Friday, August 17, 2018

The Bible is anti-woman? For awhile, the bashers had me going,

until some preacher explained...  i cannot recall the gentleman's name, but to paraphrase he said that what Lot was fixing to do, was the final outcome of what daughters will experience in the last days.  The preacher gave an example of a common occurrence these days.  Dad, if he is even around, is okay with his daughters going out half-dressed and hanging out with questionable people.

A few books later (Judges 19), after the Levite threw his concubine under the wacko bus.  Oh, the bashers foam - hey, i did too.  That was:  uh, until i troubled myself to actually READ the paragraphs before and, especially, after.  Mr.Levite was upset about the murder.  But his complaints were all about blame-shifting, all about him.  Nothing about that poor woman, what she experienced during her final hours.

It's in the Bible.  But it's the same-old, same-old.  Scoffers prefer (the easier) scoffing, instead of the brain-work of actually reading the Scriptures.  Nothing new under the sun.

While googling for something, i happened upon several posts

which basically derided Christian fundamentalists.  Oh, like that's any sort of breaking news ;/  Oh well, welcome to the narrow way.  Point is, this quick post is something way more important than wolves usual throwing decades-old wolf-patties.

A certain preacher is teaching something i never heard of - suffice to say, can ya spell "protestant purgatory!"  If it's true, then for a thousand years, i am in a world of ... ugh, patties.  Who am i, very uneducated, to question ANYONE, for that matter, who has been to college/studied long and for-real?  Well, the answer to that one is: i enjoy his sermons, and will be listening to several others.  But the temporary hell bit, i don't see it; the saved idiot's works (not the person) will go up in flames at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

It's not like he is the only preacher who has taught error.  It happens.  However, the for-real shepherd EXHORTS time and time again, to his congregation to study the Scriptures on their own - can ya spell "Bereans."

Something else i have again noticed.  Ever notice how ex-fundies (so called) seem to usually walk away from control-freak (execuses-for) churches, where pastor/elder wolfcrap gets into a snit, because some Scriptually studious young individual posed a few too many questions!  Hey, that's what young people do.  Godda go, lunch soon over.

When listening to solid sermons, even to this day,

i still feel somewhat intimidated hearing the very masculine "Amens" from the congregation.  So, it's understandable why women, who are Gospel-hostile post their fears (that's what it is) on their blogs.  i believe the Bible, don't always like what the Lord says, but tough beans.  He is right, and i am an idiot for having any quarrel with His Word.  So, if a believer has a hissy-fit, any wonder that a Bible-basher foams at the keyboard.

Being silent during the church service is not always easy, but it's Biblical.  And while the bashers are foaming at the mouth, ever notice how the bashers conveniently forget that it's Biblical for older women to study (And show thyself approved) and teach the younger women!  That is no gloss-over; loving husband and children is more than cooking and cleaning.  Throughout the Scriptures, people are taught to avoid wicked influences.

Uhm, if that isn't setting firm (Godly) boundaries, then pray tell what is a boundary.  i pray that the real (i.e., male) preachers expound upon Christ-like boundary-building.  By the way, when the Pharisees were hassling our Lord, He didn't run after them, saying " aw come-on fellas..."  Nope.  He just politely walked away from them, and their stinking mouths.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Once was enough, but twice, the pervs showed their rotten poisonous fruit.

You'd think there would be enough young hotties in town wanting to party.   But nnnooooo, they had to go after out-of-towners who weren't into weirdness.  And not just come-on remarks shouted from across the street.  Noper, the pervs started into banging at the host's door.  This happened, not only in Sodom, (Genesis 19) but also in Gibeah (Judges 19).

So what is a reasonable person to conclude?  Oh, could it be, the LORD is using basic simple language to explain to us weetards that pervs may talk tolerance, but it's all a set-up.

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Sad state of affairs, when a woman wearing long flowing dresses

is radical.  In our society, androgynous clothing is being pushed, big-time.  And this sickoid crap didn't start up last thursday.  Good news is:  a few men and women are pushing back.  Yay. 😀
Decline and Fall of Feminity, Joey Faust 2009

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Monday, July 30, 2018

But Jeremiah wept declaring judgment on the southern kingdom!

So, the very idea that we are to be joy-joy-joy at the Lord's condemnation upon unrepentant sinners ... i'm experiencing connection breaks here.  Yeah, i understand (sort of) that the Lord can't stand sin - and that He will not put up with it in His heaven.  Okay, i get that - after all, would i want some lazy scum-bag slopping up and stinking up my home?  The connection issue is this:  we are to love even the unlovable, not to hold grudges - and that's hard.  And yet, the Lord's Word teaches throughout both testaments, that most people will die in their sins, and consciously experience a horrible eternity.  And yeah, on the other side, both redeemed and lost will understand why.  But we are still on this side, looking through smudged glass.  So, still here on this side of eternity, it's hard to rejoice when the Gospel is a savor of death onto death for many, who will harden their hearts, even to or beyond the point of no return.

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Ok, this sermon made me bristle - and i seldom watch movies,

or tv in general.  Not because i am any spiritual great-shakes, it's because 97% of it is total garbage (inciting women to go out and fornicate, and then blame and mock when pee-wee pimps her out/kicks her to the curb...) while the remaining 3% is mere partial rubbish.  Yet the sermon's really lofty standards came off as way too much.

Yet, at the same time, i fully realize, the man is right, is Biblical.  And the REALITY is:  "fun" is way overrated.  That stark FACT doesn't sit so well with the flesh.  What constantly bugs me is:  people often - for whatever reason - get the impression that for-real Christians either don't struggle very much with the Biblical fact that life is not supposed to be "fun," or they don't bristle ever.  Methinks, that warped perception is promoted by hollyWEIRD and other Christ-bashers.  Anyway, the happy-clappy is like one of those perfectly shaped female robots (that pee-wees are actually...ew) they're not real.  But this perversion runs people off, from even pausing, for more than a minute, to consider the REALITY of eternity.

Hollywood Movies Cannot Be Filtered
Jason Cooley