Friday, December 7, 2018

Red-pills go around and around ... without even a mere THOughT. Hhmmm, maybe that's why they're so miffed...ya think ;)

The cold hard truth is:  women have looked to feminism because time has long proven men to be unreliable. And i really hate like heck to be typing this, but i'm sorry, it's true.  Just ask around.  Who doesn't know a Mary, or a Kate - oh, and let's not forget BeBe, or Peg.  These women, except for one, were housewives.  Atleast one of the widows didn't even have the money for the funeral - the neighbors had taken up a collection.  And yeah, it's been atleast several years, but this sort of thing still goes on.  And ya wonder why women are really hesitant to be keepers-at-home?  Uhm, women aren't stupid; women (and men) know atleast one dedicated, submissive wife who ended up on a raggedy clothesline.  This ain't some dystopian fantasy, this is fact. 

As for the incels, and the mgtows, (with their one-sided double-standards) what do they know about maintaining a home?  That is, aside of the rare occasion of actually getting off the sofa, and going out to the shed to fire up Mommy's riding mower.  Ya godda wonder, what's the agenda?  Pee-wee's b-day coming up?  That it?  Or did mom land a promotion?   And to think, that woman was actually excited about not having to cut the grass.  Well DUH!!!  She shouldn't have to ask, anticipate.  And she shouldn't have to take her car to the garage either for routine stuff.  Okay, maybe pee-wee doesn't know about cars...  Well why not?

Double standards, they go both ways.  Daniel Amneus talked about this in his books. 

So disgusted! About two months ago, ordered this really Grade A sweater

for my husband.  A real sweater, made of 100% real wool - the soft kind, that doesn't make you itch.  Sad state of affairs, so much clothing out there is completely whack.  And finding decent clothing is more a hassle for big/tall men (and women).  Well, the catalog people put the sweater on back order.  Okay, fine.  Said we'd get the sweater in early November.  Okay, no problem.  Well, a few days ago, received a check instead.  Evidently, no sweater is available.  This wasn't about Christmas, this sweater was about replacing my husband's old wool sweater, that has a hole in it.

Thursday, December 6, 2018

Another post from the pit. Idiot wishes the IRS to trash the poor woman's

door to her humble, but tidy, apartment.  What this red-pill freak fails to comprehend is that women who bring strangers into their abodes on an hourly basis, aren't doing that sort of thing for sheets and giggles, these women need to pay their (ridiculously overpriced) rent and put shoes on their children's feet.  Not saying this type of job is good, or healthy for kids to be around, just saying these women are doing what they can to get by.  And yeah, the money might be aok at times, with a few vacas thrown in from the visas of well-to-do old guys. 

Meanwhile, many of us go to jobs each day, and the IRS knows exactly what we earn.  Oh, but we can still be productive well into our 50s, not so with the women described in the above paragraph.  Her customers will visit quite noticeably less often by the time she reaches her early 30s.  And her job offers NO health insurance and NO retirement.  As for social security, you have to work x amount of years to even qualify.  And post-30 jobs at the qwik-way, the muffin-palace are tedious, don't last, and pay peanuts. 

In short, the women of the first paragraph face a rather bleak future.  Isn't that enough?  Evidently, idiot (that vindictive fart) doesn't think so.

Talk about desperate "wimminz!" Ew, just read a blog post, by some idiot,

whose scree[d]name is ... oh, it really doesn't matter.  They met on some "dating" (i.e., skank) site, and she had posted of being "down" (yeah, sis, ya shure are ... trollin' for the likes of that luzzzeerrr ;) for some creative fornication.  Well, to cut the pathetic story short, luzer got to the diner early, and ordered a light lunch.  Yeah, how about that!  At least, back in the day, whoremongers atleast bought their prospective one-afternoon-stands a meal beforehand.  But anyway... the cheepo-b'tard went on proclaiming how his time was valuable - yeah, like nobody else's is.  Luzer gets a text from the desperate woman, that she would be a few moments late.  Well, luzer, once again launches into pontificating how HIS time .... gag ;/

My question is:  does the desperate woman have ANY idea that luzer did her a great, great favor by not waiting more than 10 minutes for her, and then not answering her calls, (of course, luzer had to make a big deal over that, too) only to read in his final response, what a vicious little creep luzer actually is.  Hope the desperate woman had a good 3-millisecond cry, and then forgot all about luzer.  Moving forward ... you go girl ;)

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

i'm sorry, but the woman's post (over at goody-two-shoes land) came off

sounding really fake.  Yeah, she's a lecturey kind, so am not surprised.  Ya know, comes off as the sort who like to look down her patrician nose at 40-something divorcees.  Uh, didn't our Lord have compassion for sinners?  Didn't our Lord urge even the stupidest sinners to repent, and He would welcome them with open arms, and never bring up their past? 

