Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Forgiveness vs. instant coffee

A fellow blogger, who had truly been in a war situation, had posted that people would get on her case because she wasn't ready to drop everything and make (herself a) nice (doormat).  In her post (from about 18 month's ago) she said that forgiveness is a process.   People really, REALLY need to realize that - forgiving someone for having done real dirty stuff isn't going to happen overnight.  Why is it, i read this common-sense, realistic fact-of-life from women's blogs, but i am very seldom even hearing a peep from Bible preachers? Yeah, here i go again...on that soapbox. 

I'm sorry, 'am still very upset about a certain woman, who really needed her sisters-in-Christ to come along side of her, and just, if anything, listen.   But nnnooooooo, out came the comments of her having an "unforgiving spirit."  And, i heard a bit of a sneer, when that pat phrase came out.  So, needless to say, that woman doesn't go to church anymore.  Have read, when people walk away from a Bible church, they usually cease from attending any church. 

The most i have said concerning this situation, has been on this blog.  i barely know the woman; it's not my business - and had the talkers-about-her had minded their business, i would know nothing at all about the situation.  Instead i know a little bit - but evidently enough; my guts keep saying over and over again, "invalidation, all the way back to grade school years."   These same busy-bodies, are the same ones who think forgiveness should be like nuking a cup of instant coffee.  (Blech!)

Is it just me, but has anyone noticed that microwaved beverages don't stay warm very long - not like coffee from a coffee-maker or tea from a tea-pot?