand, any MORON can post a comment.   Take that, you self-righteous greenoids, with yer high-falutin' wood-stoves.

Gonna step out here.  i cannot help but to strongly suspect, these greenoid types either have alternate heating (and ain't sayin') or they're all about swinging an axe (and, yeah, at 30-something...) or they're simply living a dan'el-boob delusion.   In other words, methinks the comments are rife with LIES.  Yep!  And here's why i believe the author was TROLLED by several LIARS!   The giveaway is this:  Several people had accused the writer of being "lazy."  Excuse me?   Have these people visited him in his home?  Do they know his situation?   When people hurl that word at people they don't even know, uhm, there's a lie very nearby.  Another giveaway was the accusation of the author's complaining; uhm, the author was simply describing his experience with maintaining a wood-stove, and don't cha know, his dislike of wood-burning brought the hypocrites out of the woodwork.  Yet, these dan'el-boone-wannabee/eco-holier-than-thous go on and on, bellyaching because someone has chosen to go back to using oil-heat or some other MODERN no-hassles method.   (Hhhmm, maybe the author had indirectly called the greenies on their bs).

Some others had accused the author of being ignorant of how to burn wood - uhm, like the man hasn't anything else to think about?  Really!   For all we know, he might be a bridge-engineer or software designer - uhm, the kind of work which requires off-the-clock concentration; i.e., better freaking things to worry about, than some stupid wwwooooooddd-stove.   Being ignorant is one thing, (many of us don't know jack about how our cars run) but being called "lazy" is...well, that accusation certainly borders on "defamation of character."   These idiots commenting (not mentioning any [screen...yeah, how about that] names) really need to grow th' heck up.

Crosstabs can make ya cross - racking my brains for a week, then finally...whew!