Wednesday, June 19, 2019

At another blog, a very intelligent and articulate writer was, in her usual

brainy way, was going on...equating the Lord & His Word with the actions of an abuser.  Uh, the woman grew up in a (rather mean-arse) family that only cared about money, popularity - family conversations centered around the usual upper-middleclass vanity-fair issues.  Art and science only mattered if these pursuits yielded money and popularity (yawn).  Oh, heaven help ya, if ya studied that stuff, simply for the enjoyment (uh, hey, better use of time than hanging out in the bar - or just as wanton, teevee (barf!).

God as abuser.  Uhm, abusers are greedy, kind of people who think nothing of taking most, if not all of your take-home pay, and then scoff at ya for getting passed over for a promotion (seriously, first impressions...uh, that half-ratty brown sweater).  And then, the abuser will continue to whine about cash flow. Ya can never earn enough, can never bring home enough, do enough for those two-legged reptiles (my apologies to the flogs, snakes and lizards out back).

i cannot recall reading or hearing that the Lord is displeased with a data-entry clerk who likes her data-entry job, and is not anxious to compete into the next level (stretching the truth happens in interviews, if ya want th' job).  i know enough of Scripture, that the Word is clear about not goofing off, stirring up drama and such.  But not having a desire to get aboard the promo-showboat???  Where in the Scriptures is that?  Btw, none of the pages are stuck together - had to quit the pop-tarts sometime ago (love those things, but they sure don't love me).

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Was surprised to learn that Shulamith Firestone was about broke when she died -

at a not-too old age of 67.  What does not surprise me, is the about gleeful conversation over at dUHrocks.  Oh, but then again, Ms. Firestone's writing is reasonably well-known, and it's been some 40 years.  Uhm, Shulamith Firestone wrote several books - sold in bookstores, where shelf-space is coveted.  Will the red-pillers' barking and screeching over at that blog, have at least some attention 10 years from now? 

Yeah, any wingnut can "publish" a blog.  ;)

Monday, June 17, 2019

Oh, just another red-piller pat response. A commenter over at dUHrocks

was going on about how pleasurable it was to keep his house tidy, and cook meals.  What he didn't mention was, anyone else living in his home/apartment...whatever.  He claimed housework was easy.  Uh yeah, if you live alone, there's a whole lot LESS dishes to wash, laundry to fold, stuff to be put away, dustbunnies to vanquish.  In short, between the man's job, then coming home, his second shift there is wwaaayy shorter than the typical working mom - who comes "home" to too little time / space / proper tools (like a vacuum cleaner that does suck).  But ya' new fishing rod/game software, again, took a bite out of the housekeeping budget. 

If insufficient / improperly maintained living space wasn't a reality, then a divorce attorney would not have posted a billboard equating divorce with extra closet-space.  The ad was wicked, but that's how evil works - puts some real-life, really-happening truth into the mix.

Friday, June 14, 2019

Bashing th' gubment again. Yeah...until they want benes. The latest screeching over at mgtow menagerie,

is not so different from their normal rage against reality.  The reality is: "wimminz" wouldn't have scored those gubment and HR jobs, had it not been for the support of career-successful MEN ... uhm, like senators, CEOs, and various other XY bigwigs.  And then there's a gi-gundo legion of regular working men, who decided, hey, farm th' mule (wife) out, and I can spend MY money on bass-boats and wide-screens.

Needless to say, the biche-mule will end up paying more of the bills, and after working both shifts, not have enough money to replace that ugly brown sweater that she's been trudging off to WORK in, for a few too many springs and falls.  Uh, newsflash: dressing for the possibility of a promotion is part and parcel of the competition - frowsey outerwear won't cut it.

Meanwhile, the house is dusty and cluttery, and the meals are a qwik-fried bore - and that sweater is getting snug around th' middle.  Mule is also getting irritable.  Could it be, when peewee decided that the Lord's natural order of things can be improved peewee, himself,,, only turns out that peewee isn't getting his own way.  Ya know, the extra toys, and without losing his maid, cook, and hummer-service.  Poor peewee is miffed, and wants to mgtow, but th' gubment will put him in the bondage of (oh gasp) continuing to support the children he sired.

Cry me a river

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Wow, that young lady works on cars - no, this isn't a fembot victory dance.

But i couldn't help but to be very impressed.  Had to take the car to the garage - a family business - while waiting for my ride, there Kay was, fixing something under the hood of one of the other vehicles.  Had to chuckle though, because that car was about as old, if not older, than Kay.  She's in her early 30s, a wife and a mother of two or three children.

The family is blessed.  They are able to have 9 to 5, Monday to Friday garage hours.  Saturday and Sunday, the cars sit till Monday morning.  Saturday, i guess, they do family stuff, and on Sunday morning, the family goes to a Bible church - uh, a church where the women leave their blue jeans at home and put on dresses.

At the Bible church i go to, women wear pants - and it's not a big deal.  Pastor B is more concerned about people coming to and growing in the Lord - and the Holy Spirit can deal with the dress issue.  Anyway, while Kay was under the hood, with tools in hand - and yet cheerfully giving attention to her youngest, who was playing over by the desk - i thought of 5 o'clock.  Bet Kay looked forward to a warm shower and a fresh change of clothes.

Monday, June 10, 2019

Hypenated-Lastnames. What's the point? A wife's maiden name came

from her father's side.  If the bride's birth-cert lists her under her mother's sirname, well that name came from her mom's father.  Okay, maybe her mom was also born out of wedlock, well then ... somewhere back the sirname came from a grandfather.

Anyway, these hypenated-sirnames, besides seeming to evidence marital fence-sitting, these needlessly long tItles are high maintenance.  Data-entry clerks are used to looking for the person's last name, and these tItles, which don't fit into the text-box, throw things off - was looking for Dukeofwellington, but forgot to about the Whoissheth' on the left side of the hypen.  So, no wonder the name wasn't under D, but under W.

Needless to say, went back into design view and expanded the box...and, of course, there  wasn't much room.  Fortunately, this time, i didn't have to move multiple place-holders, and print settings.

Lunch is so oo-verrr, back to work.

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Another link on the sidebar. Wow, Julie McNulty's article, Friends Can Keep Their Girls' Nights

Out - I'd Rather Hang Out With My Husband, oh my stars, what a sheet-storm on the 200+ comment section.  For one thing, that is quite noticeable, more than a few women were upset - as in, what happens WHEN he divorces you.  Uh, too many women have looked around, and can't help but to notice, women DO get thrown under the bus.  They get pitched, after sacrificing their career, for NO BETTER REASON than growing a few pounds (after raising, feeding several children).  THIS is reality, and ya wonder why women get defensive.  Well duh.

Other women thought her a bit judgy.  Uhm, maybe Julie had discovered years ago, that most "ffrriends" are not.  Can't say as i blame her for not caring to spend time with cougars in some stupid meat-market (ALL bars / clubs).  Anyway, why them dark places?  Why not lunch at the sunny diner?  Uh, there's people of the day, and there's people of the night.

And oh woah, break is o-ver!