Tuesday, October 15, 2019

mr.he-hampster is spinning his wheel...as usual. Fact is: young wimminz aren't stupid.

Right or wrong, feminists are on the pill, because these wimminz learned early in life to depend on nobody -i.e., th' only one whose got yer back is you.  An 8 pound baby is so out of the question, heavy enough to serve as a wrecking ball to her education/career - and ability to pay off her student loans, buy a house and fund her 401k/retirement savings. 

Yep, welcome to the real world.

Sounds like mr.moral-signaler is just miffed because young attractive wimminz have no problem leaving his crib early in the morning, and really could give a flying flip whether or not (mr.thinks he's) rooster chooses to call back.  Yeah, before even getting to the coffee shop, she's about written off the previous night as real and fun, but not real fun. 

And anyway, playtime's over.  She's got to get back to her apartment - her kitty-cat misses her.  She has a paper to work on; it's due early next month...ya know how wimminz are, they don't wait until the last minute to get things accomplished.

Per the previous sentence, that wwhhhiizzzzz sound you just heard was the he-hampster wheel going again.

Friday, October 11, 2019

Goodness gracious, that red-pill rambo-wannabee must be on....eech, something.

So much war-talk on his recent post...hhmmm, have to seriously wonder, did he even serve?  Yeah, there are fakers out there, who can google up and retain in their gifted minds so much stuff, and even convince high-level officers (and real scholars).  Doesn't matter...ya still need a dd-214 to join the vfw as a regular member. 

Atleast normal rambo-wannabees dream about fighting commies, martians, and other villains.  Rookie-boy, however, has set his (pla-station) sites on the wimmin-folk.  How utterly pathetic.

Pathetic because, the undeniable REALITY is:   it's the Men who are designing the bridges, restoring the electric during hazardous weather, fighting warehouse fires, replacing mirey pipes, apprehending drug-crazed (and likely demonic) crooks.

Rambo wasn't into misogyny.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Skank-hos? Bet if ya checked these wimminz' family background, you'd find a dysproportionate percentage

of dads, who were duds - or right next door to that - and moms who were always tired and grouchy from years of overwork.  Throw TV into that mire, and the slop kids are (and were 50 years ago - i distinctly remember) being fed in school...ya know, girls wanting to be (pretty) wives when they grow up, uh, that's not a legitimate goal in life; girls should think more like boys.

My gender confused peer group (yeah, even back then, that shiola was already in the pipeline) grew up got married, had children - and had that leaky septic-tank, aka television, in one or more rooms.   DaDUH decided there was (bassboat) money to be made, so he pimped mom into the workforce - and then couldn't understand where she got that "uppity" attitude - uh, might have something in part with being constrained in plastic pants-suits.  (Wore one those ugly things, back in junior high...hated it - but 13 year-olds generally don't have much say, or money, about things.)

So my generation, growing up (spiritually) stunted, and contrary to (even fallen)  human nature, looked around, wondering why this cousin / that friend / the guy or gal upstairs in sales got divorced.  My generation learned new acronyms / vocabulary:  DV - domestic violence isn't a new word, but wife beaters were usually drunken layabouts - in the 70s and 80s, society still took for granted that (unenlIghtened notion) husbands/fathers  worked enough to provide their family's basic needs.  The DRO - domestic relations office came about in the mid 70s, because right on the mirey heels of no-fault divorce, came a stark increase of housewives and children thrown under the (commute) bus - so grampa-gubm'nt had to step in.

It should no big shock to anyone, that when an 8 year-old's parents split up - and the (latchkey) kid shortly learns to get used to no milk or lunch-meat in the frig when he or she gets home from school - uh, that child is very likely to cop an attitude toward the opposite sex / societal expectations.

Is it any wonder a disproportionate percentage of kids "grow up" to be punk-sissies and rooster-ryders.

Friday, October 4, 2019

Listened to an on-line sermon the other day, and i thought the preacher was for real.

So i listened to several others.  But in one of the last few, he mentioned using a scofield bible (yes with a lower-case b).  Hearing that, the alarm went off.  There's a long history of deceit surrounding that guy.  If i am not mistaken, a man heavily involved in preaching/teaching the Word is to be above scandal (after scandal...) Ya know, especially after coming to Christ, the husband of one wife - and not throw her and the kids under the trolley.  Well lo and behold, as i continued to listen, some I-am-so-spiritchall remarks came out of the preacher's mouth.

Frankly, study-bibles (any and all of 'em) give me the willies anyway.  Don't know if this is true or not, but i heard that scofield put his (or those of his handlers) notes smack dab in the middle of the Lord's words - like interrupting the Lord when He's talking.  Oh, and then the revisions scofield (?) made - guess the Lord needed to go back to high school and learn better vocabulary.  Scofield, supposedly, made more revisions.

More alarms.

Somewhere in the Scriptures it says that the Holy Spirit teaches saved people who read the Word - from a Bible that doesn't contain (fallen man's) footnotes - fancy that.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

One of the top-40 songs, some 40 years ago. Played into the ground, typical of moloch's media ;/

Needless to say, didn't like it back then - and sure don't like it any better today.  Hard to get away from the museech - after all, a person needs to buy household stuff.  While in the dollar store, (fallen) "angel in the centerfold" (j. geils band) was playing on their radio.  After hearing it, wwaaaayyyy too many times in the past (like alot of the others) a part of the lyrIcs popped out at me - that i had previously missed.

"Take your car, Yes we will
We'll take your car and drive it
We'll take it to a motel room
The pages of my mind are stripped
Oh no, I can't deny it
Oh yeah, I guess I gotta buy it."

The vehicle arrangements...how telling, and this was some 40 years ago.  Guess he didn't have a car.

Well why not!

Monday, September 30, 2019

"Generous," my foot! mr-beatnik (devolving into derelict) more like, goes over to her house,

plops on her sofa, watches her tv, eats her doritos...  Guess that's called "generous" in he-hampster language.  Oh, can only hope his girlfriend (after three wasted years, on that...) finally grows enough motivation to do some serious autumn cleaning/decluttering of her living-space.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Oughta be on her hands and knees" grateful to that worthless piece of tripe? R U kidding me?

The woman, who lives in a house - paying her own way - must be desperate.  Talk about dating down, the guy, apparently, has no motivation to find a real job and something at least a click or two above a beatnik's sort of lodging.  Can't help but to wonder if the gal is grasping, because she feels reproached by (reprobate) society for being (oh horrors) 29 and single, and so has settled for...that.  Hope she finds her brain and puts an end to that relationsheet.

The sort of job he has, offers terrific opportunities...for a young man just staring out, or an old man supplementing his retirement.  The  boyfriend, evidently, has no sense of time (ya know, the very same delusion misogs accuse wall-wimminz of).  Time is running out for that guy to find his feet - being able to land a job that is not only reasonably secure, but offers reasonable health and retirement benefits.

Gainful employment isn't around just any old corner.  Interviewers look at resumes - the jobs worked and the time periods spent in those jobs.  And if there's any gaps...oh brother!  Interviewers are prone to draw conclusions.

It's one thing to be footloose at 35 - fine with living hand-to-mouth, but at 55, the rules have changed - it's no longer fun living like a beatnik.  At 40 and 50-something, "beat" becomes just plain old "derelict."  NOT cool!

Men hit the wall too, and it ain't pretty.