Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Science fraud…just waiting for the other shoe to drop.

About a year ago, while listening to a broadcast on Barney, (my cell-phone) there was a story about the Smithsonian having to close off parts of its dinosaur section until 2019 – they said they were remodeling.   But also, at least one of the models was found to not be quite right, per some new finding – or rather, a review of research done several years ago.  Something like this:  a scientist was out to find a new (and improved?) dinosaur, and lo-and-behold, he found it.  Maybe he had a fossil detector, or something.   And yeah, the broadcast was from a creationist source; ya see, i don’t set a whole lot of store with secular sources - the socio-political agenda fogs things up a bit.  Yeah, i understand, that secular scientists have families to support, and if the funding doesn’t come through…   And yeah, what would i do if i was in a similar situation???

Point is:  during the past, there have been cases of known fraud.  Well, if a person or source lies once, i’ll write it off to my misunderstanding what was said/written; if that person or source lies again, i’ll still question whether or not i was hearing/reading correctly.  Uhm, the third time?   Turn off the oven, it’s done! 

In all fairness, i’ve read of accounts where creation-scientists don’t have their ducks in a row either.  Can and does happen for various reasons…being in a hurry to publish, being intimidated by smart-sounding evolutionists, or just not knowing that such-n-such probably didn’t happen that way.    Born again, or not born again, we’re humans, we mess up.

There was One human who never made a mistake, never skated over facts, nor committed even one sin – and we know what happened to Him.  He was beat up bigtime, then hung on a cross, in a totally brutal manner that even regular thieves were spared.  (The two trouble-makers who were crucified on each side of the Lord, surely they had been roughed up a good bit, but their faces and bodies were still recognizable.)

Monday, January 29, 2018

i’m sorry, but she sounded like she’d go “Bbeeepp, bbeeepp…” if she backed up.

Just heard an interview from about 10 years back, from the parents of a large family – 12 kids.  Not linking, because that could be gossip.   And yeah, the interview makes dry-wall loving me realize what an existentialist bayoch i really am…  But nevermind me, the question that really matters is:  how are those kids doing?  Did they get so fed up, from too many years living like freaking sardines while isolated from everyone else….  Excuse me, but doesn’t the New Testament say in various places that we are to be in the world, but not of it?   Uh, the boys will eventually have to go into the world and get jobs (and not be too weird) in order to support their (12) kids, and the girls…they’ll have to go into the world and get jobs as well, since mgtow-ism is rampant (misogynists, many of whom are just plain lazy).  The previous remark, per a broadcast a few years ago, the same broadcaster, who had interviewed this couple, had done a program where he said about 2/3rds of men aged thirty and under are either under-employed or unemployed.

Anyway, ten years later, how are those kids doing?  Any apostatize yet?  There is at least one website out there, where kids from dominionist-type families, while growing up, became more and more fed up with the isolation, the lack of privacy (multiple kids sleeping in one postage-stamp-sized room...ew!) the (unreasonable and perhaps inconsistent) rules – one after another, the deprivation, the ugly have-seen-ALOT-better-days-clothes…blech!   Too many of those kids, now adults, equate anything to do with the Bible, with Christ, with a childhood that wasn’t pleasant.  Too much of that going on the atheist side of the web.   Meanwhile, too many a churchian just sing-songs, oh-those-heathens-just-wanna-go-on-in-sin – yeah, the churchians are above all that…right ;/   Sounds like too many of the churchian types need to shut th’ up and grow at least a wee bit of empathy…ya think!?

Anyway, the probably very tired woman (probably stuck wearing tired clothes) had mentioned buying in bulk in order to put food on the table.  Per another article on the net about effective couponing, it takes not only organization skills (those bits of paper time-out quick) couponing takes goodly storage space.   And since they all lived in a normal-sized house, (and the parents seemed rather proud of that) where did they store the sacks of flour, the bags of rice, the rows of home-canned produce, boxes of cereal, bottles of cooking oil, cartons of milk, jars of peanut-butter, loaves of bread?  Per the interview, raising beef or chicken or growing wheat wasn’t mentioned. 

People hear about these uber-religious (hawking their books about) this sort of thing, and no wonder they walk!

I pray not that thou shouldest take them out of the world, but that thou shouldest keep them from the evil.  They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world.  (Jesus Christ)  John 17:15-16

And be not conformed to the world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.  Romans 12:2

Worldings go beyond simply annoying…for one thing, hogging up the data,

Streaming stupid mooovies all day, that shout JCs and GDs over nothing really, and the rubbish that passes for music – shouting the same.  i hate to sound like a fun-bust, but the truth is: most the data that people stream is – at best – junk.  And who am i to judge?   Well, before getting your thong in a snit, scoffer, it doesn’t take a seminary degree to realize that per the average person’s reading through the Scriptures, (sadly) most people are lost, and, well, lost people have a strong tendency toward wallowing in mire.  Nice try anyway ;0   Meanwhile, there is so much interesting stuff out there.   Was able to solve some Access relationship issues by viewing (and viewing again) several YouTube demonstrations.  

