Saturday, February 16, 2019

Even a broken wristwatch has it right twice daily. Over at Dalrocks,

(just google "Dalrock") is a February 13, 2019 post, "Warhorn Interview: What does a man..."  At the end of this article, are two links, which will take the reader back to 2010.  For a change, both articles are truly worth any woman's attention.  Yeah, the shock... had to go sit quiet for a bit, at my age... ;)

But very seriously, women who encourage their girlfriends to ditch their husbands, are not friends at all.  They are nothing but drama-consuming hyenas.  Really hate to admit this, but women generally are nosey beeches, and really need to shut the heck up.

Like that's a surprise?  Uhm, it wasn't King Solomon's beer-buddies who had talked him into worshipping weird gods/and spending bu-ku tax-bucks on idol-temple construction projects.

Anyway, coulda ended up as a meal.  But, per the Lord's grace, i knew the jig was up; back around 2010, when my Husband and were having some problems.  This "friend" didn't come out with any "suggestions."  What she did say, without coming out and saying it, was: that (my) marriage didn't really count. 

Never mind, the "friend" (wears the pants...) was living in sin.  Hey, i may not be real bright; but sex outside of marriage is bad business, and that shoulda clued me in, right there, regarding what sort of friends to have - or not.  But hey, it's common with newly-saved people for things to, uh... take awhile to sink in. 

But not that time; talk about 180 degrees!  No drama, just quietly backed away from the brief conversation. 

Anyway, need to wrap this up (have things to get done).  Even if a girlfriend's marriage has problems, (not abuse, just problems) any REAL  friend will encourage her friend to stick with it.  Real friends don't want to see their friends go through divorces.

Divorce is ugly.  Divorce is costly.  And people get peeved because the city, evidently, is too broke/too cheap-arse to salt the roads and sidewalks- yeah, was walking SLOW! from the bus-stop to the building where i work.  And more weather drama is coming through Wednesday.  Sicka winter, grouse, grouse...

Friday, February 15, 2019

Oh wait! i forgot about Scot. He was a pale skinny geek (no disrespect);

the other rougher and rowdier boys did make fun of him somewhat, but i can't recall him ever coming in from recess physically torn up.  But then again, it's been slightly over a half century...things were a bit different then.  Back then, even among nominal christian families, parents (who were married to each other) taught their children that they didn't have to like the weird kid or invite him or her to a holiday party, but mocking him or her was simply out of bounds.

Does Scot still remember the rather less-than-kind  comments coming from those boys?  Then again, does Scot really care?  He was the sort of kid who handed in carefully written math and english homework.  Wouldn't be at all surprised if today, as i type this post, that he isn't teaching his 5th-grader geeky grandson, introduction to college-level algebra - ya know, the same stuff he'll, later on, teach the younger grandson (who is still in kindergarten, and is having some difficulty dividing fractions).

Wouldn't be surprised if Scot has a net worth of a few million.  And if he ended up "frivorced," bet she broke his heart, and i'll bet he cried.   And if so, if he lost alot of money, bet he quietly just cowboy'd-up (geek-style) went out, and made more of that.  (Yeah, it's all about what the Lord chooses to gift us with - or not.)  Bet he's  looking at a comfortable retirement - while considering consulting.  Then again, maybe he likes to play golf.

Don't know; that particular 5th grade class, taught by Mr. (Yes, MR.) L., happened a few years ago ;)

Didn't even think of that! Per a comment on a recent post over at dUHrocks,

the commenter said there are alot more fat boys sitting in grade-school classrooms today, than a generation ago; he recalled his elementary-school days - there was one in this class. 

Yep, back in 5th grade, there was Donald - and he was FAT.  But i do not recall him being made fun of by the other children on a routine basis - maybe here or there.  Anyway, the only boy i remember being ostracized by the other kids was Wayne.  Wayne was slender, but he came from a broken home - uh, some no-good stuff went on there.

Anyway, the comment got me to thinking about friendless kids... of any weight for that matter.  But still, just being fat draws in the hyenas - wordlings are cruel, always have been cruel...worldlings are worldlings, and bonobos won't do math - deal with it.  But kids don't have to be fat to be excluded by the other kids.

Whatever the reason a boy (or girl) is treated miserably by his or her classmates, this oftentimes (if not nearly always) dogs them through young adulthood, into middle-age, and onward into elder years.  And this class-room cruelty can and does leave a broken marriage, or two, in its wake.

Today we have internet, and the boys -broken by cruel brats (whose daddys shoulda tanned their hides) - have the option, just like the bullies do, to don one or more screen-names, and join a red-pill / whatever other bash-site forum. 