Anyway, a recent one of hers, oh come on ...  Yes, women DO sing praises to the Lord as they go about their cooking and cleaning.  But she came off as bragging, she even named the songs she was singing - like, oh, look at me, look at my play-list ... I am sssoo much better than you rock/country listeners.

Hey, i don't know if she is for-real or not, but i know the Bible says things about self-righteous people can, and are really thorough at having about everybody around them snowballed.  All's i know, something sounded not quite right.

Monday, December 3, 2018

Think i saw an mra candidate up at the vfw; stopped in, concerning a Christmastime errand -

yeah i know, some folks wax a bit dramatic when you don't say "Holiday" ... yeah whatever!  Anyway, mr.mra (and being that this divorced man is pretty busy doing his well-paying professional job, i doubt he has much time for dUHrock and company - or their sorry jargons) was eating his lunch at the bar, and nursing a hangover.  And yeah, the divorce had cost him assets, but hey even so, he isn't hurting. And maybe, just maybe, having made responsible decisions as a matter of course, is the reason ya don't hear him spouting off mra/mgtow rubbish.  Come to think of it, cannot recall hearing that sort of whining off-line, period.  Oh yeah, have heard "she's a greedy witch" more than a few times, but from what i can gather, men don't want to air their troubles - unless the White-Socks lost again.

Anyway, seeing him sitting there, half hungover...was sad.  Guess he'd later on go home to his (probably spacious) recently purchased (and probably already paid for) house...  Maybe he has a hot girlfriend, but even so, bet the weekend that he doesn't have his kids (oh wait, they're teens...) the memories of what a family was ... Oh, could he still be somewhat bummed out?

Sad, to not have a home-life.  Was in and out of there within minutes, and in a hurry to get home, and get that pot roast in the oven.

Saturday, December 1, 2018

Had to stop at the cell-phone store, and while there, there was this

old woman. i don't know, maybe she was in her late 60s.  But, while waiting, i heard enough of her calm, though rather frustrated dialog with the young salesman...yeah, i guess she was a bit out of her element, something about her husband had taken care of all this stuff, but he was gone.  Oh no, not the usual reason, uhm, the guy couldn't help it, he was in the graveyard - and probably not in a little crispy-critter box, but in a real coffin.  i don't know, but ya know what, sometimes ya get impressions from people you never spoke to, or ever will - atleast on this side. 

The young guy was, well somewhat rude.  Well duh!  These places don't hire enough people, and even though there, the 1-800-yourcall is...GAG!!!   Well, their THREE operators, to handle THIRTY calls per millisecond... Okay, i am a bit over th' top on that one, oh, but not so very much.  We all know the automated drill.  Anyway, i can't down th' guy; he grew up in this godLESS, automated society, his dad and mom are probably divorced - and both 40 or 50 somethings think they're thirty somethings, and just having a gay (yeah, maybe that too) ol' time fornicating like barely-adult bonobos.  Hey, that's what they shove at 'em in school.  Ya can't run like a deer, when yer stuck in a pig pen. 

Anyway, the old woman, probably a long-time married.  Uh, she looked like one of those "fundies."  Ya know, while everyone else is in jeans, she had on a skirt - on this blustery day.  No makeup, a plain sweater-coat with a hood and white bobby-socks peeking out from flat clunker shoes.  It's not like she looked ragged or ugly, just, uh plain.  Guess she is probably one of those old broads ;/ who only had eyes for her Husband, and now has to go it alone.  Ew!  Ya know, it's like having been the guy's wife from around the time the crust cooled, doesn't matter. 

But ya can't blame the cell-phone staff; they have to do what they have to do.  For this total invalidation of long-term (i.e., REAL marriage), we can all thank the weirdos (on auto) for the ever changing account status - never mind, that so many people shove aside their utility bills in favor of the casino/strip-club or whatever other overpriced waste of time.  Oh, did i just hear "Judgmental" from the latest dweeb?   Like Mom used to say, "up yer bucket." 

Speaking of bills gone wildly unpaid, one of my husband's buddies was saying that funeral homes (which do about 50% cremations - which are about 1/3 the price of burial services) are no strangers to getting jacked up.  And family members wonder why funeral costs are getting more expensive.  My mother-in-law passed about 10 years ago, her funeral was about 11K; today that same funeral would have been around 15K.  Well, her sons split the cost and paid the funeral home - promptly.  Yeah, old people ;/  But i digress.

It only stands to "Reason" (boy oh boy, do i luv stealin' back words from the weirdos).  It is only "Rational" to conclude that the meee-tttoooo crowd don't know any better.  As children, young people today learned quick to fear and deride commitment; their adulthood (for lack of a better term) is a saga of hook-up, shack-up, break-up, melt-down, rinse and repeat.  We're bottles of (cheap)perfume shampoo bottles - use most of it up, what ya can get at, then pitch into the recycle, or the trashcan.  Well the drama is a wait, a cyber-trail, one that swerves like a really drunk driver.   Godda roll.