Yesterday, had attempted to download a PowerPoint presentation about dinosaurs; yep, this fundie (who doesn’t think ;) wants to learn more about these animals.  The presentation comes from 6-day creation people – perhaps, their take will help to clarify the types (yeah, there’s bird-hipped and reptile hipped).  As with bears, there’s brown bears, grizzly bears, panda bears…but it was one “male and his female” that boarded the ark.  It’s likely that both horses and zebras have a micro-evolutionary ancestor – and it was this couple that boarded.  So, question is:  how many kinds of dinosaurs?  By the way, like gators, some of these dinosaurs kept growing, even into advanced age (which i am guessing, gators don’t grow as quickly as they do while young).  

Meanwhile, the scoffers (what sort of junk do they watch?) insist that dinos were too big, but secular science shows the average dino was the size of a modern cow.  Seems like animals were bigger back then; (per Wikipedia) an auroch bull stood about 5.5 at the shoulders, and was about a ton and a half of muscle.  i gather that the animals boarding the ark would have been not quite old enough to reproduce, because besides size and food consumption, the capacity to reproduce is fraught with (territorial) issues – auroch bulls could get very nasty around that time).  Thinking about this, because, when the animals got off the ship, the vegetation would also be young and so, obtaining food on their way away from the ark, and from humans, would have taken time and effort.   The “fear of” man… oh yeah, they got out of dodge, and kept going.

Scorners act like they’re the only people with questions.  Really!   Well, this fundie has another question:  what did Noah and Company do for building materials and firewood?   The trees were but saplings, and as far as using buffalo chips, uhm, the animals were heading away in every direction.  Perhaps they remained a few years upon the mountain and carted wood from the ark’s interior.   But, “go forth of the ark.”  Those words were spoken to Noah from God, and seem to carry the connotation that he and company were not to hang around for any appreciable amount of time – only long enough to pack up whatever they could hand-cart and go.   Yeah, dumb fundie that i am ;) just remembered they didn’t have a horse to hitch in front of wagon, nor even a donkey in front of a cart – those animals had scattered and were miles away.  Was just thinking, well maybe the bovines and the equines stuck around close, but the Scripture says “every beast.”    

Guess that also means Noah and Company didn’t have milk to go with their remaining raisin-cakes; perhaps they had brought aboard that powered stuff, but don’t know.  And no, am not being completely silly.  A family smart enough to build and supply a large barge for a year and beyond …

Judge not, that ye be not judged.  For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.  Matthew 7:1-2

Of every clean beast thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male and his female; and of beast that are not clean by two, the male and his female.  Genesis 7:2

And the fear of you and the dread of you shall be upon every beast of the earth, and upon every foul of the air, upon all that moveth upon the earth, and upon all the fishes of the sea; into your hand are they delivered.   Genesis 9:2

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Bufffeerrinnngg games - that's what worldlings do

A few days ago, a conversation at work - the topic started when one of my co-workers had stated how the slowed down data ticked him off somewhat while he was watching an episode of Star Trek.  Just a few moments ago, had attempted to download an audio (not a video) sermon, and of course, the download was unsuccessful.  Sometimes they load, sometimes not.  Had been wondering about this, because when the provider went unlimited, at first, no problem.  A few weeks ago, had googled about this issue, and found out that providers will slow down the data.  Though, in all fairness, there are people who will stream, then walk away and let the entire movie play without watching it.  That means less data for someone who is actually watching the movie.  But in reality, there's more than enough data for everyone - even wastrels: providers just play their games, because they can.   Comeon, we consumers may collectively have crappy video tastes, but we're not completely stupid.

Anyway, the conversation at work continued.  One co-worker had mentioned that for a nominal fee, (hah, fer now) the data comes in consistent - allowing the viewer to actually enjoy the program (heaven forbid) without the brain JARRING!

" (transporter) on and......Lt.....O'(Ohureah -spelling? or is O'Brien) is.....bla, bla, bla. 

Someone else had made the remark how the internet providers just want to get more money out of consumers.  Well duh!  That's worldlings for ya.   If they can get every last quarter...because, don' cha' know, a few million only buys x-amount of square footage, and x-brand car.  And don't cha know, that's not enough.   It never is enough with worldlings.

So, what this cheapskate (who is unwilling to give them any more money, for their already overpriced services) plans to do is:  yep, do the downloading early in the cycle, and early in the morning.