And yeah, i remember some stuck-up children -  girls.  Wanna know why?  Because females are evil?   Bla-bla, blamegame.  Really, whaddaya expect from kids, when they grow up in worldling/churchian (same lousy difference) homes! 

Manospherians, they act like they're the only people who've been defrauded.

Just the same old vIctIm card game.  Frankly, you all sound like a bunch of peeved-off feminists. Guess what, getting ripped-off, major, it happens.  Men and women have gone through 40 years of responsible adulthood... ya know, saving instead of blowing money, paying bills on time, using cash instead of credit, staying home instead of going out ...  Only to arrive at retirement years, and realize that doing the right things (like keeping your comment to your spouse - instead of ditching him or her) only gets you kicked in the teeth, by the deceitful (individuals/society).  Meanwhile no-fault divorcing can be quite profitable - uh, for either gender.  Bible describes various accounts, where the good guy gets slammed, while the bad guy goes on living large (for a season).

So, what's a defrauded senior citizen to do?  Go to work - which, by the way, is the next place this bus stops.  Welcome to adulthood ;)

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Evidently, a certain bachelor hissy-fitting about taxes, didn't bother

to examine the itemization form.  In order for a single childless, woman to get a tax break on her medical expenses, her birth-control pills and any tooth fillings better be made of solid gold.  In fact, for anyone to get a medical tax-break...oh no, ya don't ever want to get that sick.

The fact is: if you don't have children, you pay more tax.  Funny how that works, even the worldling government somehow knows that it's against nature (and just plain self-seeking) to choose the "childfree" liestyle (YEAH, that's spelled correctly).  So Jason, grow up, pay up, and quit yer bellyaching.

Oh, and Jason, cry me a river ;)

Question for the red-pillers who rejoice at post-wall women home alone, sharing ice-cream

with their cats.  Uh, can cats safely even have ice-cream?  Don't know, but that's not my question.  Question is: if the legions of fiftyish (and older) single women have no sexual market value - uh, what are we? real estate?  Okay, back to the real question. 

Why is it, every time my Husband and i have gone (to one of the fraternal orgs) for supper, sitting around us, are old couples (our age group) - and about half of them are not married (to each other).  Husband didn't mean nothin', when he happened to mention that so-and-so was living with...  i didn't respond, but frankly, just wanted to go back home.

That's fornication, and the Lord judges that sort of bonobo-business.

Oh, and one other thing, almost forgot to mention, the post-wallers aren't all spending hours and hours in the gym.  Some of the older women are ... well, a bit overweight.  And recently, i happened upon yet another article concerning the rise of vd cases among men and women who live in retirement communities.

Sounds more to me like, the approaching-old-age "cat ladies" are simply not interested in "dating."  Uh, sounds real like, these women - sitting alone Saturday night after Saturday night, are just plain using their noggins.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Just read another post from an ex-Christian, who has become an agnostic.

She believes in a god, that is out there...somewhere.  But this god, evidently, has better things to do than be concerned about anything going on upon this little speck of dust, orbiting in this nowhere-in-particular area of the cosmos.  Yep, she is yet another person who - once a very knowledgeable and articulate believer in the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Yet another person, who became more and more turned off at what she witnessed in so-called Bible churches.

Here's basically what went down.  She was raised by ravenous wolves / flying primates - the whole stinking lot of them.  At "church," the place was obviously run by a few lousy parrots (leaving their toxic pellets evedywhere); "oh, you just have to forgive," like nothing happened, and keep on letting them walk all over you, and just forgive again, and keep on welcoming them into your life.  Rinse (with this brand of unholy water), and repeat.

Bull J. Dinky!

Yeah, Jesus corrected Peter's 7, with a 70 × 7.   But, correct me if i am wrong, but i don't recall Jesus telling Peter that he should keep on inviting Larry-th'-Load to his patio-socials, and to keep on putting up with Larry's lewd jokes and his various other stupid drama.

Sadly enough, seldom do we hear from the pulpit, what forgiveness is, and what forgiveness is not.  And too often, the "wicked" that we are not to mingle with, are the drinkers, smokers, and people who listen to country music, and buy lottery tickets.  Barely one single peep concerning the wicked, who routinely traffic in deceit (at work, at home, in church).  It's like these players get off Scot-free, because they never cuss, and don't go to bars.

Yeah, they don't go to bars.  Bars can be dangerous places, if one's intent is to go in there and nose into people's business / stir up division.